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Shanghai Train Stations | High Speed Railway Stations in Shanghai

Important Notice (updated on February 12, 2020):

Because the outbreak and spread of “COVID-19”(Corona Virus Disease 2019) in Wuhan, lots of trains, high speed bullet trains and normal trains have been stopped in many cities. Tourists can get free cancellation wherever tickets were bought. China Discovery kindly remind you avoiding going out. When in public occasions, you must wear a respirator all the time, such as when taking a train at train station, taking a metro, etc. And remember to wash hands frequently and do proper disinfection.

You can contact us to check the latest train schedules and get more useful advice!

There are four main railway stations in Shanghai –Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai West Railway Station. Among the four train stations, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station are the most frequently used for high speed trains. They two and Shanghai South Railway Station are honored as three greatest transportation junctions in Shanghai. They offered frequently high speed trains to major tourist cities in China (like Beijing, Xian, Huangshan, etc.) and its popular surrounding tourist destinations (like Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, etc.)

Shanghai Railway Stations Shanghai Railway Stations Map
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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (上海虹桥站)

Location: No. 1500, Mingui Road, Minhang District (上海市闵行区申贵路1500号)

Distance: 25km to the Bund (about 40 minutes’ driving), 20km to Shanghai Museum (about 40 minutes’ driving), 25km to Yuyuan Garden (about 45 minutes’ driving), 25km to Lujiazui (about 50 minutes’ driving).

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is a high speed train station only operating high speed trains (both G-trains and D-trains). There are totally 505 high speed trains departing from, passing through and arriving in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. It is eastern China’s railway passenger hub station with largest scale and most important status. It occupies an area of 440,000 square meters and the main building covers about 240,000 square meters.

Layout of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

There are 4 floors in the building of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The first underground floor (B1) includes station exit and connections to other forms of transportation. There is also some fast food, like KFC, Dongfang Jibai, Gongfu etc. There are also available Automated Ticket Machines (only helpful to people with Chinese ID card) and ticket windows. The first floor (1F) is the platform layer and travelers transit through here to the second floor. The second floor is the departure hall, containing ticket windows, waiting hall, checking gate etc. The third floor is the commercial layer selling food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.

Entrance: The entrance to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is in the first floor and you need to pass the security check. If you take a subway to the railway station, you will get to the underground floor. Then, you can take an elevator to the first floor and pass the security check.

Waiting Hall: Located in the second floor, the large waiting hall is well equipped with electronic board with information in Chinese and English words, enough seats, toilets, drinking fountain, Red Hat Porter etc.

Checking Gate: All checking gates are equipped in the waiting hall with a small electronic board which displays the present and next checking information.

Exit: There are six exits in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and each platform has access to a corresponding exit.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Waiting Hall of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station | Exit Exit of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

How to Get to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is adjacent to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and about 20km to Lujiazui and the Bund. Well connected with bus, taxi parking lot and subway (Line 2, 10 and 17), Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station offers convenient transportation means.

Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

● By Maglev Train: From Shanghai Pudong Airport, you can take maglev train to Longyang Road firstly, and then take metro Line 2 to railway station.

● By Taxi: The driving from Pundong Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Downtown to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

By Subway: If you plan to leave Shanghai from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station after your visit to the bund or want to visit the bund after you arrive in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, taking metro Line 10 is the easiest way. Metro Line 10 also pass through beautiful Yuyuan Garden.

Zhujiajiao Water Town to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

By Subway: It is available to take metro Line 17 directly from Zhujiajiao to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station which cost only about 40 minutes. Shanghai Subway Maps >>

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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Transportation Map Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Location Map
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High Speed Train Routes

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station operates 505 high speed trains (including 419 G-trains and 86 D-trains) to almost all major cities in China, like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, etc. Check the high speed trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to other popular destination:

Departure Station Destination Train Types Duration Frequency (per day) Check Details
Shanghai Hongqiao Beijing G 4 ~ 6.5 hrs 36 Beijing Shanghai High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Xian G 6 ~ 7.5 hrs 7 Shanghai Xian High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhou G/D 45 ~ 92 minutes 132 Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Suzhou G/D 28 ~ 60 mins 111 Shanghai Suzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Nanjing G/D 1 ~ 3.5 hrs 149 Shanghai to Nanjing Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Kunming G 10.5 ~ 12 hrs 4 Shanghai Kunming High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Zhengzhou G 4 ~ 5.5 hrs 21 Shanghai Zhengzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Lanzhou G 10.5 hrs 1 Shanghai Lanzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Chengdu G/D 11 ~ 16 hrs 4 Shanghai to Chengdu Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Chongqing G/D 11.5 ~ 13 hrs 7 Shanghai to Chongqing Trains
Shanghai Hongqiao Guiyang G 8.5 ~ 9.5 hrs 8 Shanghai to Guiyang Trains

Shanghai Railway Station (上海站)

Location: No. 303, Moling Road, Jing'an District (上海市静安区秣陵路303号)

Distance: 5km to the Bund (about 20 minutes’ driving), 5km to Shanghai Museum (about 15 minutes’ driving), 7km to Yuyuan Garden (about 20 minutes’ driving), 10km to Lujiazui (about 25 minutes’ driving),

Shanghai Railway Station is referred as “New Railway Station” by local people since it replaces Shanghai North Railway Station which is called “Old Railway Station” and acted as Shanghai’s main train station in 1987. Shanghai Railway Station mainly serves north-south and westward location. It operates 155 high speed trains (147 G-trains and 8 D-trains) as well as T-trains and K-trains.

Layout of Shanghai Railway Station

There are two squares in Shanghai Railway Station, namely North Square and South Square. From each of them, you can enter the waiting rooms. The ticket offices (equipped with booking, altering, canceling windows) are outside the entrance. After collecting your tickets, you can pass the security check and enter the railway station. There are 9 waiting rooms in the second floor Shanghai Railway Station. As you enter the station, you can see an electronic board from which you can find which waiting room for your train. Waiting Room 0 is located in the first floor. Climbing to the second floor with an escalator, you can see two lines of waiting halls on eastern sides and western sides. There are toilets and drinking fountains between two adjacent waiting rooms. The commercial areas where you can get some fast food and drinks are beside the Waiting Room 3 and Waiting Room 4. Each waiting room is equipped with enough seats and several checking gate. When it’s time to check, the broadcast will remind you in bilingual language (English and Chinese). After passing the checking gate, you can take an escalator or a barrier free elevator to the first floor to catch your train. Getting off the trains and follow the signs to exit, you will get to the southwestern exit and northeastern exit. The subway station is located in the underground floor of the South Square and the first ground of the North Square.

Shanghai Railway Station Shanghai Railway Station
Shanghai Railway Station Commercial Shanghai Railway Station

How to Get to Shanghai Railway Station

With a good location in the downtown area, Shanghai Railway Station offers convenient access to the nearby attractions.

Shanghai Railway Station to Most Popular attractions

Shanghai Railway Station is only about 3km away from Nanjing Road, and you can reach there by metro Line 1 within 15 minutes. From Nanjing Road, you can walk to the Bund to savor the beautiful architectures in Shanghai.

Shanghai Pundong International Airport to Shanghai Railway Station

● By Shuttle Bus: There are frequent shuttle buses transferring between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Railway Station which take about 2 hour.

● By Subway: It is also available to take metro Line 2 and then transfer to metro Line 4 at People Square Station, taking about 1.5 hours.

● By Taxi: To save time, you can choose to call a taxi which needs about 1 hour regardless of traffic jam.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport / Railway Station to Shanghai Railway Station:

● By Taxi: Rather than complicated transfer, you are suggested to take a taxi directly, which takes about 1 hour.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport / Railway to Shanghai Railway Station

● By Subway: Take metro Line 2 and then transfer to metro Line 4 at Zhongshan Park Station. You needn’t worry about the traffic jam and the whole trip takes about 50 minutes.

● By Bus: It cost longer time but you don’t need to transfer if you take public bus No. 941 which takes nearly 2 hours.

● By Taxi: Calling a taxi or using a private car which needs only about 50 minutes if you are lucky to miss the traffic jam.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Location Map Shanghai Railway Station Location Map
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High Speed Train Routes

Operating 155 high speed trains, Shanghai Railway Station is perfectly linked with its nearby cities like Hanghzou, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc. as well as some worth-visiting tourist destinations like Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, etc. Check the high speed trains from Shanghai Railway Station to other popular destination:

Departure Station Destination Train Types Duration Frequency (per day) Check Details
Shanghai Beijing G/D 4.5 ~ 12 hrs 4 Beijing Shanghai High Speed Trains
Shanghai Xian D 11 hrs and 10 mins 7 Shanghai Xian High Speed Trains
Shanghai Hangzhou G/D 1.5 ~ 2 hrs 4 Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Suzhou G/D 30 mins 71 Shanghai Suzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Nanjing G/D 1 ~ 3 hrs 69 -
Shanghai Zhengzhou D 8.5 hrs 1 Shanghai Zhengzhou High Speed Trains
Shanghai Chengdu D 13 hrs 1 -
Shanghai Chongqing D 10.5 ~ 11 hrs 3 -

Shanghai West Railway Station (上海西站)

Location: No. 22 Taopu Road, Putuo District(上海市普陀区桃浦路22号)

Shanghai West Railway Station, originally called Zhenru Railway Station, is a high speed railway station as well. It normally serves 14 G-trains to the surrounding cities of Shanghai, like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, etc. Check the high speed trains from Shanghai Railway Station to other popular destination:

Shanghai South Railway Station (上海南站)

Location: No. 9001 Humin Road, Xuhui District(上海市徐汇区沪闵路9001号)

Shanghai South Railway Station is another major railway station mostly serving high speed C-trains to other towns in Shanghai and other ordinary trains to cities in southern China. It is featured with a unique design with a huge round body which looks like a UFO. There are three floors and two squares. The underground floor is arriving floor. The first floor is equipped with platforms and passages which connects the southern square and northern square. The second floor is departure floor with waiting hall which can accommodate 10,000 people.

High Speed Train Tips

How to Choose the Best Railway Station

Since Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station both operate the high speed trains to Beijing, Xian Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc., you may have different choices according to your own needs. If you want to take a high speed train after your visit to the attractions in downtown area, like the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum, or the highest buildings in Lujiazui, you are suggested to Choose Shanghai Railway Station which is just located nearby. If you want to take a train after your flight to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, choose Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

How to Book, Alter and Cancel a Ticket

There are many ways to book a train ticket, including booking online, booking with a travel agency, booking at the ticket offices in China’s Railway Stations, etc. For foreign travelers, you are suggested to book with travel agency so you won’t meet with the language barrier. A ticket can be altered at appointed counters in railway station to an earlier or later train. It is also available to cancel your ticket before the scheduled departure time. However, you might be charged with service fee. Check details>

How to Collect a Ticket

You need to good the Collecting Window of the railway station or the ticket agency to collect your ticket. If you want to collect your ticket in the departure day, we suggest you get to the rail way station 2-3 hours early. ItHow to Read a Ticket is best to collect your tickets as early as possible during the peak seasons (like in Spring Festival, Chinese National Day). Check details>

How to Read a Ticket

From the train tickets, travelers could see the departure time, departure and arrival train stations, train number, carriage number, seat class/number, passport number & passenger’s name, boarding gate, prices etc. Please pay specially attention to the departure How to Board & Disembark a Trainstation and make sure which one you should go. Check details>

How to Board & Disembark a Train

Before boarding a right train, you have several steps to follow: 1) Prepare your documents well (passport, visa); 2) Get to the right trains station in advance 3) collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Security check & luggage check; 7) Find right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. After you get off your train, your ticket will be check again to leave the station. Check details>

Baggage Allowance

Traveling with a train, each passenger is permitted to take baggage in certain amount, weight and volume. Besides, some items are prohibited to be carried to the railway stations and the trains, like weapons, knives, live animals, etc. Check details>

Travel with China Discovery

As a professional travel agency based in China, China Discovery have helped thousands of travelers obtain their great holiday in Shanghai and other popular destinations. Traveling with us, your Shanghai tour will be customized according to your own taste, interest and budget. Our local travel guide and driver will meet you at the exit of the railway station and accompany to your hotel and every attraction.

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Questions & Discussions

Following are latest questions and answers from our webusers and customers. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. Our experts will help you ASAP.

Shanghai Hongqiao train station
If I’ve bought a ticket online where can I exchange it? Is there any parking area for scooters so I can leave it and pick it up next day?
2019-08-12 13:32
Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your question! You can exchange you e-ticket to a paper one at any railway station in Shanghai. And if you are going to exchange your ticket at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, you can follow the signs to the second floor (F2), where you can get the ticket from one of those ticket offices (售票处).

In the railway station, there is no specific parking area for scooters, but only for cars. As Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is well-linked with Shanghai Metro Line 2, 10 and 17, you are suggested to ride the metro lines to the station.

If you are interested, you can get more information about how to collect China train tickets at:

Hope this helps and wish you a nice day!
Suzhou to Shanghai (Pudong) airport
On March 28 we plan to travel from the Grand Aster Hotel, 488 Sanxiang Rd in Suzhou to the Vienna International Hotel Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade Zone, 6th Shiwan Rd, #566.

We plan to take a bullet train from Suzhou to Shanghai, then call a taxi to get to our hotel.
Which bullet train station in Shanghai is closest to our destination hotel?
How long would a taxi take to get us from the train station to our hotel?

Thank you!
2019-03-12 05:57
Hi Harold,

Yes, there are high speed train runing from Suzhou to both Shanhai Train Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station. Shanghai Train Station is located about 50km northwest of your destinational hotel, which needs about 1 hour driving. Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station lies about 60km away from the hotel, but with same ride time. Anyway, it takes about 1 hour to get to your hotel from any one of the two stations by taxi. If you want a worry-free Shanghai and Suzhou tour without any transfer concerns, you can select from our popular tour packages (Shanghai Tours:, Suzhou Tours:, Shanghai Suzhou Tours: or contact us to customize a unique private tour in Shanghai and Suzhou.
Hongqiao airport to Suzhou
Our flight from Hong Kong is scheduled to arrive at Hongqiao airport at 3:50pm on Monday March 25th with China Eastern Airline. The two of us plan to take a bullet train from the Hongqiao train station to Suzhou. We need to allow sufficient time to collect our luggage, travel from the airport to the train station, collect our tickets and find the right place to board the right train.

If we allow 2 hours, then we would look for a 5pm train or later. Is that enough time or should we allow 3 hours and look for a 6pm or later train?

We are staying at Grand Aster Hotel at 488 Sanxiang Rd. from there we call a taxi from the Suzhou station to the hotel. Does that sound reasonable?

Thank you.
2019-03-12 05:48
Hi Harold,
Thanks for attention and trust on us. Normally, it takes at least 1 hour for international flights passengers to collect the luggage and go throught the customs clearance. If your flight is delayed, you will need more time.

Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station is located next to Hongqiao Airport, that you can conveniently transfer from Terminal 1 to the train station within 20 minutes, by subway (Line 10 with 2 stops) or by walking. Since Hongqiao Train Station is a very big and crowd rail hub in Shanghai, it would be a big pressure for you to collect tickets, pass security and luggage checks with long queues, and find the right waiting hall and ticket check gate within 30 minutes. So we strongly suggest you spare sufficient time, better get 2.5 hours or above. We checked that there are nearly 20 bullet trains running from 18:20pm to 21:42pm (the last train), so you have lots of choices.

Suzhou Train Station is located about 7km north of Grand Trustel Aster Hotel, much closer than Suzhou North Train Station. Upon arrival, you can take a taxi from the station to the hotel less than 30 minutes, or you can directly take a Rail Trainsit Line 2, get on from Suzhou Train Station and get off at Sanxiang Square Station with only 4 stops. The last metro leaves at 22:56pm.

Hope infos and advice we gave will help! Wish you enjoy your China tour in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou and more interesting destinations!

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