Where to Apply for Chinese Visa - Chinese Embassy & Consulate or Chinese Visa Application Service Center

Notice on Latest Visa and Entry Policies for Foreigners Entering China - Updated on May 8, 2024:

1. Breaking News! 15 days visa free for citizens of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg has been extended until December 31, 2025.

2. Hong Kong High-speed Rail West Kowloon Station has been added to Guangdong Province 144-hour transit visa-free.

3. China - Georgia Mutual Exemption of Visa, starting from May 28, 2024.

4. 15 Days Visa Exemption Policy is newly available for Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Read more »

5. Booking of flights and hotels, China itineraries and invitation letters are not required for application of Chinese Tourist Visa for U.S.nationals.

6. 15 Days Visa Exemption Policy is now available for other 6 countries including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia. Read more »

7. Appointment is not required for visa application in many embassies and consulates.

8. Starting from 00:00 on November 1, 2023, individuals entering or exiting the country are exempt from filling out the "People's Republic of China Health Declaration Card for Entry/Exit."

9. Norway has become the 54th country whose passport holders can transit without visa up to 72/144 hours in China.

10. Starting from August 30, 2023, individuals traveling to China will no longer be required to undergo pre-entry COVID-19 nucleic acid or antigen testing.

11. U.S. citizens holding multi-year multiple-entry visas issued before March 28, 2020, whose visas temporarily lost entry functionality between March 28, 2020, and March 14, 2023, due to the pandemic, are eligible to apply for compensation. Those who choose to apply for compensation will receive a free 3-year multiple-entry visa. Those who choose to waive the compensation can apply for a new 10-year multiple-entry visa at the regular fee.

China Discovery will keep focusing on the updates of the latest Chinese visa and entry policy! You can also call +86 010 12367 (Official telephone number of China National Immigration Administration) to check further information. Welcome to join in our Facebook Groups to catch up with the latest news!

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According to different situations, visitors can apply for Chinese Visa before departure, on arrival or in China. If you do not meet requirements of China Visa Free Policy, you must submit a visa application and get a valid China Visa prior to arrival. In this case, you may directly submit application at visa office of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, or via China Visa Application Service Center in your residing country. Note that the Chinese Embassy and Consulate are the only official authorities to issue Chinese Visa abroad .

For special cases, like applying for Chinese Visa upon arrival, China Visa Renewal or Extension, the visa services are normally processed by the Exit & Entry Administration Department of the Public Security Bureau. Besides, visitors can also apply for visa/entry permit to Hong Kong/Macau SAR from the local Immigration Departments in Hong Kong/ Macau.

The Highest Priority - Know Where You Should Apply for China Visa

Once confirmed you need a visa for China, you must figure out where you are required to submit the application. According to your residence city and country, you can check the following country list to make clear where you should apply for and visit to get a China Visa.

Visa Application Submission to China Visa Application Service Center
(if you reside and apply in the countries/regions below)
Visa Application Submission to Chinese Embassies & Consulates
(if you reside in countries below)
Asia (12): Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait.
America (1): Canada
Europe (17): UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Poland, Czech, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland.
Oceania (1): Australia
Africa (9): Congo, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Madagascar, Kenya, Senegal, Gambia, Egypt.
Asian: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cambodia, Armenia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Iran, Israel, Laos, Maldives, Nepal, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam, Yemen, etc.
North America: US, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Dominica, Jamaica, etc.
South America: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, etc.
Oceania: New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Micronesia, Vanuatu, etc.
Europe: Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Serbia, etc.
Africa: Botswana, Cameroon, Angola, Burundi, Benin, Chad, Cabo Verde, Sudan, Togo, Zambia, Tanzania, Niger, etc.

Apply for Chinese Visa at Chinese Embassy Visa Office

Chinese Embassy and Consulate General are both official diplomatic organizations which issue Chinese Visa to foreign citizens and provide other consular services (including passport services to domestic nationals) in another state. If your residing country has none official China Vis Application Service Center, you have to submit China Visa Application directly at the visa section of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General

How to Apply for Chinese Visa from Chinese Embassy

Step 1: Check China Visa Free Policy to find out if you need a visa for China. Do I Need a Visa for China ?

Step 2: Read all China Visa Types to identify your visa category based on your purpose and itinerary of visiting.

Step 3: Follow the visa application instructions to prepare all required documents, including your passport, completed visa application form, photo, copy of your passport’s data page, invitation letter, proof of flight and hotel bookings.... And then submit your application to visa office of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate during office hours. China Visa Requirements & Documents >>

Step 4: Collect your passport and visa in person, or by someone else/visa agent with the pick-up slip.

Useful Links: How to Get a Visa for China: Application Requirements, Costs, Procedures and Tips.

Tips: For applicants from certain states, you can visit https://cova.cs.mfa.gov.cn to fill in the visa application form online, and then book an appointment for submission via http://avas.cs.mfa.gov.cn. Go to the visa office at the appointed time. If it's not available to complete the form online, you may download the form from Chinese Embassy/Consulate's offcial website, and fill in electronic form, print it out, and submit during office hours. You are suggested to check on the visa office hours first.

Chinese Embassy & Consulate Locations and Official Website

The Chinese Embassy is the main office of China’s diplomatic representatives, and its mission covers all cities and regions in the residing country. Usually, the embassy is located in the capital city of the related country and has the most comprehensive sections to deal with foreign affairs. Besides, the Chinese Consulate is a smaller diplomatic institution situated in other major cities (outside the capital).

Currently, China sets up over 170 Chinese Embassies and over 90 Consulates in 6 continents around the world. Based on local conditions, there are multiple consulates in some certain countries, like America, Canada, Australia, etc. And that offers great convenience for you to apply for a visa to China. You can locate the nearest Chinese Embassy.

Chinese Embassy & Consulate Visa Office Hours

The exact visa office hours is slightly different in each Chinese Embassy and Consulate. Generally, the visa working hour is 9:00/9:30 am to 12:00, 2:00/2:30 pm to 5:00/5:30 pm on Monday to Friday (local time). The embassies and consulates will be closed during local public holidays and Chinese holidays. Some also have specific opening hours for submission, payment and collection. Please check the latest work & holiday schedules on the official website.

Below is the part of the whole list of Chinese Embassies and Consulates. Each embassy/consulate has official website you can get more details, such as China Visa application guide (requirements, form, fees...), embassy address, contact number, office hours, payment, and more. You can find overall receivable Chinese Visa information at www.china-embassy.org or www.china-consulate.org.

List of Chinese Embassies and Consulates Abroad

Host CountryEmbassy Location & Official WebsiteConsulate General
US Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
Consulate General of PRC in New York;
Consulate General of PRC in Chicago;
Consulate General of PRC in San Francisco;
Consulate General of PRC in Los Angeles;
Consulate General of PRC in Houston;
UK Chinese Embassy in London
Consulate General of PRC in Manchester;
Consulate General of PRC in Edinburgh;
Consulate General of PRC in Belfast;
Australia Chinese Embassy in Canberra
Consulate General of PRC in Sydney;
Consulate General of PRC in Melbourne;
Consulate General of PRC in Perth;
Consulate General of PRC in Brisbane;
Consulate General of PRC in Adelaide;
Canada Chinese Embassy in Ottawa
Consulate General of PRC in Calgary;
Consulate General of PRC in Toronto;
Consulate General of PRC in Vancouver;
Consulate General of PRC in Montreal;
France Chinese Embassy in Paris
Consulate General of PRC in Marseille;
Consulate General of PRC in Strasbourg;
Consulate-General of PRC in Lyon;
Consulate-General of PRC in Saint-Denis;
Germany Chinese Embassy in Berlin
Consulate General of PRC in Frankfurt;
Consulate General of PRC in Hamburg;
Consulate General of PRC in Munich;
Consulate General of PRC in Dusseldorf;
India Chinese Embassy in New Delhi
The Consulate General in Mumbai ;
The consulate General in Kolkata;
Ireland Chinese Embassy in Dublin
Italy Chinese Embassy in Rome
Consulate General of PRC in Firenze;
Consulate General of PRC in Milan (Milano);
Malaysia Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur
Consulate General of PRC in Kuching;
Consulate General of PRC in Penang;
Netherlands Chinese Embassy in Hague
New Zealand Chinese Embassy in Wellington
Consulate General of PRC in Auckland;
Consulate General of PRC in Christchurch;
Singapore Chinese Embassy in Singapore
Spain Chinese Embassy in Madrid
Consulate General of PRC in Barcelona
Switzerland Chinese Embassy in Bern
Consulate General of PRC in Zurich
Thailand Chinese Embassy in Bangkok
The Consulate General in Chiang Mai;
The Consulate General in Songkhla;
The Consulate General in Khon Kaen;

Apply for Chinese Visa via China Visa Application Service Center

Up to now, Chinese Embassies and Consulates in 40 countries use an online system of application form submission and appointment booking to receive China Visa Applications. In the 40 countries, Chinese Embassies or Consulates will not accept any ordinary visa applications (except Diplomatic, Service and Courtesy Visas), and the China Visa Application Service Center is the one and only official visa service center that can receive and deliver application to Chinese Embassy and Consulate. If you apply for Chinese Visa in Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and so on, you're required to apply at the service center.

How to Apply for Chinese Visa Through Visa Service Center

Step 1: Find out if you need a visa for China, check China Visa Exemptions.

Step 2: Judge which kind of visa you should obtain to visit China.

Step 3: Visit http://www.visaforchina.org/ to locate the nearest visa service center. You will start to complete a visa application form online, and schedule an appointment online in advance. Then, read visa guidance, prepare required documents, submit all materials (in person/by someone else or agent) to the visa service center. Meanwhile, you have to pay visa fees and service charges.

Step 4: Once track and know your application is processed, you can go to the center, collect your passport visa in person, or by someone else/visa agent with the pick-up slip. More conveniently, you can pay for mailing back service, no need to go back to the center again.

Attention: Walk-in submission is NOT accepted at the service center. Read more China Visa Application Guide >>

Foreign Embassies & Consulates in China

What to do if I lost my passport in China? Can I renew my passport when traveling in China? Don’t worry! You can seek help from the embassy or consulate of your country, as long as your country has diplomatic relations with China and establish foreign missions in China. They will offer lots of consular services, like passport issuing and renewal, and assistance to emergency for local citizens. You can easily locate them and contact for help without going back to your own country, and continue to travel in China.

At present, Beijing hosts over 170 foreign embassies (the largest number), and major big cities in China also have many consulates, such as Hong Kong (123), Shanghai (76), Guangzhou (62), Chengdu (17), Chongqing (10), Shenyang (7), Kunming (6), Wuhan (5), Xiamen (3) and Xian (3), etc.

Major Consular Services of the Embassy & Consulate General includes:

Passport Services - e.g. passport renewal, replacement (if lost, stolen) and new passport and temporary travel document issuing.

Citizenship Services - e.g. child born in China, renounce original citizenship

Child and Family Matters: - e.g. adoption, report birth abroad, renounce original citizenship

Emergency Assitance: - e.g. adoption, urgent medical care, arrest, death and etc.

Notarial & Documentary Services

● Local Resources...

Major Embassies and Consulates in China

CountryEmbassy Location & Official WebsiteConsulate General
US US Embassy of Beijing, China
US Consulate General in Shanghai;
US Consulate General in Chengdu;
US Consulate General in Guangzhou;
US Consulate General in Shenyang;
British British Embassy Beijing, China
British Consulate General Shanghai;
British Consulate General Guangzhou;
British Consulate General Chongqing;
British Consulate General Wuhan;
Canada Embassy of Canada to China Beijing
Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai;
Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong;
Canadian Consulate General in Guangzhou;
Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing;
Australia Australian Embassy Beijing, China
Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou;
Australian Consulate General in Chengdu;
Australian Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR;
Singapore Singapore Embassy Beijing, China
Singapore Consulate General in Beijing;
Singapore Consulate General in Shanghai;
Singapore Consulate General in Chengdu;
Singapore Consulate General in Guangzhou;
Singapore Consulate General in Xiamen;
Singapore Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR;
Malaysia Embassy of Malaysia Beijing, China
Malaysia Consulate General in Shanghai;
Malaysia Consulate General in Guangzhou;
Malaysia Consulate General in Kunming;
Malaysia Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR;
India Embassy of India Beijing, China
Consulate General of India, Shanghai;
Consulate General of India, Guangzhou;
Consulate General of India, Kunming;
Consulate General of India, Hong Kong SAR;
New Zealand Embassy of Malaysia Beijing, China
New Zealand Consulate General in Shanghai;
New Zealand Consulate General in Guangzhou;
New Zealand Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR;
Ireland Irish Embassy Beijing, China
Consulate General of Ireland in Shanghai;
Consulate General of Ireland in Hong Kong SAR;

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