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China in Spring
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China in Spring: Months, Weather, Temperature & Travel Tips

People generally take spring as the beginning of a year, everything is fresh and full of vitality. The great poet of China, Wang Anshi once described his ambivalence of spring climate with this poem, "spring breeze is good and evil, for it wakes up the flowers in bloom but blows them away later." China has a vast land climate, therefore the weather in spring can be complex and changeable, but it mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) The temperature changes greatly.
Spring the transition season between winter and summer. It is the period with the largest range of weather change in a year, for the Spring is usually very short, which is the period when the temperature suddenly changes from warm to cold and suddenly changes from cold to warm. 

(2) It is windy.
Spring is in the period of atmospheric circulation adjustment, with frequent cold and warm air activities, so gale weather often occurs, especially in northern China.

(3) Dry weather in the North
With the rise of temperature, it becomes dry in the north. If the previous period of precipitation is less, when the gale comes, it is very easy to appear dust and sand weather In the northern part of China. You may need to pay attention to personal precautions when going out and bring a mask always.

(4) Rainy weather in South China
In the early spring of southern China, it is cold with continuous drizzling months and little sunshine, and the humidity is high. 

When is the Spring Time in China

In climatology, spring refers to the period when the temperature rises from 10 °C to 22 °C after winter. However, China is too vast to define the time that spring actually arrives.

The southern part of Fujian and Yunnan provinces is the earliest place for spring in China in late February. Most of the southern provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Hunan, welcome spring in early March. In early April, spring has come to the northernmost Beijing Tianjin region of the North China Plain. In May, spring begins to wake up the south of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. In the western region of China, the spring wind begins in April in Northern Xinjiang, and in March in Southern Xinjiang. Most areas of the Tibetan Plateau enter spring in April and May, but even in the hottest month, the temperature of the northern Tibetan Plateau still can't reach the spring temperature. 

According to the temperature, the time of spring in different places of China will be very different. To plan your spring trip in China more conveniently, we define the time of spring as March, April, and May, which is also the springtime of most regions in China.

China Weather in March

Avg Temperature:4.2°C • Avg Rainfall: 31.7mm • Daytime: 12h

In March, the beginning month of Spring, due to the frequent activities of cold and warm air, the temperature changes greatly, the weather is sometimes cold and sometimes warm, and the temperature rises rapidly, and the rainfall keeps increasing. Except for the northeast and northwest parts of China, the average temperature in most areas has risen to above 0 °C. The average daily temperature in North China is 2-8 °C, and that in the areas along the Yangtze River and South China is above 8 °C. However, southwest and south China are already in spring. The northern region is prone to gale and dust weather; the southwest region is dry and windy, and occasional low temperature and rainy weather will gradually appear in the south. Learn More about China Weather in March & Travel Tips

Gloden Sea of Rapeseed Flowers in Luoping

Where to Travel in March:
March is the month when spring wakes up. All kinds of flowers are blooming. The most recommended things to do in March are to visit the rapeseed fields and cherry blossoms all over the country, and take a spring hike and breathe the refreshing spring air.

Places to Visit Beijing Chongqing Wuyuan Nyingchi Danba Hangzhou Kunming Lijiang Luoping Huangshan Xiamen Guangzhou
Features Forbidden City in Bloom Yangtze River Cruise Reepseed Flowers Sea Cherry Blossoms Pear Blossoms Tea Bud Picking City of Spring Ancient Town Reepseed Flowers Hiking Coastline & Tulou Flora Exposition

Best China March Tours:
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☛ 4 Days Kunming & Luoping Canola Flowers Appreciation Tour
☛ 4 Days Enjoyable Huangshan Family Tour

Packing & Travel Tips:
The climate is changeable in March. Although the temperature generally rises, March is also the month affected most by the returning cold air. Therefore, in the warmest area of China besides the normal spring clothing like shirts, long skirts, sweaters, windbreakers, casual clothes, jackets, it is necessary to bring some extra thick layers in case of sudden temperature changes. When you go to dust-prone areas, you should pay attention to the weather forecast and bring masks. Spring is also a season to enjoy flowers, so pay attention to the possibility of pollen allergy, and careful of insects that might live in flowers.

China Weather in April

Avg Temperature:11.8°C • Avg Rainfall: 42.3mm • Daytime: 12.5h

April is the fastest-warming month in the whole year, and most parts of China have entered the season of warm spring with blooming flowers. In April, the average temperature in most parts of China was above 15 °C, and the cold-air days basically ended. In Beijing, this is the best time of spring; the weather in the north is dry, but the south has entered the rainy season. In the south of the Yangtze River, there is often rainfall of about 100 mm, so there is a farming proverb of "Qingming(Spring) is here, the valley is drenched with rain"; in the coastal areas of South China and plain area of Southwest area like Sichuan, the daily average temperature is generally above 20 °C, which is like the early summer; but in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and northernmost China, the temperature is still low. Learn More about China Weather in April & Travel Tips

China in Spring Great Wall in Spring

Where to Travel in April:
April is the best month to feel the spring vibes with all kinds of flowers in full bloom. There are also various outdoor activities and festivals. It's the best season for outdoor flower appreciation, mountaineering, kite flying, and cycling, etc.

Places to Visit Beijing Chengdu Chongqing Guilin Nyingchi Hangzhou Suzhou Huangshan Luoyang Weifang Xiamen Fanjingshan
Features Great Walls in Bloom Pandas & Mountains Yangtze River Cruise Idyllic Karst Landscape Peach Blossoms Water Towns Delicate Silk & Gardens Hiking & Ancient Villages Grottoes & Peonies Kite Flying Festival Coastline & Tulou Hiking & Photography

Best China April Tours:
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☛ 4 Days Chongqing Essence Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

Packing & Travel Tips:
In April, the temperature is higher, but the temperature difference between morning and night is greater. So besides the normal spring clothing like shirts, long skirts, sweaters, windbreakers, casual clothes, jackets, you'd better carry some thick clothes in case of the temperature change. When you go to the south, you need to carry some rain gears. In April, the north is windy, the air is full of poplar catkins, and all kinds of flowers in the South begin to bloom. If you are allergic to these, you should try to wear masks and bring anti-allergic drugs when you go out. As Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) is usually in April, a legal holiday in China, many Chinese people will travel a lot at this time. Please be aware of the possible crowds during this time.

China Weather in May

Avg Temperature:17.0°C • Avg Rainfall: 69.7mm • Daytime: 13h

May is often the transition from spring to summer. Although the national temperature has increased a lot and the temperature difference between the north and the South has narrowed, the range of temperature change is large, especially the temperature difference between day and night in many parts of the north, and some northern cities like Beijing have the temperature difference of more than 10 degrees. Although the precipitation in North China is higher than that in April, it still belongs to less rainy period. It is dry and windy. If there is a strong wind in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and other places, sand and dust will be blown up. Therefore, it is necessary to know the AQI and take a mask and skincare moisturizer. In May, South China has entered a rainy period, and there are occasional thunderstorms and gales. Although the typhoon has not entered the active period in May, it occasionally affected the southern coastal areas. But in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and northernmost China, the temperature is still low. Learn More about China Weather in May & Travel Tips

China in Spring Guilin in Spring

Where to Travel in May:
May is the end of spring and the beginning of summer. At this time, the weather is very warm in most areas, which is suitable for outdoor hiking and mountain climbing. It is the month to seize the time for your trip in spring

Places to Visit Beijing Xian Shanghai Chengdu Chongqing Guilin Hangzhou Suzhou Zhangjiajie Jiuzhaigou Shangri-la Qingdao
Features Capital Scenery & Great Walls Ancient Wall & Mt Hua Hiking Cityscape & Cruise Pandas & Mountains Yangtze River Cruise Sparkling Rice Terraces West Lake & Water Town Delicate Silk & Gardens Avatar World in Reality Green Mountains & Colorful Waters Mysterious Tibetan Hermitage Refreshing Seaside Holiday

Best China May Tours:
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☛ 3 Days Huangshan Highlights Leisure Tour (Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon)
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Packing & Travel Tips:
In May, the temperature difference becomes larger, so you should pay attention to putting on or taking off your clothes in the morning and evening. You'd better carry some thick clothes in case of a temperature change. When you travel to the south, you need to bring some rain gear. As the May Day holiday in early May starts from May 1st and lasts for 3 to 5 days, there are a large number of domestic tourists in China. Please be aware of possible crowds during that time.

How to Plan Your China Spring Tour

Spring is a good season to visit most destinations in China. You can plan a China spring tour based on your own holiday time, destination, personal hobby and budget, members of the group, etc. Labor Day holiday from May 1 is a peak tourist period you should avoid. Read on below guide for more inspiring ideas.

If it’s your first trip to China, then Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu are the top classic destinations you may visit. Normally, 2 to 3 days are enough for each. For those who already visited them, the Yangtze River Cruise (4-5 days), Yunnan (Lijiang, Shangri-La, Dali, Kunming..., 5-8 days), Guilin (3-4 days), Zhangjiejie (3-5 days) are highly recommended palaces to make in-depth discovery of China. Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Nanjing are popular side trip destinations from Shanghai. If you have a long vacation, you can travel to several destinations together. If you’re quite interested in spring flowers, Nyingchi Peach Blossom in Tibet and Wuyuan Rape flower are the most beautiful colors you may make a special visit. Depending on your private taste, there are many more choices for you to appreciate the spring blossom across China.

Most Popular China Spring Tours:

☛ 8 Days Best of China Tour (Beijing/Xian/Shanghai)
☛ 6 Days Best of Yunnan Tour (Lijiang/Shangri-La/Kunming)
☛ 7 Days Nature Tour to Yangtze River & Zhangjiajie
☛ 5 Days Classic Xian Chengdu Tour by High Speed Train

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