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Autumn Weather in China

From September to November, Autumn in China is something worth expecting. With the pale clouds and clear sky, the temperatures throughout the country are milder and warm. Featuring the warmish weather, it is a season filled with change with strong winds and a lot of rain occasionally. Days become shorter and, although it is often warm and sunny during the daytime, it can be cold at night.

Sharing the similar comfortable weather, Autumn is different from Spring only for the seasonal changes from the warm to cold, which makes quite different scenes in this season. The ginko trees and maple are especially beautiful in Autumn. The leaves are changing into red, bright gold or more and falling down the sidewalk to add some color. Also it is the glorious season to spend a great deal of time outside for a sighting trip.

Northern China

The Autumn in northern China is straightforward and amazing. Without the illegibility of southern areas, it comes with autumn sense of clear sky and golden land. The temperature drops largely with average monthly temperature is about 6 to 16 ℃. The cool weather is comfortable with some strong wind and rain.

Inner Mongolia sunset in Autumn

Without the Summer rain, the north cities are quite dry. When comes to November, the fall colors are beautiful along the Great Wall, and some mountains are all so clear. In the city street, there are few crowds around. In the countryside, there are vast yellow leaves of land and easily to enjoy a sweeping view of the nature fields from hills. When Autumn is gone, it leaves a bleak ground to endless aftertastes its beauty.

Require clothing: cotton-padded coat, light jacket, sweater, comfortable shoes are needed.

Southern China

With a vague boundary, Autumn in southern China comes in quietness. With several day's rain in October, Autumn is suddenly visited with a sense of cool, especially in the morning and evening, with an average monthly temperature is about 22 to 24℃.

Jiuzhaigou Valley in Autumn

In the early-autumn, the sunny day is still hot and without the extremes you’d experienced in summer. Then followed by some gloomy and continuous gentle rainy days in the middle period, making the temperature is lower day by day. When you think the Autumn is coming, actually it is going.

Depending on the mild and comfortable temperature, you can hardly judge the time of Autumn. While the Autumn beauty here is undeniable. Change with season, the scenery has its own speaking to declare the Autumn.

Require clothing: light sweater, jacket, thin coat, sunglass, umbrella, comfortable shoes are needed.

Monthly Average Temperature (high/low) in Autumn for Major China Cities

Months Beijing Shanghai Xian Guilin Chengdu Lijiang Hong Kong
Sept. 26/15℃ 28/21℃ 25/16℃ 31/22℃ 25/19℃ 21/12℃ 31/25℃
Oct. 19/8℃ 23/15℃ 19/10℃ 26/17℃ 21/15℃ 20/9℃ 28/23℃
Nov. 10/0℃ 17/0℃ 12/3℃ 20/12℃ 16/10℃ 17/3℃ 25/18℃

Top Things to do in Autumn

There is tradition in China called Autumn Outing, which means Autumn is the season to enjoy the outdoors. With a lovely weather and beautiful nature, it’s ideal to get out of major cities and get into the countryside to meet the authentic scenery of China.

You can cycle around Yangshuo along field footpaths to enjoy the excellent mountain land; cruise along Yangtze River to enjoy the natural Three Gorges, covered with red leaves; visit Guizhou province to focus in landscapes and local minorities; or travel northwest of China to Xinjiang, to feel the holiness of Heaven Mountain in Urumqi and taste the delicious grape wine in Turpan.

For tourists who love photography, Autumn is the best season to catch the colorful China in different destinations. Dongchuan Red Land in Yunnan, reputed to be the color palette of God, is famous for its extraordinary colors, especially in this harvest season; Jiuzhaigou National Park featuring the pristine forests and clear lakes present you a vivid mountains-and-waters painting along with the tinged plants; Or take a few days to Inner Mongolia and feast your eyes with various beautiful grasslands and get into the Mongolian culture.

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >