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Top China Destinations

China is not only one of the largest countries in the world, but also one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. More than 55 million travelers from all over the globe swarm to China, then scatter to different region of the vast land each year. The diverse geographic forms create some of the best landscape in the world – beautiful mountains, rivers and gorges in southern China, splendid gobi and desert on the northwest, dominating high plateaus on the southwest, vast grasslands in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, etc. Most charming highlight of China is its fabulous culture and history made by its more than 5,000 years old civilization. Any of the longlasting imperial culture, folk culture, or the art of poem, calligraphy, painting and others, is enough for you to get amazed by the extensiveness and profoundness of Chinese culture. So where to explore above featured culture? Of course from the historical cities and destinations, such as Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, etc.

Learn about the history, culture, attractions, transportation, weather and other travel information about a destination that you are planning to visit is very necessary. So, based on the local expertise knowledge and experience, China Discovery has collected the most popular destinations all of which are unique and easily accessed for you to find your idea destination to go.

Northern China

The northern region used to the culture center of China. It is also the cradle of Chinese civilization. Here are three greatest ancient capital cities – Beijing, Xian and Luoyang. Dunhuang, the important destination of ancient Silk Road, has the most fabulous Buddhism arts. Pingyao is famous for its Shanxi Merchants’ culture. Datong is fascinating for its Buddhism sculpture art and gorgeous temples.

Southwestern China

The southwestern area is one of the most charming region in China. Here you can explore wild and unique ethnic culture in Lijiang, find the last horizon in Shangri-La, get close contact with the Giant Pandas in Chengdu, climb one of the top four Buddhism mountains – Mount Emei and visit Giant Buddha in Leshan, enjoy amazing waterscape of Jiuzhaigou, take a spiritual trip to Lhasa…

Southeastern China

The southeastern region used to be the “Land of fish and rice” because of its fertile earth and rich water resources. The best feature is the traditional water towns in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Besides, this area has one of the most beautiful mountains in China – Huangshan and the reputed "Garden City" - Xiamen.

Southern Central China

The best highlight of the southern central China consists of three parts - the stunning natural landscape, fascinating Lingnan culture and vibrant representative cities of China' Speed.

Diverse landforms creates unique vision feast for eyes - dominating stone mountains of Avatar world Zhangjiajie, peaceful and charming karst landscape in Guilin. The Yangtze River shows her most beautiful face in this region.

Don’t miss the Oriental Pearl - Hong Kong, Gambling Paradise - Macau, Shenzhen, Kung Fu and Cantonese Cuisine City - Foshan...

Popular China Cities Tours

China Destination Tour
6 Days Classic Beijing Xian High-speed Train Tour

Visit the ancient hearts, Beijing and Xian together with a high speed train experience, you will not only experience the long history of China, but also be amazed by the high-tech trains.

China Destination Tour
5 Days Best Guilin Tour with Yangshuo & Longji Rice Terrace

With the most amazing view under heaven, Guilin ranks the top of tourists’ travel list. Surely Yangshuo and Longsheng Counties are the must-goes for your Guilin travel.

China Destination Tour
6 Days Chengdu & Jiuzhaigou In-depth Tour

If you've always been exploring the heavenly beauty and digging fantastic culture, then drive into the splendors of Jiuzhaigou and Chengdu on this exceptional tour.

China Destination Tour
9 Days East China Classic Tour

Experiencing the exquisite Jiangnan-style elegance in Suzhou and Hangzhou, soaking in the excitement of Shanghai's vitality and busyness, being amazed at the four wonders of Huangshan.

Top Recommended China Tours

Guilin Li River Scenery on 20 RMB Chinese Note, Taken by Claire from UK in October 2021
10 Days Classic China Tour from Beijing - First Touch of China

Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Yangshuo / Shanghai

13 Days Classic China Vacation Tour with Yangtze Cruise

Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Yangshuo / Yangtze Cruise / Shanghai

Yangtze River Cruise
17 Days China Paradise Tour with Tibet Discovery & Yangtze Cruise

Beijing / Xian / Lhasa / Chengdu / Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Shanghai

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