Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area

What Is Greater Bay Area?

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, shortened and known as Greater Bay Area (GBA) is the newly developing world class urban agglomeration. Being one of the areas with top strongest economic vitality and top highest openness, this new and red-hot city cluster in the farthest South China plays a crucial role for the national development. Furthermore, praised as one of the four bay areas in the world, together with New York Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area and Tokyo Bay Area, the Greater Bay Area with world top mega cities (Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.), booming economy, enormous potential, advantageous location and transportation, top popular tourist hubs, favored policies and pleasant environment, etc. is gaining more and better attention, status and visits.

Location: South ChinaCoverage: 56 million km²
Population: 69.569 millionGDP: 156,203 CNY
Major International Airport: Hong Kong International Airport, Macau International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

What Are the Greater Bay Area Cities

Greater Bay Area consists with Hong Kong, Macau and 9 Guangdong Provincial cities, namely Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Dongguan, Huizhou and Zhaoqing. Boasting four world class cities, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area has super talent, energy and ability to spur the economy and national strength of China a lot in front of the world!

Greater Bay Area Map

Greater Bay Area Cities

Top Tourist Cities in Greater Bay Area

Greater Bay Area is not only a potential and influential economical and industrial city cluster, but also, it is one of the top several global popular tourist destinations and a large tourist area in China. Among the 2 special administrative regions and 9 provincial cities in Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Zhuhai stands out obviously as the top tourist destinations for travelers for the blending international and Lingnan culture, changing histories, various delicious food, awesome buildings and a lot of precious traditional folk essences.

Hong Kong - China’s Leading “Pearl of the Orient”

One of the three key gateway cities to China and also a fabulously “hot” tourist destination itself! This legendary metropolis, transforming from a fishing harbor nobody to the present world class metropolis and economic center after severe wars and colonial ordeal, now blends the East Chinese and Western essences together into her own cultural style and is praised as the “Pearl of the Orient”! Globally well-known skyline, unexpected strange buildings, charming Victoria Harbor, featured fishing villages and outlying islands, countless traditional and international cuisines and street food, unbelievable screaming atmospheric shopping paradise, entertaining Disneyland wonderland, longing concerts and shows, and so forth are just a part of Hong Kong for the never ending exploration by tourists from different corner of our earth!

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Greater Bay Area - Hong Kong
Greater Bay Area - Hong Kong Hong Kong Street Scene

Macau - Orgiastic Casino vs. Hybrid Colonial Architecture

Macau (Macao) is the other special administrative region of China, besides Hong Kong. Being of the four largest gambling cities in the world, Macau impresses most of his visitors as luxurious, materialistic, orgiastic, etc. However, as the Portuguese colony from 1887 to 1999, this small city shows a unique hybrid charm of traditional China and South Europe. Therefore, you can see his very quiet side at the Chinese A Ma Temple, in front of various statues of Bodhisattva, within the over 400 years old historical architectural relics listed as World Cultural Heritage Site, including the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, a rich array of colorful western styled buildings, etc. Macau as a top popular tourist hub in South China is also of wonderland for foodies to taste all local special cuisines and snacks with Portuguese flavors.

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Greater Bay Area - Macau Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral
Greater Bay Area - Macau A Ma Temple

Guangzhou - Political, Economic & Cultural Center of Guangdong Province

Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is the third largest cities in China! As new and old, Modern and traditional, Guangzhou being the capital of southern part of China 2,000 years ago is a top ideal place to seek the everlasting prosperity of this important region in China from remote era and the best contrast of present and past China. Besides, it is the key root part of Lingnan and Guangzhou culture, and the best exquisite architectural decorations and carving arts at the famous Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, authentic Cantonese food along the historical streets, interesting Cantonese Opera lingering, typical Lingnan arcade buildings at the historical old city part, etc. are easy to savor for a good visiting of history, culture, arts, city, food, etc. Not over! The joyous Chimelong theme park has been ranking outstandingly for wide family tour groups to this warm city!

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Greater Bay Area - Guangzhou Pearl River New Town
Greater Bay Area - Guangzhou Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Shenzhen - “Silicon Valley” in China Formed within 40 Years

“Silicon Valley” in China, City of Innovation and Creativity, City of Immigration, legend of reform and opening up, etc. are all the praisable hashtag of Shenzhen. Indeed, it is a legendary miracle created under the great Reform and Opening-up Policy since 1970s. Incredibly, it grows up dramatically into nowadays top 4 metropolis in China and an eye catching international mega city boasting hundreds large corporations. Shenzhen is listed as one of the “top 10 cities to visit in 2019” by Lonely Planet, where portions of new ideas and creations show up to prove you his creativity, laughter never ends in those giant theme parks and ethnic cultural village, beautiful coastline welcomes lovely sunrise and sunset day after day. More than those tell you Shenzhen is brand new and with new surprises every time you visit!

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Greater Bay Area - Shenzhen Shenzhen City View
Greater Bay Area - Shenzhen Shenzhen Museum

Foshan - Cradle of Cantonese Culture Next to Guangzhou

Foshan is regarded as the national famous historical and cultural city, which is also an important original city of Chinese ceramics, Kung Fu, lion dancing, Cantonese Opera, and Cantonese culture. Containing so many featured cultural treasures, not to omitting the fantastic artistic decoration in the Ancestral Temple, Foshan captures a good status among visitors to Guangdong and South China, especially the overseas Chinese. Moreover, the well preserved daily performance of lion dance and rich life introduction of Bruch Lee, Yip Man and Wong Fei Hung attract continuous groups of Kung Fu fans from around the world. Only 1.5 hour’s driving distance from Guangzhou downtown, Foshan is the top best destination to discover beyond Guangzhou.

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Greater Bay Area - Foshan Foshan Lion Dance

Zhuhai - A Top Best Coastal City in China

Enjoying such a great location surrounded by Hong Kong, Macau, Jiangmen Zhongshan, just off South China Sea, Zhuhai belongs to one of the best beautiful coastal cities in China. the nearly 700 kilometers long coastline, around 150 islands and isles, extremely large sea coverage over 6000k㎡, Zhuhai will absolutely a getaway with stunning landscapes, particularly under the strengthening policy of tourist cooperation with Macau. You will never regret once get satisfied with the Lovers’ Road, Zhuhai Pearl Lady, Zhuhai Chimelong Theme Park, Meixi Archways, and other series of hills, isles, museums, parks, and so forth.

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Greater Bay Area - Zhuhai Zhuhai Chimelong Park


Apart from Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Zhuhai mentioned above, there are also some other recommended tourist cities chosen and reputed by many visitors. For example, Kaiping in Jiangmen City is an excellent place to seek the stories of overseas Chinese with the well-kept more than 1,800 Kaiping Diaolou clusters from the 14-20th cernturies. Zhongshan City near Guangzhou, as the hometown of the Mr. Sun Yatsen is super inspiring to know deep about that great father of the nation influential the world. To seek more authentic flavor of Guangdong, Chaozhou and Shantou favored by numerous Hong Kong people are also a top recommendation for foodies traveling there.

Guangdong 144-hour Visa Free Transit

Since May 1, 2019, Guangdong Province has implemented 144-hour visa-free transit policy for citizens from 53 specific countries. The qualified travelers can enter Guangdong via its three airports - Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport, stay no more than 144 hours (6 days) within the provincial administrative region, and exit via any of the appointed province’s 32 ports.

Besides, for Hong Kong, Citizens of the specified 170 countries and certain certificate owners for any purpose of visiting can entry and visit Hong Kong without visa and stay for 7-180 days. Furthermore, Macau offers visa exemption for citizens from 79 foreign countries for visit of travel and business affairs. The permitted duration of stay differs by nationality, and accurate period ranges from a maximum of 14 days, 30 days, 90 days (3 months), 180 days (6 months), and even up to 1 year. Therefore, it is not only very convenient and easy to enter and visit Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, etc. in Guangdong Province, but also a not difficult thing to travel the whole Guangdong together with Hong Kong and Macau to explore as many highlights as possible in this wonderful Greater Bay Area in South China!

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How to Plan a Trip to Greater Bay Area?

Although Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is really very large, it is not a complicated matter for a trip planning. Usually, you can start from Hong Kong and spend 6-7 days to discover the best highlights of Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen (or Guangzhou) to witness the top three mega cities and also their well-preserved authentic life style and cultural relics, including Hong Kong Victoria Peak, skyline, Macau historical architecture clusters, Ping’an Finance Center and Splendid China Folk Village (or Guangzhou Chen Clan Ancestral Hall and Huacheng Square), etc. And if you want to visit Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen all together, it will take about 7-9 days. To explore deeper, you can spend 1 more day to savor Cantonese culture and arts in Foshan, 1 more day to see watchtowers in Kaiping, 1 day to enjoy pleasant coastline in Zhuhai, and so on.

Besides, if you have a long vacation, you are highly recommended to have a great China tour beyond the Greater Bay Area to discover more amazing destinations, such as Guilin with incredible Karst landform, Guizhou with fantastic ethnic culture, Beijing with grand royal building heritages, Shanghai with awesome cityscape and modern culture, Xian with impressive Terracotta Warriors and Tang Dynasty history, Chengdu with adorable giant pandas and delicious Sichuan cuisines, just to name a few.

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Travel Greater Bay Area with China Discovery

To help you enjoy a worry free and unbelievably wonderful trip to the Greater Bay Area and the whole China, you can travel with us China Discovery. Our professional travel expert will help you plan your trip from every step and arrange everything very well. Our local guide and drive in each destination will escort you with comfortable private car from your hotel to each tourist attraction and the guide will give interesting introduction of each site to enrich your traveling experience. You can choose your interested tour at below to star your wonderful trip to the Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, since all our trips are customizable, you can contact us for a tailor-made tour based on your interests, needs and budgets!

Recommended Greater Bay Area Tours

Top 3 Greater Bay Area tours chosen by most customers to explore Greater Bay Area in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou

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