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Xian Travel Guide 2019

Located at the center of China, the capital city of Shanxi Province - Xian, together with Athens, Rome and Cairo, are called as the top four ancient capitals in history. 13 dynasties had settled capital in Xian from the 11th century BC to the 10th century AD, and that is why the UNESCO listed Xian as the World Historical and Cultural City in 1981.

Rich history endows Xian with unique charms as a tourist city. As the home to world-famed Terracotta Warriors and Horses and as the start point of Silk Road, through which China had conducted the most important economy and culture communication with the western world, Xian draws numerous tourists with its enormous historical sites and cultural landscapes, and gives you a chance to explore the ancient China.

Why visit Xian:

  • Terracotta Warriors and Horses - There is no doubt that the Terracotta Warriors and Horses is the highlight of Xian. Buried in the ground for over 2000 years and discovered in 1974, the Terracotta Army not only matters in the art history, showing the highly skilled sculpture area of ancient China, but also fills the archeological blank of Qin Dynasty, presenting the ancient army array and revealing the ancient weapon technology.
  • Ancient Capital - No city in China is like Xian with such abundant history. As the most famous ancient capital city in Chinese history, though the dynastic times had gone, Xian still reserves many historical sites and cultural relics, which are the best way to experience the ancient China, the old and glorious days of China.

Travel News: Visa-free travel in Xian was made possible now! From June 1, 2014, visitors qualified of 51 countries could travel in Xian for 72 hours without visa. Please go and enjoy our 1-3 days Xian tours.

Top Attractions

Xian is rich in various historical sites; however, if you have limited time to visit, the most classic attractions, like Terracotta Warriors and Horses and Ancient City Wall will be your best choice. Check them below for detailed information. If you have more time, you can see all Attractions in Xian for more information of Xian highlighting sites.

Xian Travel Guide
Terracotta Warriors and Horses

They call it the eighth wonder of the world because it is the funerary object of Emperor Qingshihuang (259~210 BC), the first Emperor of China.

Xian Travel Guide
Ancient City Wall

The Ancient City Wall is a wonderful testimony to the engineering and construction skills of the ancient Chinese. Walk or bike around the wall is awesome.

Xian Travel Guide
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

The Pagoda was built more than 1,300 years ago. It is the bright pearl on the Silk Road with excellent architectural beauty, precious Buddhist relics, etc.

Xian Travel Guide
Muslim Quarter

The Muslim Quarter is very famous for its rich multiple culture a nd abundant delicious featured Xian local snacks. It is the best place in Xian to take a leisure walk.

Xian Travel Guide
Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum is one of the best museums in China. It is an art palace fully showing Shaanxi history & culture as well as Chinese ancient civilization.

Weather & When to Go

Xian Weather

Xian has a warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate with an average temperature is from 13.1℃ to 13.4℃. There is a clear distinction between the four seasons: warm and windy spring, hot and rainy summer, cool autumn, and cold and foggy winter.

The best time to visit Xian is spring (March to May) and autumn (September to October) for the weather at this time is not too hot or too cold. One thing you need to pay attention is no matter when you visit Xian, please drink more water for Xian is rather dry compared with other southern cities in China. Bring some moisturizer with you in case of need. Rain gears are suggested be prepared for the relatively frequent rainy and cloudy days in Xian. If you visit in summer, you need to prepare yourself with the strong UV; use sun cream or other sun protection equipment to protect your skin from sunburns. >> see details about Xian Weather & Seasons.


Xian Xianyang Airport Xian North Railway Station

Get to Xian

It’s very convenient to get to Xian, with airplane and train (including high speed train) being all your choices.

Xian Xianyang International Airport, located 25km from Xian City, the airport is the largest air traffic hub in northwest area of China. 269 airlines connected Xian with major domestic cities as well as some cities around the world, like Paris, Sidney, Seattle, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul, etc.

Normal trains or high speed trains are also great choices to get to Xian. There are two railway stations in Xian: Xian Railway Station and Xian North Railway Station. Xian Railway Station connects Xian with all capital cities and municipalities in China. While Xian North Railway Station, 20km from the Xian Xianyang International Airport, mainly serves high speed trains. The fastest high speed train from here to Beijing West Railway Station is only about 6 hours. Other high speed trains to other cities, like Shanghai (10 trains during 06:24~19:44, about 6-7.5 hours), Wuhan (13 trains during 07:20~15:16, about 4-5.5 hours), Zhengzhou (57 trains during 06:24~19:44, about 2-2.5 hours), Kaifeng (9 trains 07:35~17:10, about 2.5-3 hours), Luoyang (46 trains during 07:20~19:44, about 1.5-2 hours), Lanzhou (35 trains during 07:42~20:45, about 2 hours 40 minutes – 3 hours 20 minutes), Tianshui (34 trains during 07:42~20:45, about 1.5-2 hours), and Mount Huashan (37 trains during 06:24-19:44, about 30-45 minutes), Jiayuguan (2 trains during 07:42-13:40, about 8 hours), Zhangye (2 trains during 07:42-13:40, about 6.5 hours), and so on are also very quick and convenient.

Transportation in Xian

To travel around Xian City, you can take city bus, taxi, subway or Private Car (when book a tour package with us, you’ll enjoy the private transfer service). At present, Xian has opened two subway lines. Line 1 and Line 2 form a cross and their intersection is located in the city center. For information about Xian transportation, please check How to Get There & Around Xian.


Hotels in Xian

Most tourists will choose to stay overnight in the city center, especially in Beilin District. Because most of the attractions in Xian are located in or very close to Beilin District, like Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, Great Mosque, etc.; and it’s also very convenient to get to the railway station or the airport from the city center. There are many hotels in and around this area. For luxurious experience, international brands like Hilton, Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, etc. are available. Local five-star hotels like Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square are also excellent choices. Youth hostels with local features are also popular among young people for their budget price and unique environment. For detailed accommodation information, please check Xian Accommodation.

Xian Maps

Top help you learn better about Xian's location, attractions, etc, we have collected following tourist maps which are latest, downloadable and printable. View more Xian maps >>

Xian attraction map

Xian Attractions Map

Xian city map

Xian City Map

Terracotta Warriors Map

Terracotta Warriors Map

Other Destinations near Xian

Since the running of High Speed Train to and from Xian city, it's very convenient to get to Luoyang (1.5hrs) and Pingyao Ancient City (3hrs) and other hot destinations in China from Xian North Railway Station to have more fun.

China Xian Map

Chinese Name: 西安

Chinese Pinyin: Xīan

English IPA: /'ʃi'ɑn/

Population: 8.46 million

Language: Central-Plains Mandarin & Xian Dialect

Tel Code: 029

Zip Code: 710000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan Your Xian Tour

For a classic Xian tour, it normally costs 2 – 4 days, and you can choose the most interested attractions to visit. Except the most famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses, you can also visit Xian Ancient City Wall, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, Muslim Quarter, Shaanxi History Museum, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque, etc.

The transportation between Xian and Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu is very convenient, so these cities are suitable to be the last or next destinations after your Xian tour. It’s also doable to take side trips to Luoyang (about 1 day) and Mount Huashan (about 2 days) from Xian. Luoyang, famous for Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin Temple, is only 1.5 hour by high speed train from Xian. While Mount Huashan is closer to Xian, only about a half hour’s high speed train will take you there.

All itineraries and side trips can be customized privately, so please feel free to contact with our travel consultants if you have this kind of need.

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