Baggage Allowance for Entry & Exit China

Different airlines have slight differences in the regulation of baggage allowance, and there are also difference between the domestic flight and international flight. The following content is the general condition of the baggage allowance in China. Travelers are recommended to check the detailed information on the official websites of the airlines.

There are two kinds of baggage: carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Carry-on baggage refer to the baggage you are allowed to take with you onto the airplane, and if you have more baggage or for those articles which are prohibited to carry in the carry-on baggage, you can consign those baggage to the carrier and pick them up at the destination, those baggage are called checked baggage. Check What to Pack for China Travel>>

Tips: If you will take a high speed train travel to mainland China from Hong Kong, please visit detailed China Train Baggage Allowance to do with your luggage and board smoothly!

Carry-on Baggage


Domestic Flight: in general condition, the total weight shall not be over 5kg, and the sum of the length, width and height of the baggage shall not be over 115cm (45in). First class passenger may carry two pieces of carry-on baggage, while passengers in business class and economy class are only allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage.

International Flight: in general condition, the total weight shall not be over 7kg, and the sum of the length, width and height of the baggage shall not be over 115cm (45in). American-Canada route only allows passenger to carry one piece of carry-on baggage.

Note: The requirements may be different for different airlines, please check details on the airlines website; any item in excess of the weight, number or size will be handled as checked baggage.

Maximum Size of Carry-on Baggage

Regulation for Lithium Battery

If the passenger carries any spare batteries for mobile phone, laptop, camera and other equipment for personal use, then the electric equipment can be put in the checked baggage or carry-on baggage, however, the spare batteries can be only put in the carry-on baggage. The lithium batteries for mobile phone, laptop, camera and other equipment shall be put only in the carry-on baggage on the flight. During the flight, the equipment with lithium battery shall be powered off. The carried lithium battery shall be protected properly and be packed independently to avoid combustion and explosion caused by friction and short circuit.

If the rated energy of the lithium battery is lower than 100wh, every passenger can bring 2 pieces at most, and there is no need to declare the battery to the airlines.

If the rated energy of the lithium battery is higher than 100wh and lower than 160wh, every passenger can bring 2 pieces at most, and the battery should be declared to the airline and approved by it before boarding.

If the rated energy is equal or higher than 160wh, the battery should be declared to the airline and consulted for freight service.

Note: Rated Energy (wh) = Battery Capacity (Ah) × Normal Voltage (V)

Regulation for Liquids

1.Items of liquids, gels and aerosols shall be stored in containers with maximum capacity of 100ml, and if the containers are larger than 100ml, they are not allowed to put in the carry-on baggage but only in the checked baggage.

2.The containers with liquids shall be put into and sealed in a transparent plastic bag with maximum capacity of 1L. Each passenger can only bring one transparent plastic bag and the exceeding part shall be transferred as checked baggage.

3.Plastic bag with liquids will be checked separately at the security checkpoint; if the passenger need to carry infant formula/milk/breast milk (need to have a baby in accompany) and other liquid drugs for diabetes or other disease, he shall present the certification to the security staff and those articles need to pass the security checkpoint. Liquid drug shall be put into the containers of 100ml capacity and then sealed into a transparent plastic bag.

4.Liquids bought at the isolated area of the airport terminal can be carried on the plane.

Liquids on the Flight

Checked Baggage

Free Checked Size

Domestic Flight: normally, first class passengers who buy adult and children ticket have 40kg checked baggage for free; business class passengers can bring 30kg free checked baggage and economy class can only bring 20kg free checked baggage.

International Flight: normally, passenger from economy class can bring 20kg checked baggage for free, while passenger holding student passport can bring 30kg checked baggage for free; business class is 30kg while first class is 40kg. However, if the plane is flying to America countries, then each passenger can bring two pieces of checked baggage, and each baggage for first class and business class shall be no more than 32kg, and economy class shall be no more than 23kg. The sum of the length, width and height of the baggage shall not be over 158cm. If the passenger’s baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, the passenger needs to pay for the excess baggage.

Maximum Size of Checked Baggage


1. Some low-cost airlines, like AirAsia will not offer free checked baggage service, and passengers need to pay for the checked baggage. Different airlines may have different regulations, please check this out when you book the ticket.

2. In most condition, infant passengers have no free baggage allowance; however, the parents may bring one stroller for free.

3. Pet dog or pet cat can be brought with the traveler to the plane, however, passenger need to have related health certificate of the pet animals. The pet animals will be put into the cargo space, so fi the pet animals are not suitable to put there will not be accepted. The cages of the pet animals shall be well ventilated and tied in case of the escape of the animals.

Unsuitable Items for Checked Baggage

The following items are not suitable to put into the checked baggage, and passenger can put them into the carry-on baggage. They are: fragile or vulnerable goods; perishable goods; cashes and marketable tickets; jewelry; precious metals (gold and silver) and its products; antique calligraphy and painting; computer and personal electronic device; samples and other valuables; spare lithium batteries; important documents and materials; travel documents, medical certificate and X-ray picture; prescription medicines need to be taken regularly by the individuals.

Smart Ways to Deal with Excess Baggage

Sometimes, excess baggage will cost a fortune, and the charge fees may be even more valuable than the baggage itself. So to know how to deal with the excess baggage to save more money is very important for passengers.

First, when choose a flight, besides the flight time and ticket price, passenger can also take the charge for excess baggage into consideration. For international flight, exchange rate should also be considered for foreign airlines and Chinese airlines use different currencies to charge.

Second, join in the membership of the airlines. Members of the airlines often have a privilege in the free baggage allowance, and many airlines will allow its members to bring one more free baggage than other passengers.

Third, if you are sure your baggage is excessing the free baggage allowance, then book the baggage limit online in advance will enjoy discount from the airlines. Sometimes, passenger can enjoy a 20% discount.

Fourth, if your baggage is too heavy and the price for the excess baggage is more expensive than the baggage itself, then it’s better to mail the baggage at the nearest post office.

Last, pay attention to the latest promotions of the airlines. Some airlines will improve its free baggage allowance for a certain group from now and then. Knowing this kind of information in advance from the website of the airlines may save you a lot of money for the excess baggage.

Prohibition and Limitation of the Baggage

Articles Prohibited to Transport

1.Dangerous articles, including: explosives; gas (including flammable gas, toxic gas, nonflammable toxic gas); flammable liquids; flammable solid, spontaneously combustible substances and substances which will release flammable gas in contact with water; oxidizing agent and organic peroxides; toxic substances and infectious substances; radioactive substances; corrosive substances; magnetic substances and other dangerous substances regulated by China.

Note: lighters and matches are also prohibited to take on the plane in China.

2.Guns (including various imitation guns, gun shape lighters, attacking weapons, besides guns for sports); ammunition; military & police firearms; controlled knives.

3.Living animals, except for the little animals and service that satisfy the requirements.

Articles Limited to Transport

1.Electric appliances and precise instruments shall be checked as goods; if they are checked as baggage, their weights are not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be packed properly.

2.Sports equipment, including sports guns and ammunitions.

3.Dry ice, alcoholic drinks, and smoking sets, medicines and cosmetics which are needed by the passengers during the travel.

4.Diplomatic pouches and confidential documents.

5.Edged tools and blunt except controlled knives, such as kitchen knife, fruit knife, craft knife, scissors, steel file, ax, hammer, etc. shall be put into the checked baggage.

6.Little animals and service dogs which satisfy the requirements.

7.Folding wheelchair or electronic powered wheelchair used in the travel by the passenger.

8.Liquids carried along with the passenger.

9.Articles which are not suitable to transport in the cargo space of the aircraft (like delicate instruments) and don’t satisfy the relevant regulations (like weight and size) shall be taken into the passenger cabin as CBBG. This kind of articles will be charged additionally and shall be kept by the passengers themselves.

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Traveling with Breast milk
How much breast milk can I bring into and out of Shanghai traveling from and to the US?
2019-06-18 11:19
Hi Srah,

Please ask the Customs in Shanghai for more details, and the phone number is 0086-021-31366000.
asking information for extra charges
I bought 55'' tv. my flight is by next week i.e from Hangzhou to Beijing by Hainan airlines and then to Ethiopia by ET airlines. I am allowed to have 2 pieces of baggage of 23 kg each. I have one baggage and one 55'' tv. what is the extra charge for the tv (both are less than 23kg)?
2018-08-14 21:15
Dear Muller, thanks for your message. We would like to help you get aboard smoothly with your TV. After we check the baggage allowance of Hainan Airlines and ET Airlines carefully, here are some guide and suggestion for you. The baggage allowance is as follows:
Hainan Airlines:
Carry-On Baggage Allowance: 2 separate baggage for Business Class passenger, 1 piece for Economy Class ticket holder. Each carry-on baggage may not exceed 5 kg in weight and its volume should not exceed 20×40×55cm.
Checked Baggage: maximum total weight is 30 kg (66 lbs) in 2 pieces, for Business Class passenger and 20 kg (44 lbs) in 2 pieces for Economy Class Passenger, and the total dimensions (length+width+height) may not exceed 40 x 60 x 100 cm for domestic flights. The fee for overweight luggage between 24-32 kgs (53-70 lbs) is 300CNY, oversized luggage charge is 1000CNY for item with dimension of 159 cm-203 cm (63 inches-80 inches).
However, since the TV is valuable and fragile item, we advise you use the cargo transport service. If you insist on carring as checked luggage, each item should not exceed 50kg (110 lbs ) and 40×60×100cm, otherwise, it shall be charged as the above rate. You can also contact the staff/agent at the departure airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airpiort, to confirm the detailed charges and transport policies.
ET Airlines: 2 pieces (each weighing within 23kg /50 lbs) is allowed for checking, and the dimensions shall not exceed 158 cms (62 inches). The official website of ET Airlines says the TV can be checked, and piece exceeding size (>2m) charge 100% of the excess baggage piece rate. The oversize rate for passengers on China-ET route with TV above 42" is 100USD.
Hope you enjoy trip!

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