China Travel Ideas for 2025
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Top 10 China Destinations to Go in 2024

The expensive and diverse China always offers a plenty of amazing tourist destinations for you to choose whenever you come and whatever experience you are expecting for. If you time allows, you can even spend a long in-depth China vacation which can be as long as several weeks even months, exploring the charming Chinese culture and magnificent nature. Followings are 10 tourist destinations recommended to visit in China in 2024. You’ll enjoy some memorable experiences that please both the body and mind - leading you into the essence of China and under skin of the Chinese culture.

  • 2024 China Travel Ideas 01
    Beijing - No. 1 Destination and Gateway City

    Beijing has a history over 3000 years, including more than 600 years being ancient capital. It has 7 World Heritage Sites - Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall... It is also the most popular transportation hub.

  • 2024 China Travel Ideas 02
    Xian - Greatest Ancient China Capital

    As the home to world-famed Terracotta Warriors and as the start point of Silk Road, Xian draws numerous tourists with its enormous historical sites and cultural landscapes, and gives you a chance to explore the ancient China history and culture.

  • 2024 China Travel Ideas 03
    Shanghai - Blend of the West and East

    Shanghai is the best place to see the modern & fashionable face of China. It is reputed as the “Pearl of the Orient” and the “Paris of the East”. It took only 170 years to turn from a shabby fishing village into China's the largest metropolis.

  • 2024 China Travel Ideas 04
    Guilin - Karst Landscape and Countryside

    Guilin has the most beautiful and typical karst landforms, also a dozen of ethnic minorities. The most visited place in Guilin is Yangshuo, a place you want to stay for months just to enjoy the relaxing and peaceful living.

  • 2024 China Travel Ideas 05
    Zhangjiajie - Surreal Avatar World

    Zhangjiajie is a perfect combination of the idyllic beauty of Guilin, the grotesqueness of Yellow Mountain, the peril of Mount Hua and the magnificence of Mount Tai, with the characteristics of quietness, wildness, mystery, beauty and elegance.

  • 2024 China Travel Ideas 06
    Tibet - Holy Land of Snow and Buddhism

    The holy land Tibet is the most sacred and mysterious destination in China. It seems Tibet has a magic power to pull one’s soul towards Tibet. Many people also believe a Tibet trip can heal the pain the heart and even purify our minds.

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Plan Your China Travel

  • 1
    Decide Where to Go in China

    Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin and Yangtze River Cruise are strongly recommended for first-timers.

  • 2
    Traveling Independently or with Agency

    Travel with a travel agency if you want to explore China with a comfortable and worry-free way.

  • 3
    Decide When to Go

    You can always places to visit in different time. But Autumn is the best season to travel China.

  • 4
    Get Your Travel Documents Ready

    Before leaving for China, you have to get your passport and Chinese visa prepared in advance.

  • 5
    Create and Confirm Your Itinerary

    It is suggested to arrange the itinerary at a leisure pace. Then confirm with your travel consultant.

  • 6
    Book Your Flights and Hotels

    Start to book flights and hotels on your own, or let your travel agency book for you.

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