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View History in Shenzhen Museum
Shenzhen Day Tour from Guangzhou

Highlights: Ping'an Financial Center, Shenzhen Museumn, Splendid China Folk Village

Usually, it takes only one day to do Shenzhen city tour. Transfer from the City of Rams with a history over 2200 years to the City of Migrants with short history about 40 years featured in inclusive culture and Shenzhen Speed. Within several hours, you’ll visit three highlighting sites in Shenzhen to witness it has been developed from a shabby fishing village to a modern metropolis, just ranked after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Besides, you can see through a window of China to learn many incredible tourist sites scattered all over China, from historical sites to royal palaces, ice paradise to picturesque Li River...That’s Shenzhen - moving fast at its own unbelievable speed and embracing diverse culture around the world. Why not spending one day traveling from Guangzhou to Shenzhen with China Discovery?

Ping'an Financial Center
2 Days Shenzhen Short Stay Tour with All Essences

Highlights: Splendid China Folk Village, Shenzhen Museum, Ping'an Finance Center, Shenzhen Bay Park, Dafen Oil Painting Village, Luohu Commercial City

This short stay tour takes you witness the incredible fast "Shenzhen Speed" and huge change from a market town of 300,000 to the stomping ground over 10 million citizens across ten districts. Besides, Shenzhen is a City of Migrants featured in "inclusive", "openness" and "equality", offering a window to see the whole world as well as have a learning about splendid China and its diverse ethnic minorities. Furthermore, you never lose the chance to seek for creativity and innovation on this new land since Shenzhen is on the list of UNESCO Creative City. Yes, these are all you can experience - "fast development", "new", "inclusive" and "creativity" in two days!

Splendid China Folk Village
3 Days Classic Shenzhen Tour

Highlights: Splendid China Folk Village, Shenzhen Museum, Ping'an Finance Center, Lychee Park

This 3-day classic Shenzhen tour is designed for travelers to witness the fast change of Shenzhen from mostly fishing villages and small farms to modern metropolis by visiting Shenzhen Museum as well as having a bird’s eye view from Ping’an Finance Center to see amazing skyscrapers rising highly over the ground. Besides, Shenzhen has a lot to show off. It is not only a window of the world but also a window of China to see the whole China in just one place, taking you to travel from north to the south, from the west to the east, to see a Splendid China and meet its diverse ethnic minorities.

DJI Flagship Store located in OCT Harbor
3 Days Shenzhen Business Tour (Customizable)

Highlights: DJI Flagship Store, BYD headquarter in Pingshan, Huaqiangbei Commercial Street, Ping’an Financial Center, Shenzhen Museum, Splendid China Folk Village

Shenzhen is renowned all over the world as "Silicon Valley of Hardware". Encompassing some of the world’s biggest companies in finance, insurance and IoT, vibrant international metropolis Shenzhen has appeared - unnoticed - at the forefront of hardware innovation, surpassing even Silicon Valley. Driven by an insatiable hunger for success, Shenzhen’s entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the IoT, AI and FinTech industries - as well as many others. To see the fast development and experience the high-tech of Shenzhen, you can personally pay a visit to some of big companies’ flagship store, headquarter, factory. Besides, you can gain some inspiration at Huaqiangbei Commercial Street. To fully understand Shenzhen, you won’t miss Shenzhen Museum, Splendid China Folk Village and Ping’an Finance Center.

Five Rams Statue in Yuexiu Park
4 Days Guangzhou Shenzhen Explorer Tour by Bullet Train

Highlights: Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Huacheng Square to View Canton Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Splendid China Folk Village, Ping'an Finance Center, Shenzhen Museum

You may be curious about why putting Guangzhou and Shenzhen together? Here are the reasons! Guangzhou and Shenzhen, situated in the core position of Pearl River Delta, neighboring Hong Kong to the south, is about 137 kilometers away well linking by high speed train within 1 hour. These two cities have been ranked among one of the four biggest cities in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. They both feature in "modernity", "creativity" and "industrial cluster", with super skyscrapers stretching to the sky, bringing incredible GDP numbers. A visit to "City of Rams" and "Silicon Valley of China", you can witness the fast development of China and see the future of China.

Mission Hills Shenzhen Golf Course
5 Days Shenzhen Golf Tour with City Highlights

Highlights: Play 3 Rounds at Mission Hills Shenzhen Golf Resort, Splendid China Folk Village, Ping'an Financial Center

Shenzhen is the city with the most densely scattered golf courses, the largest number of holes and the largest number of high ball population. Hence, it is an awesome choice to play golf in Shenzhen where offers Asia’s best golf resort - Mission Hill Golf Resort with breathtaking scenery, very leisure atmosphere, top-notch facilities, and luxury accommodation. Unlike golf courses in other cities, Shenzhen golf courses give you more than enjoy golf experience, but a green land to releasing huge pressure with sunshine, fresh air, blue sky, white clouds, imagination, quality...

Foshan Ancestral Temple
Foshan Day Tour from Guangzhou

Highlights: Ancestral Temple, Lion Dance, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Lingnan Tiandi

Foshan is the hometown of martial arts, lion dance, pottery and Cantonese opera and one of the best places to admire traditional Lingnan and Cantonese culture. This day tour is specially designed to start from the nearby Guangzhou the famous cultural Foshan to enjoy all its best highlights, including fantastic Lingnan architectural decorations, lion dance with martial arts, ceramic relics and kiln from 5 centuries ago, etc. in leisure and fun. Let us present you a meaningful and relaxing experience of Foshan!

Zhuhai Pearl Lady
Zhuhai Day Tour

Highlights: Zhuhai Pearl Lady, Meixi Archway

Zhuhai is a newly built city with a lot of modern attractions. Blessed by an abundance of blue water and a long shoreline with beautiful sand beaches, it has become one of the best coastal cities in China.

Recommended China Tour Packages with Shenzhen

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
5 Days Shenzhen & Zhangjiajie Adventure Tour

Shenzhen / Zhangjiajie

Shenzhen is situated in the south of Guangdong Province, bordering on Hong Kong which is considered as the first city from Hong Kong to mainland China. While, Zhangjiajie is located on the northwest of Hunan Province in South Central China, about 1100 kilometers from Shenzhen. The best way to travel from Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie is by air which takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. From modern to rural, from cityscape with skyscrapers to incredible Avatar mountains, from crowds to tranquility...you will experience huge contrast on this adventurous journey to see the miracles of mankind and nature.

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Panoramic View of Yangshuo Town
6 Days Shenzhen & Guilin Beauty Tour by High Speed Train

Shenzhen / Guilin / Longji / Yangshuo / Guilin

Shenzhen is well linked Guilin with high speed train which takes only about 3 hours. This tour is best designed for travelers who want to see both modern metropolis in Pearl River Delta and incredible natural scenery in South China in one go. In 6 days, you can have a nice exploration of the human made miracle in Shenzhen to witness a poor fishing village has been developing into the fourth largest metropolis after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou within 40 years. The comfortable and short high speed train journey helps you transfer into Guilin in search of the landscape that have been painted onto rice-paper scrolls for centuries. Tourist attractions we selected are classic and super fantastic and experience are full of fun! What you are going to expect are "Modern and Countryside", "Wonders by Mankind and Nature", and a "Splendid China".

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