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Are you a seeker for inspiring travel stories? Want to ignite your dream of traveling to China in 2020/2021?

Thanks our dear customers who traveled with China Discovery and shared the precious experience with us. These China travel stories are full of inspiration and will give a certain realism to the dream of traveling in China! So, have a browse through the eyes of our travelers who have been fortunate enough to experience these amazing things, program, accommodation and dining, etc. in China.

We love reading about your experiences in every corner of China. If you are our customers who are willing to share your beautiful stories with us, you are warmly welcomed!

Amazing Travel Stories from Our Valued Customers

Every traveler has some own unique story he or she loves to share. It is one big important part of the travel experience. Here are 24 China travel stories shared by our valued customers who traveled with us and visited Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Huangshan, Tibet. Yunnan, Silk Road and more stunning places. May these stories ignite your wanderlust and make you pack your bags and go!

  • 5 Days Tibet Lhasa Tour
    Warm People, Warm the World - Annual Tibet Trip for Love Sharing

    Jack and their partners would get back to Tibet from the distant USA every year, and until now, they’ve visited Tibet for 6 times. Every time, they had wonderful time enjoying the highlights of Tibet, and helped the blind, brought them hope of life and encouraged them to meet every day with braveness...

    • Jack (USA)
    • (6 Times) 2013~2019
    • Tibet
  • Rachel Grant’s Panda Volunteer Experience in Dujiangyan
    Rachel Grant’s Panda Volunteer Experience in Dujiangyan

    The distinctive black and white animal is a national treasure in China and one of the rarest, most endangered bears in the world. A one-on-one encounter with a giant panda is a bucket list highlight and a must-do when you are in China. The time I spent witnessing such human dedication is truly eye-opening...

    • Panda Volunteer Star: Ms. Rachel Grant (British)
    • Chengdu - Dujiangyan
  • Returning Hometown to Regain Adopted Daughter's Confidence
    Returning Hometown to Regain Adopted Daughter's Confidence

    Lawson's Family had an amazing family China tour with their two adopted daughters from China and touchingly helped their adopted ethnic little girl regain confidence.

    • Lawson (UK)
    • (19 Days) 2018.10.17~2018.11.04
    • Shenzhen - Xiamen - Yongding - Guangzhou - Zhaoxing - Rongjiang - Congjiang - Yangshuo - Guilin - Chengdu - Hangzhou - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai
  • Couple’s 69 Days Private China Journey
    “Only You” - Couple’s Resounding 69 Days Private China Journey

    Elie & Marie has successfully enjoyed their wonderful and romantic 10 week couple's private vacation and experienced a lot of interesting things in 32 destinations around vast China!

    • Elie (Belgium)
    • (69 Days) 2019.09.04~2019.11.11
    • Beijing - Hohhot - Datong - Pingyao - Luoyang - Xian - Jiayuguan ...... Chengdu - Yangtze - Zhangjiajie - Yunnan - Guilin - Xiamen - Hangzhou - Shanghai
  • North American English Teachers’ China Trip to Visit Their Students off Internet
    North American English Teachers’ China Trips to Visit Their Students off Internet

    We customized three big group China trips for tens of VIPKid English teachers and their family members to visit Xian, Shanghai, etc. from Beijing and meet their students off Internet in China in 2019!

    • VIPKid Teachers (USA/Canada)
    • (9-21 Days) 2019
    • Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - ...... - Beijing
  • 19 China Trips
    19 China Trips of Vijay’s People - Spreading around Family & Friends of Wonder’s Good Service

    Vijay, his family and friends have enjoyed 19 trips to savore the nature, culture, history, etc. in many great places during 2014-2017 with the great suggestion and service from Wonder.

    • Vijay (India)
    • (3-10 Days) 2014-2017
    • Destinations: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xinjiang, Harbin...
  • Winston's Couple Tour to 9 Cities all around China plus Yangtze Cruise
    Winston's Couple Tour to 9 Cities around China plus Yangtze Cruise

    Winston and his wife have traveled to many world places during the past 21 years and experienced the best vacation this time to explore China's west and east, north and south parts!

    • Winston (USA)
    • (22 Days) 2019.05.17~2019.6.07
    • Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Chengdu - Guilin - Longsheng - Yangshuo - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai - Suzhou - Beijing
  • Sweet Couple's 21-Day Northern China Exploration
    Sweet Couple's 21-Day Northern China Exploration

    Roger and his wife Christine went to several ancient capitals, time-honored towns, and famous mountains in northern China, quite a novel experience to see different culture, landscape and people.

    • Roger (UK)
    • (21 Days) 2018.10.13~2018.11.02
    • Beijing - Datong - Mount Wutai - Pingyao - Xian - Luoyang - Jinan - Taian - Qufu - Beijing - Chengde - Beijing
  • 14 Days Well-organized and Dreamed Tour to Yunnan
    In Search of Shangri-La to Yunnan, China

    We received an inquiry from Mr. Marcin in April. Marcin thought April sounds like a fantastic month to search for Shangri-La. He found one in Yunnan China. We made an itinerary of 14 days suitable for his interests and needs.

    • Marcin (USA)
    • (14 Days) 2019.04.15~2019.04.28
    • Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Lugu Lake - Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Shangri-La - Kunming
  • 12 Days Exploration Tour to Panda's Hometown
    Say Hello to Cute Panda and Travel Around Chengdu

    Marin enjoyed every minute during his 12 days exploration tour to the home town of giant pandas - Chengdu and the around to visit pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha, Dujiangyan Irrigation, and sample famous Sichuan cuisines.

    • Marcin (USA)
    • (12 Days) 2019.06.11~2019.06.22
    • Chengdu - Leshan - Emeishan - Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Mount Siguniang - Chengdu
  • 18 Days China Culture Tour
    Sucking Cultural Fragrance from Time-honored Architectures

    Some top destinations like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Tibet etc. are undoubtedly beautiful and amazing. But there are some other places will pleasant surprise you, like Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple...

    • Ms.Lee (USA)
    • (18 Days) 2017.09.18~2017.10.05
    • Kathmandu - Kunming - Lhasa - Shigatse - Xian - Luoyang - Pingyao - Datong
  • 16 Days First Visit to China
    Long-lasting Memory brought by First Trip to China

    We had so many amazing experiences. All of the cities we visited were much greener than we expected with trees and shrubs planted everywhere, which made the whole environment very pleasant. The people were friendly and the crowds were good-natured...

    • Ms.Elizabeth (Britain)
    • (16 Days) 2017.04.14~2017.04.29
    • Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Hangzhou - Huangshan - Shanghai - Suzhou
  • China attractions - Great Wall
    Journey of Treasures - Hugging Nine Cities in Summer

    In 22 days, we managed to see a far bit of the country. We started in Beijing had 4 days there and we went to The Forbidden City, go to the top and overlook Tiananmen Square which was amazing. Peking Opera Show...

    • Paul (Australia)
    • 22 Days (2017.07.31~2017.08.21)
    • Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangtze - Shanghai
  • 19 Days China Trip from Beijing
    China Culture & Nature Couple Trip from Capital Beijing

    Nallely and her husband enjoyed 19 days in this marvellous and amazingly beautiful country in their eyes and explored the beautiful culture, history and nature from Beijing.

    • Nallely (Mexico)
    • (19 Days) 2017.10.22~2017.11.09
    • Shanghai - Beijing - Chengdu - Dai - Kunming - Stone Forest - Yuanyang - Jianshui - Kunming - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Hangzhou - Shanghai
  • 15 Days China Trip
    15 Days' Diverse China Close-up with Beloved Wife and Boy

    While John was researching, he determined to do a custom tour to include everything he wanted. The towns he chose were Beijing, Xian, Dunhuang, Chengdu... The trip turned out to be both flawless and amazing.

    • John (USA)
    • (15 Days) 2019.7.20~2019.8.3
    • Beijing - Xian - Dunhuang - Chengdu - Guilin - Longsheng - Yangshuo - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai
  • 15 Days to Unveil the Mysterious Ancient Silk Road
    15 Days to Unveil the Mysterious Ancient Silk Road

    Traveling to the Silk Road is like a dream come true. Monica had an unforgettable time discovering 9 cities from the modern Shanghai all the way northwest to Urumqi in Xinjiang.

    • Monica (Spain)
    • (15 Days) 2019.5.09~2019.5.23
    • Shanghai - Xian - Pingyao - Lanzhou - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Shanghai
  • 15 Days Shandong China Tour
    Family Trip to Achieve Elder Father’s Root Seeking Dream

    The touching story of Cindy's family China trip to find their hometown and help her elder father find the roots in Shandong with great visits to Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Huangshan and Beijing.

    • Cindy (USA)
    • (15 Days) 2019.06.19~2019.07.03
    • Jinan - Taishan - Qufu - Chengwu - Qufu - Huangshan - Hangzhou - Zhangjiajie - Beijing
  • 15 Days Southern China Family Trip
    Happy Family Immersed in Southern China Landscape

    Sommer family spent 15 relaxing days exploring the mountains and rivers in Southern China. From Zhujiajiao Water Town in Shanghai, to amazing Zhangjiajie, picturesque Guilin, and leisure Chengdu, they all enjoyed their trip.

    • Sommer Family (India)
    • (15 Days) 2018.03.24~2018.04.07
    • Shanghai - Zhangjiajie - Changsha - Guilin - Yangshuo - Longji - Guilin - Chengdu
  • 15 Days Family Trip to China
    No Family, No Travels

    Travelling with 2 girls under 12 years old required some thinking and extra consideration, but Jack Li at China Discovery did an excellent job of supporting the itinerary plans and patiently working through our changes. We will definitely be going again, loved it!

    • Mr.Knight (New Zealand)
    • (15 Days) 2017.10.09~2017.10.23
    • Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Hong Kong
  • 14 Days China Taoism & Buddhism Trip
    Culture Fan’s Seeking - Traditional Taoism vs. Tibetan Buddhism

    We received an inquiry from Mr. Ronald last year. Since Ron is very interested in Chinese Taoism and the EBC, I made an itinerary of 14 days suitable for his interests and needs to Wudangshan and Mt. Everest with Chengdu to egnite his China Trip from Beijing!

    • Mr.Ronald (USA)
    • (14 Days) 2017.11.01~2017.11.14
    • Beijing - Wudangshan - Chengdu - Tibet - Beijing
  • 14 Days Beautiful China Exploring
    The Pursuit of Natural Beauty with the Beloved one

    It has been almost a month since we came back from China but we're still thinking about the beautiful places we saw in China and still looking at thousands of pictures & video clips... Such unforgettable memories of a lifetime!

    • Ms.Nguyen (Canada)
    • (14 Days) 2017.04.26~2017.05.09
    • Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Huangshan - Xian - Beijing
  • 13 Days Silk Road Travel
    Continue Unfinished Silk Road Trip in China after 20 Years

    Mr. Marcin had a very long journey on China’s Silk Road, starting in Lanzhou Gansu Province and 3000 km later ending up at the edge of Taklamakan desert. He crossed endless deserts and rediscovered long forgotten cities. It was a remarkable journey.

    • Marcin (USA)
    • (13 Days) 2019.05.13~2019.05.25
    • Lanzhou - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Khasgar
  • 13 Days Yunnan Travel
    Plants-Enthusiastic Couple Indulged in Beauty of Yunnan

    Elizabeth and her husband are gardening hobbyists. After a trip to China 2 years ago, this year they contacted us for a trip to appreciate the scenery in Yunnan. They were very happy to see the natural gardens on this beautiful land.

    • Elizabeth (UK)
    • (13 Days) 2019.05.05~2019.05.17
    • Hong Kong - Kunming - Yuanyang - Jianshui - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming - Hong Kong
  • 13 Days Best Travel to China
    Nature and Culture in Vast China, More than Beautiful

    Our visit to China was very successful, thanks to China discovery and Rita Jiang. She made a wonderful itinerary and arranged everything, what to see, car and English speaking guide. The tour would never have been the same without China discovery and Rita Jiang.

    • Mr.Rune (Norway)
    • (13 Days) 2017.06.24~2017.07.01
    • Shanghai - Guilin/Yangshuo - Chengdu - Xian - Beijing
  • 13 Days Memorable China Tour
    Hello, Poetic and Picturesque China

    There were six of us travelling together. We used China Discovery to help us plan and visit Guilin, Yangshuo, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai. They arranged all our flights and train travel starting in Hong Kong and ending in Shanghai.

    • Mr.Doug (Canada)
    • (13 Days)2017.04.09 ~ 2017.04.21
    • Hong Kong - Guilin - Xian - Chengdu - Yangtze - Shanghai
  • An Interesting Visit to Mogao Grottoes
    The Meaning of Travel - 1000 Years of Buddhist Art Visit

    I chose China Discovery the Chengdu based travel agency through the Internet. Right from the initial show of interest, Stephanie Kuang interacted with me throughout. I was truly impressed by her quick responses, professionalism and guidance...

    • Mr. Gautam Sen (India)
    • (13 Days) 2017.04.10~2017.04.22
    • Beijing - Lanzhou - Dunhuang - Xian - Guilin - Yangtze - Shanghai
  • Discover Wonderful China Landscape from East to West with Family & Friends
    Discover Wonderful China Landscape from East to West with Family & Friends

    Steve, together with his family and friends had a 22-day holiday around China. They saw much of the natural wonders on this land and it was a trip beyond expectation.

    • Steve (USA)
    • (22 Days) 2019.10.08~2019.10.29
    • Shanghai - Hangzhou - Zhangjiajie - Kunming - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Lhasa - Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu
  • Reach Roof of the World - Overland Tour from Tibet to Nepal
    Reach Roof of the World - Overland Tour from Tibet to Nepal

    Marcin took a overland tour from Lhasa in Tibet to Katmandu in Nepal. On the way he met the majestic Potala Palace, stunning Mount Everest, amazing Karola Glacier, holy Mount Kailash... It was a trip full of cultural and natural wonders.

    • Marcin (USA)
    • (12 Days) 2018.10.02~2018.10.13
    • Lhasa - Shigatse - the Everest - Saga - Darchen - Dirapuk - Zutulpuk - Darchen - Gyirong - Katmandu
  • 12 Days Cultural China Tour
    Vacation of Father & Son - Enjoyous Memory by China Discovery

    I took to the Internet to see what was available, and found China Discovery (based in Chengdu). We really enjoyed the whole tour, the guides, the drivers and most of all Vivien, who worked very hard to make our trip a success and enjoyable.

    • Steven (Australia)
    • (12 Days) 2017.04.05~2017.04.16
    • Shanghai - Xian - Luoyang - Beijing
  • 12-Day Tibet Adventure to Meet the Everest
    Travel Alone: 12-Day Tibet Adventure to Meet the Everest

    Anthony reached the top of the world and visited several famous Tibetan monasteries in his Tibet trip. It was an amazing experience, not only for the unparalleled scenery but also for the total different lifestyle of the local people.

    • Anthony (USA)
    • (12 Days) 2019.12.13~2019.12.24
    • Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Tingri - the Everest - Shigatse - Lhasa
  • 12 Days Yunnan Vacation
    12 Days in Yunnan - Retreat to the Serenity of Life

    The China Yunnan landscape is spectacular. We enjoyed the dynamic Yunnan performance in Kunming which artfully encapsulated the beauty and colours of the various tribes in Yunnan.

    • Pang (Singapore)
    • (12 Days) 2018.02.25~2018.03.08
    • Shenzhen - Kunming - Stone Forest - Yuanyang - Jianshui - Dali - Shangri-La - Lijiang - Kunming - Shenzhen
  • Happy Family Holiday in Poetic Southern China from Shanghai
    Happy Family Holiday in Poetic Southern China from Shanghai

    Winnie's family of 4 including 2 teenagers had an awesome time during their private tour to southern China. They went to modern Shanghai, traveled gentle water town and ancient villages, hiked Yellow Mountain... All of them had a great time.

    • Winnie (Canada)
    • (11 Days) 2018.07.28~2018.08.07
    • Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Huangshan - Shanghai
  • Hiking in the Other Side of the World - Stunning Landscapes of Guilin
    Hiking in the Other Side of the World - Stunning Landscapes of Guilin

    Santos and his brother had 6 unforgettable days exploring the golden sceneries in Guilin, including in-depth hiking at curving Longji Rice Terraces, cruising from Guilin down to Yangshuo, appreciating lovely countryside landscape, taste local food......

    • Santos (Canada)
    • (6 Days) 2018.09.18~2018.09.23
    • Guilin - Longsheng - Yangshuo - Guilin
  • Enjoy Northern China Cultural Trip and Summer Cruise with Bestie
    Enjoy Northern China Cultural Trip and Summer Cruise with Bestie

    Sandee and her friend took a trip to Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng and ancient capital city Xian. Then they spent 4 leisure days on Yangtze river cruise. All these memories made up an unforgettable summer.

    • Sandee (Canada)
    • (6 Days) 2019.08.03 & 08.10~08.14
    • Destinations: Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, Xian, Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang
  • Annal China Tour
    Travel China with Family and Friends for 3 Consecutive Years

    Mr. Ban's Group travel to China every year since 2017. Their travel path has now covered natural and cultural sites in a dozen of cities around China and their China trip will continue.

    • Mr. Ban's Group (USA)
    • (10-11 Days) 2017~2019
    • Destinations: Chengdu, Xian, Luoyang, Zhangjiajie, Yunnan, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai
  • China Ancient Capitals Tour
    Cultural Immersion Trip in Ancient Capitals of China

    William and his wife traveled to Huangshan and Zhangjiajie with us in 2017. This time they laid more emphasis on culture and history, so hey went to several ancient capitals of China and the hometown of Confucius.

    • William (USA)
    • (11 Days) 2018.03.22~2018.04.01
    • Beijing - Taiyuan - Pingyao - Xian/Luoyang - Dengfeng - Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Qufu - Mount Tai - Beijing
  • 11 Days Personalized China Tour
    A Dream to China’s Golden Triangle Cities

    Three adults, extended family members, traveled to China for sight-seeing and to visit children studying and working in Suzhou.Wonder at China Discovery was terrific. An itinerary was suggested to us (at a reasonable rate) and then modified according to feedback...

    • Mr. Juan (USA)
    • (11 Days) 2017.09.07~2017.09.17
    • Beijing - Xian - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Shanghai
  • 11 Days Natural and Cultural Trip to China with Dearest Family Members
    Sweet Family's Vacation to Oriental China

    Wendy customized this tour for my family trip! We saw beautiful natural scenery, magnificent historical buildings and sites, first-tier cities with modern elements... I wish I could list them all. We completely embraced the experience and hope more people take the opportunity to China.

    • Jennifer (USA)
    • (11 Days) 2019.08.06~2019.08.16
    • Beijing - Xian - Zhangjiajie - Shanghai
  • 11 Days Private China Tour
    Far from the Madding Crowd

    We had an opportunity to make an impromptu visit to China with only two weeks to plan a tour. We decided it was a great time to check off some places on our bucket list - Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Zhangjiajie. The benefits of using a good, private tour coordinator include peace of mind, safety...

    • William W (USA)
    • (11 Days) 2017.04.19~2017.04.29
    • Zhangjiajie - Fenghuang - Huangshan
  • 10 Days Mom & Daughter China Holiday
    "Mom & Daughter" China Holiday with Panda and Disney Fun

    Georgia and her 6-year-old daughter had a wonderful 10-day China trip and enjoyed their joyful and memorable "Mother & Daughter" time from the magnificent Beijing Great Wall, amazing Xian Terracotta Warriors, to adorable pandas in Chengdu and the kids dreaming Shanghai Disney Park...

    • Georgia (Britain)
    • (10 Days) 2018.3.24~2018.4.2
    • Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Shanghai
  • 10 Days Memorable China Family Tour
    Senior and Youth, Happy of Family Travel Never Ends

    Thanks China Discovery for organizing our wonderful and enjoyable family trip around China. The tailor-made tour with excellent service, expertise and knowledgeable guides and considerate assistance made us extremely happy. We received very good value when comparing our unique tour...

    • Mr. Philip (British)
    • (10 Days) 2017.11.09~2017.11.20
    • Beijing - Chengdu - Zhangjiajie - Shanghai
  • 9 Days China Nature Tour
    Return to Miraculous Nature

    We (a couple of U.S. residence) planned to travel to China. Since I was interested in landscape painting, we choose four well-known places (Great Wall, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, and Yellow Mountain) to visit through Beijing and Shanghai. With a tight schedule, we arranged a private tour...

    • Mr.Kyoung (USA)
    • (9 Days) 2017.05.12~2017.05.20
    • Beijing - Guilin - Zhangjiajie - Huangshan - Shanghai
  • 9 Days China Family Panda Tour with Kids
    Family Date with Kung Fu Panda and Frozen

    My family had a fantastic time in Chengdu & Xian tours organized by China Discovery. Professiional and responsive Wing (my travel consultant) and funny and knowledgeable tour guides made the tour a lot more interesting. Our volunteer experience at Dujiangyan Panda Base was a highlight...

    • Mr. Kelvin (Australia)
    • (9 Days) 2017.12.15 ~ 2017.12.23
    • Chengdu - Xian
  • 8 Days Family Yunnan Tour
    Delightful Family Time with Winter Sunshine in Dreamland Yunnan

    We had a great time on our Yunnan trip. We feel amazingly privileged to have been able to spend these few days in Yunnan Province. The natural heritage of the region is stunning and includes both the wildlife and the landscape.It is fantastic to see a completely different side of China.

    • David (UK)
    • (8 Days) 2019.01.05 ~ 2019.01.12
    • Beijing - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Beijing
  • 8 Days Tailor-made China Impression Tour
    Unique Wedding Anniversary Trip beyond Expectation

    My wife and I had our first China travel to celebrate our wedding anniversary and my birthday. The whole journey was wonderful and unforgettable. We were grateful for all the patience, support and helpful infos and services provided before and during our trip.…

    • Mr. Nomel (Philippines)
    • (8 Days) 2017.11.12 ~ 2017.11.19
    • Beijing - Guilin - Zhangjiajie
  • 8-Day Enjoyable China Experience
    What Can I Do When I Lost Ipad

    Everything about our tour was fabulous. Lovely accommodations, great meals, friendly and informative guides and a great itinerary. I unluckily lost my iPad at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Due to the flight delays because of the weather, we did not have the time we expected in Shanghai to organize a driver for the iPad...

    • Clare (Australia)
    • (8 Days) 2017.06.24~2017.07.01
    • Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
  • 8 Days Enjoyable Hangzhou Huangshan Tour
    Delightful Trip to Poetic Jiangnan

    It was our first time travelling with China Discovery, and we must say our tour of Hangzhou and Huangshan from 12-19 September 2017 was most enjoyable. For ease of discussion, we have divided our tour into three parts – Hangzhou 12-15, Huangshan 15-18, Hangzhou 18-19 - because the guides were different for each leg.

    • CS (Singapore)
    • (8 Days) 2017.09.12~2017.09.19
    • Hangzhou - Huangshan
  • 5 Days Zhangjiajie Trip
    A Perfect Zhangjiajie Trip - Travel Again with China Discovery

    This is the second time Alan has chosen to travel with us. This time he took a short trip to Zhangjiajie with his girlfriend. In 5 days, they have seen all the sites that they wanted to see such as Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. Everything went seamlessly.

    • Alan (USA)
    • (5 Days) 2019.06.10~2019.06.14
    • Hangzhou - Zhangjiajie - Beijing
  • 5 Days Uptream Yangtze River Cruise Experience
    A Trip to Realize a Dream

    A dream comes true! We loved every minute of it. Wonderful experience. We started our cruise in Yichang (about 1000 km from Shanghai), sailing upstream- recommended way to go at this time of the year. We sailed with the Century Legend. Warmly recommended, also because of its fabulous staff...

    • Miss Tanja S (Nederland)
    • (5 Days) 2018.03.20~2017.03.2
    • Yichang - Chongqing
  • Rolf's 4 Days Relaxing Yangtze River Cruise Tour
    Wander in the Living Landscape Gallery

    Travlled as a mixed family in very well organized tour, we appreciated the occasionally help (translating) of the servants in the restaurant. The cabins were in good condition and quite spacy and the room-service was excellent, always clean and fresh. We enjoyed the self-service buffet...

    • Mr. Rolf (German)
    • (4 Days) 2017.05.02~2017.05.05
    • Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang
  • 4-Day Yangtze River Cruise
    The Meaning of Travel - Song of Three Gorges

    After the visit to the Three Gorges Museum, we headed for the jetty from where the cruise ship was moored. As we got down, I took the help of a porter to carry my luggage to the ship. The ship was far down and with the help of Diana, my local guide from China Discovery, I descended the stairs...

    • Mr. Gautam Sen (India)
    • (4 Days) 2017.04.18~2017.04.21
    • Chongqing - Yichang
  • 4-hour Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo
    The Meaning of Travel - Traveling in a Chinese Scroll Painting

    Originating from Mao'er Shan in Xing'an County, the Li River flows south for about 437 km before meeting the Xi River at Wuzhou. On the way it passes through a stretch of 83 kilometres between Guilin City and Yangshuo County.

    • Mr. Gautam Sen (India)
    • (13 Days) 2017.04.10~2017.04.22
    • Beijing - Lanzhou - Dunhuang - Xian - Guilin - Yangtze - Shanghai

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