Things to Do in Shenzhen: Featured Activities

Although Shenzhen is a young metroplis, it will give you a big suprise when you put your first step on this energetic city.

As a coastal city, Shenzhen is a great place for resort and vacation. It has long, soft and beautiful sand beach, such as the Dameishan and Xiaomeishan. There are not many ancient relics here, but the wise Shenzhen people have built up many modern attractions, such as the famous Window of the World, Splendid China, Happy Valley, etc. These places are suitable for all ranges of people to visit.

The locals also created their own spectacular culture, such as Dragon Dancing Show, Ethnic Arts Show, Lychee Festival, etc.

Shenzhen Travel Map

Luohu Commerical City

No.1: Shopping in Luohu Commerical City (Lo Wu Shopping Plaza)

Luohu Commerical City (Lo Wu Shopping Plaza) is one of the most well-known shopping centers in Shenzhen. It’s located at the Luohu District, directly across from the Shenzhen Railway Station, and features 5 floors packed with independent retailers selling a diverse mix of goods. Here you could find many kinds of goods including men’ s, women’ s and children’ s fashion, electronics, toys, curios, watches, jewelry, craft and much more, all of which are not very expensive. When you get there, those salesmen would tout their goods to you, which is a highlight you may not see before. If you want to see locals’ common life, here is also one place recommended.

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Dong Men Pedestrian Street

No.2: Eating in Dong Men Pedestrian Street

Located in the old urban area of Shenzhen city, Dong Men Pedestrian Street is one of Shenzhen’s old street where you could catch a glimpse of old Shenzhen’s scene. Actually, it is not refer to one street, but a business district. After 300 years’ development, it now combines both ancient architectures and modern business which worth a visit to explore the culture of Shenzhen. Here you could find foods almost from all over the world, especially Chinese foods, such as spicy and sour vermicelli of Chongqing, Malatang of Chengdu, Rou Jia Mo of Xian, etc. If you come here, you can even eat delicious special snacks while wandering around the streets to explore the old Shenzhen!

Happy Valley of Shenzhen

No.3: Happy Valley of Shenzhen

Happy Valley of Shenzhen has built up a good reputation in its 15 years of operation and is very pretty and nicely themed. It offers many funny, interesting and exciting activities and attractions, such as powerful roller coaster, inverted coaster, a mine train coaster, and a selection of junior coasters, train ride, etc. There is a great water park inside. It is a pretty park, so take a camera, but note that you can't take it on most of the rides.

Lychee Festival

No.4: Lychee Festival

Lychee is one of Shenzhen’s featured fruits. To celebrate the foison of lychee and promote Shenzhen’s lychee to the world, people in Shenzhen usually organize a Lychee Festival from June 28th to July 8th. Locals invite friends and family to gather in the lychee orchard, tasting fresh lychees, talking, enjoy natural views and having fun.

Long Gang Dragon Parade

No.5: Long Gang Dragon Parade

Long Gang is famous for its dragon culture. There are many Kakka people living here. And dragon is the mascot of Kakka people. Dragon Parade has become a must-do when festival comes. It has a history of more than 300 years. Long Gang promotes it to an extremely level. Here you will find many dragon theme park, square and statues.

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