Top 10 Shenzhen Attractions

Although Shenzhen is a young metroplis, it will give you a big suprise when you put your first step on this energetic city.

As a coastal city, Shenzhen is a great place for resort and vacation. It has long, soft and beautiful sand beach, such as the Dameishan and Xiaomeishan. There are not many ancient relics here, but the wise Shenzhen people have built up many modern attractions, such as the famous Window of the World, Splendid China, Happy Valley, etc. These places are suitable for all ranges of people to visit.

The locals also created their own spectacular culture, such as Dragon Dancing Show, Ethnic Arts Show, Lychee Festival, etc.

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China Folk Culture VillageChina Folk Culture Village

No.1: Splendid China Folk Village

Type: Theme Parks, Water & Amusement Parks, Performances

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 3 Hours

Splendid China Folk Village, a theme park located in Shenzhen, consists of two areas including Splendid China Miniature Park and China Folk Culture Village.

“One step to learn China history, one day to visit all in China”. This is the slogan of the Splendid China Miniature Park, which is the largest miniature park in the world. It houses 82 reproductions of China’s iconic places. These miniatures are divided into three kinds: beautiful scenery, grand architecture, historical sites and traditional dwellings. As there are more than 50,000 small vivid ceramic human or animal figurines, it is also renowned as “Lilliput of Shenzhen”.

In China Folk Culture Village, there are 27 ethnic villages built with the proportion of 1:1. It is the first large cultural tourism zone which combines art, folk culture and architecture of ethnic groups in China. There are daily performances of ethnic folk culture, handcrafts arts. During festivals, China Folk Culture Village becomes the “party world”. Here, travelers can experience the authentic ethnic culture of China comprehensively. Know more about Splendid China Folk Village

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Dafen Oil Painting Village

No.2: Dafen Oil Painting Village

Type: Art Gallery, Painting Stores, Painting Show

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 1~2 Hours

Located in the Longgang District of Shenzhen Province, Dafen Oil Painting Village is a Chinese “urban village” working on the replicas of world-famous paintings, from Van Gogh's sunflowers to to enormous, gilt-framed scenes of mounted cavalry or galleons at sea rendered in lavish detail. It is reputed as “The World’s Art Factory”. In its heyday, Dafen produced 60 percent of all new oil paintings available worldwide. This is a folksy urban village of narrow lanes and alleys, which gives you pleasure by just visiting itself. The hundreds of art studios and stores producing reproductions of oil paintings by well-known artists are worth visit where you will know how art is produced in an industrial age. There are also more conventional galleries, generally showcasing the work of—and often owned by—a single artist. Surrounding these studios and galleries in Dafen are art supply stores and a handful of whimsical cafes, some of which offer painting classes to visitors. At the village’s eastern edge is the Dafen Museum where you will find more modern and contemporary art from China.

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Shenzhen Museum

No.3: Shenzhen Museum

Type: Museum, Comprehensive Museum

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 2 hours

Shenzhen Museum is a comprehensive museum located in the south of Lianhuashan Park, and is in the downtown area of Shenzhen City. This museum has four parts which separately record the ancient times and modern times of Shenzhen, guerrilla warfare in Shenzhen and China’s reform and opening up in Shenzhen. In this museum, you will have a general view about the history of Shenzhen. As Shenzhen is one of the first cities that implement the reform and opening up policy, you will have a vivid understanding of how does a fishing village become a first-tier city within 40 years and it is advised to learn about a modern China from this museum. In addition, there is an exhibition hall of wildlife specimen which was donated by a famous American - Kenneth·E·Behring, in which you could explore a world of wildlife. The museum also host some other exhibitions from time to time.

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Window of the World

No.4: Window of the World Shenzhen

Type: Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Performances

Recommended length of visiting: About 3 hours

Covering an area of 480,000 square meters, Window of the World in Shenzhen is a large-scale theme park designed to show the essence of world's culture. In the park, you will see many replicas of landmarks in the world. It is a Miniature park which combines history relics, nature wonders and culture of the world together. In this park, you have chance to many great world famous attractions, such as the Mahamuni Pagoda of Mandalay, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Eiffel Tower, London Tower, Roman Colosseum, Sydney Opera House, etc. Meanwhile, there are excited amusement projects and splendid performances, which attract many tourists. You can’t miss this sea of joy in Shenzhen! Know more about Window of the World>>

Shenzhen Museum

No.5: Ping An Finance Centre

Type: Observation Decks & Towers, Modern Buildings & Landmarks

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 1~2 Hours

Ping An International Finance Centre is a 115-storey skyscraper in the center of Futian CBD of Shenzhen, rising like a glass pencil. It was completed in 2017, becoming the tallest building in Shenzhen, the 2nd tallest building in China and the 4th tallest building in the world. It also shares the record (with the Shanghai Tower) of having the highest observation deck in a building at 562 m. The building contains office, hotel and retail spaces, a conference centre and a high-end shopping mall. In a clear day, you will have a suitably jaw-dropping views from the Free Sky Observation Deck. You could also explore a bird’s eye view of the whole city on Diwang Mansion with the height of 384 meters which is cheaper than Ping An Finance Center. The latter one also equipped with telescope to overlook Hong Kong.

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Shenzhen Museum

No.6: Lychee Park

Type: Park and Nature

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 2 hours

Lychee Park is is nestled in the middle of Shenzhen. It has the name of “Lychee Park” because of over 500 lychee trees in it. In the park, you could not only see natural beauty, but also some beautiful architectures. When big-city fatigue sets in, you can seek refuge in this spacious inner-city park. It may still get busy but here the mood is created by musicians, elderly taichi practitioners, couples crossing faux-ancient bridges and a small lake. It is also very nice to jog, run or walk around.

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Shenzhen Museum

No.7: OCT Loft Creative Culture Park

Type: Culture Park

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 2 hours

OCT Loft Creative Culture Park covers an area of about 150000 square meters, with a construction area of about 200000 square meters, is divided into north and south sides. Filled with exhibition spaces, outdoor installations, design shops, and open-air cafes, this abandoned-factory-turned-cultural space is a great way to get a feel for the city’s emerging artsy tenor. You can see exhibitions of all kinds of art including design work, photography, paintings, and so on. Some famous artists also have their studios in this park. In addition, major festivals take place here throughout the year, including Design Week in April; the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in December; and the Oct-Loft Jazz Festival in October.

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Shenzhen Museum

No.8: OCT Harbour

Type: Resort, Water & Amusement Parks, Theme Parks

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 3 hours

OCT Harbour, originally called OCT Bay, is a large retail and entertainment complex in Nanshan District of Shenzhen close to the well-known Window of the World theme park and Splendid China Folk Village. It covers an area of roughly 1.25 square kilometers and features a man-made lake and canals, hotels, restaurants and a shopping mall. This place combines both modern architectures and traditional culture, which gives a new definition to fashion. Here you could watch splendid show of water and light every night. If you go there with your kids, then your kids could experience various careers in the Small Mailu City, or you both could watch those special sea life in the aquarium. It’s very suitable for a family tour.

Shenzhen Museum

No.9: Coco Park

Type: Mall, Shopping Center, Dinning, Amusement

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 2 hours

Located in the centre of the city, Futian COCO Park is not only a popular shopping mall but also a landmark of the area. The mall has 5 levels, covering 85,000 square meters, with a big outdoor square in the centre. There are five major shopping sections in COCO Park: jeans, sports & digital, undergarment, household, and international fashion brands, and you can buy almost you want here. It is much more than about shopping because there are also a lot of restaurants, bars and entertainment in it. Near the Pingan Finance International Center, Coco Park can be easily found by you.

Shenzhen Museum

No.10: Lianhuashan Park

Type: Park and Nature

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 1~3 hours

Lianhuashan Park is located in the downtown area of Shenzhen city, so it’s convenient to arrive at. The Lianhua Mountain is only 100 meters, which can be climbed up easily. After climbing up to the top of the mountain, there is a large square where you could overlook Shenzhen’s central business district. In the square, you could see a big statue of Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese President who started the Reform and Opening Up of China. In the north side of the square, you could learn about the development history of Shenzhen city in the Exhibition Hall of City Planning. If you go there during festivals and holidays, you could see locals flying kites in the park’s grasslands square. The park is a relaxing place to visit for Shenzhen people after a week’s busy works.

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