Guangzhou 24/144-Hour Visa-free Transit & Visa on Arrival 2024

Notice on Latest Visa and Entry Policies for Foreigners Entering China - Updated on March 7, 2024:

1. 15 Days Visa Exemption Policy is newly available for Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Read more »

2. Booking of flights and hotels, China itineraries and invitation letters are not required for application of Chinese Tourist Visa for U.S.nationals.

3. 15 Days Visa Exemption Policy is now available for other 6 countries including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia. Read more »

4. Appointment is not required for visa application in many embassies and consulates.

5. Starting from 00:00 on November 1, 2023, individuals entering or exiting the country are exempt from filling out the "People's Republic of China Health Declaration Card for Entry/Exit."

6. Norway has become the 54th country whose passport holders can transit without visa up to 72/144 hours in China.

7. Starting from August 30, 2023, individuals traveling to China will no longer be required to undergo pre-entry COVID-19 nucleic acid or antigen testing.

8. U.S. citizens holding multi-year multiple-entry visas issued before March 28, 2020, whose visas temporarily lost entry functionality between March 28, 2020, and March 14, 2023, due to the pandemic, are eligible to apply for compensation. Those who choose to apply for compensation will receive a free 3-year multiple-entry visa. Those who choose to waive the compensation can apply for a new 10-year multiple-entry visa at the regular fee.

China Discovery will keep focusing on the updates of the latest Chinese visa and entry policy! You can also call +86 010 12367 (Official telephone number of China National Immigration Administration) to check further information. Welcome to join in our Facebook Groups to catch up with the latest news!

Invitation letter is a vital document for Chinese visa application. If you travel with us, we will not only create a valuable tour for you, but also provide you an invitation letter if you request, which will help you obtain your visa successfully. Start customizing your tour in China now!

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Do I need a visa for Guangzhou China?

A Chinese Visa is needed for regular visit for Guangzhou. Meanwhile, China offers exclusive Visa Waiver Programs for certain visitors, which allow them travel to Guangzhou and China without applying a visa. For example, there are 6-days visa-free policy for group tourists in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

Do I need a visa for a layover in Guangzhou?

If you are not eligible for China 24 Hour or 144 Hour Visa-free Transit Policy in Guangzhou, a Chinese Transit Visa (G Visa) is required for international transit. The transit visa should be applied and got before arrival. But, as long as you meet all the official requirements, you may enjoy a Transit Visa Exemption for Guangzhou for 24 or 144 hours.

Guangzhou 24/72/144 Hour Visa Free Transit First Guangzhou 72-Hour Visa-free Transit Takers at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Know Main Guangzhou Visa Free Policies - Which One to Use

Until August 1st, 2018, Guangdong Province altogether provides 16 entry & exit policies for aliens, among them, 6 policies are specialized for China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone & 10 for entire Guangdong Province. Currently, there are 3 main visa free rules carried in Guangzhou, including the 24 Hour Direct Transit Visa Free, 144-Hour Visa-free Transit and 144 Visa-free in Pearl River Delta for Group Tour. Due to the huge convenience and perfect connection with Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou Transit Without Visa (Guangzhou TWOV) is widely considered as the most popular choice for a layover in Guangzhou.

● Guangzhou 24-Hour Visa-free Transit

Since June 28th, 2013, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou was approved to execute 24-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy for transit passengers from any foreign countries. The Transit Visa will be exempted if the traveler hold connecting flight ticket to a third country (region) transiting through China. Under such policy, you can choose to stay within the airport without going through any immigration formalities, or apply for an Temporary Entry Permit (needed for stay in free transit hotel of China Southern Airlines) for leaving airport.

Advantage: You don’t have to prepare documents for transit visa application in advance, which saves much your time, money and engergy. So, during short layover, you can have a rest and relaxing in or outside the airport.

● Guangzhou 72-Hour Visa-free Transit

From August 1st, 2013, Guangzhou became the third city which implemented 72-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. Nationals from 45 countries can apply for transit visa exemption in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport for no more than 72-hour stay in the whole Guangdong Province, once they hold valid visa and connecting flight tickets to a third country (region). Next flight should take off within 3 days. Later, more states were added, and the policy applies to citizens of 54 countries then. Attention that now the 72 hour visa free transit has been extended to 144 hours.

Advantage: You are only allowed to enter via Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, but you may visit Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, totally 21 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province.

For more details about 72-Hour Visa-free Transit Cities, Valid Countries, Application and Guide in China, please visit China 72 Hour Visa Free Transit >>.

● Guangzhou 144-Hour Visa-free Transit - The Newest & Most Popular

Since May 1, 2019, Guangdong Province optimized the former 72-Hour Visa-free Transit to the newest 144-Hour Visa-free Transit, to meet ever-creasing international transits. That means, foreigners can enjoy visa-free transit in Guangdong, when holding valid travel documents of 54 countries, and connecting tickets with confirmed date (within 144 hours) and seat to a third country (region).

Advantage: The recent 144-Hour Transit Visa Exemption offers much more choices of entry & exit ports and longer duration of stay in Guangdong Province.

In China, Beijing, Xian,Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xiamen and more major tourist cities also provide 144-Hour Visa Free Transit. You can get more related information in our China 144-Hour Visa-free Transit >>.

● 6 Days Guangzhou (Guangdong) Visa-free Group Tour from Hong Kong/Macau

According to CEPA, Guangdong adopted the 6-day Visa-free Policy for group tour in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (粤港澳大区-GBA) since November 2000. Foreigners must meet requirements include: 1.) hold ordinary passports of any country (which established diplomatic relations with China); 2.) already in Hong Kong or Macau; 3.) join a group tour to Pearl River Delta region organized by travel agency legally registered in Hong Kong/Macau. (The policy is also valid for group tour to Shantou as long as they stay in administrative area of Shantou and exit from Shantou directly.) Pearl River Delta 6 Day Visa Free >>

Travelers can visit 10 cities in Pearl River Delta, Guangdong (including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, and Huizhou) for not exceeding 6 days. Besides, whole group member can enter and exit from any port in Guangdong together. You can contact a local travel agency in Hong Kong/Macau to arrange such a Guangdong visa-free tour.

Hong Kong to Guangzhou Visa on Arrival: If you travel to Guangzhou from Hong Kong by joining a group tour, you don’t need to obtain a visa for entry. Hong Kong to Shenzhen Visa >>

Guangzhou Visa on Arrival - Port Visa Only Apply for Special Cases

Foreign visitors, in principle, should apply for Chinese Visa from Chinese Embassies, Consulates and authorized diplomatic missions abroad. But, China (Guangzhou) does offer Port Visa service for some special visitors on their arrival. Read more about China Visa on Arrival >>

Who can apply for Port Visa upon arrival in Guangzhou?

1. Urgent entry for humanitarian reasons, or invited entry for emergency purpose (like business, engineering repairing work...);

2. Inbound tour group organized by authorized travel agency (should apply for a Chinese Group Tourist Visa);

3. Foreign students from overseas colleges and universities invited by China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone company for internship;

4. Foreign high-level talents recognized/sponsored/employed by authority (apply for China Talent - R Visa);

5. Foreigners holding working permit issued by the official (apply for China Work - Z Visa);

6. Foreign students recruited by primary and middle schools in Guangdong Province (apply for China Student - X1 Vis);

Tips: Except 24 Hour Direct Transit, 144 Hour Visa Free Transit and 6-Day Visa Free Group Tour in Guangdong, a Chinese Visa is required for citizens of US and France pre-arrival. Guangzhou Visa on Arrival is not valid for them.

Guangzhou Visa on Arrival Customs at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou 144 Hour Visa Free Transit: Requirements, Application Process and Tips

The growing international connection demands Guangzhou a more open participation and greater role for port in Southern China. The long-awaited 144-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy was finally settled in Guangdong Province recently, which definitely give more flexible choices, excellent linking of different tourism resources in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area. Guangzhou as the major city in Guangdong, is the most-chosen transiting point for 144-Hour Transit Visa Exemption.

Guangzhou 144-Hour Transit Visa Free Requirements

1. Transit Passengers must be Citizens of Specified 54 Countries

Beijing Visa Free Country List

54 Countries Qualified for Guangzhou (Guangdong) 144 Hour Visa Free Transit (Enlarge to See Full List)

2. Transit Passengers must Hold Valid International Travel Document

The passport or international travel document should be valid at least for 3 months. The document presents the nationality whether qualifies for the visa-free layover or not. A valid visa for a third country is needed if requires.

3. Transit Passengers must Hold Connecting Tickets to A Third Country (Region)

Only certain international transit routes apply to the 144-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy. Please guarantee your departure and onward destination are different. (Note: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan are considered third regions from mainland China. Hong Kong Visa / Macau Visa >> )

Valid Routes:

A. US > Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Jieyang (Chaoshan) > Hong Kong or Macau

B. Australia > Shenzhen > Guangzhou > Zhuhai > US

C. Hong Kong > Guangzhou > Zhuhai > Macau

4. Transit Passengers must Enter via Designated Ports

Now, Guangdong Province owns 3 ports of entry (including 1 port in Guangzhou) and 32 ports of exit, you can enter Guangzhou via Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport directly, or travel to Guangzhou after entry from Shenzhen or Jieyang (Chaoshan) in Guangdong.

Ports of Entry (3): Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Jieyang Chaoshan Airport.

Ports of Exit (32)

Airports: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport, Meizhou Meixian Airport, Zhanjiang Airport; Railway Stations: Guangzhou East Railway Station (Tianhe Port), Dongguan Railway Station, Foshan Railway Station, Zhaoqing Railway Station; Highway Ports: Shenzhen Shatoujiao Port, Wenjindu Port, Huanggang Port, Luohu Port, Shenzhen Bay Port, Futian Port Zhuhai Gongbei Port, Zhuhai Hengqin Port; Harbors: Guangzhou Port, Nansha Port, LianHuaShan Port, Shenzhen Shekou Ferry Terminal, Shenzhen Fuyong Port; Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port, Wanzai Port, Wanshangang Port, Doumen Gang Port; Jiangmen Port, Heshan Bay Port; Foshan Gaoming Port, Rongqi Port; Dongguan Humen Port; Zhongshan Port.

Warm Tips: 1.) The official date of visa-free transit counts from the 00:00 on the next day after arrival. 2.) Visitors who want to stay longer, exit form other ports, or travel to other cities outside Guangdong Province have to apply for a China Visa for legal stay. How to Apply for a Chinese Visa>>  .

Guangzhou Transit Visa Free Application - 6 Steps to Go

①. Inform the air company that you will use the 144-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy when boarding.

②. Go to waiting area and fill in an Arrival Card (blue version), after landing at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

③. Submit completed Arrival Card at the 144-Hour Visa-free Counter.

④. Obtain a Temporary Entry Permit stamped on your passport. (Don’t forget to tell the officer you don’t want to use the China Visa you already got.)

⑤. Claim your luggage and go through customs and immigration inspections.

⑥. Leave Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to start your tour in Guangzhou and other cities in Guangdong.

Guangzhou 24/72/144 Hour Visa Free Transit Guide Signs of 24/144-Hour Temporary Entry Permit Application at Baiyun Airport

How to Transit at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云国际机场, IATA: CAN, ICAO: ZGGG) serves Guangzhou as one of the most busiest airport in World as well as one of the three portal ports in China. The airport is a base of China Southern Airlines, and Terminal 2 is mainly used for international flights. If you will take flights leaving China from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, please go to departure hall on Floor 3, Terminal 2. Flights to Guangzhou >>

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Location & Transportation

Address: No.888, East Jichang Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong (广州市花都区机场大道东888号), about 30km (17mi)/ 1 hour’s driving distance to Yuexiu Park, city center area.

The airport is linked to city center by Metro Line 3, Taxi and Airport Express, and runs intercity bus to nearby Dongguan, Foshan, Jiangmen, Shunde, etc. How to Get to & around Guangzhou >>

Airport Transfer to Major Attractions:

◆ To Canton Tower: about 45km/50minutes’ ~ 1 hour’s driving;

◆ To Chimelong Safari Park: about 55km/1 hour’s driving;

◆ To Shamian Island: about about 35km/40~50 minutes’ driving;

◆ To Dr.Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall: about 45km/1hour 20 minutes’ driving;

◆ To Chen Clan Ancestral Hall: about about 35km/1 hour’s driving;

◆ To Six Banyan Trees & Flower Pagoda (Liurong Temple): about 35km/1 hour’s driving;

Guangzhou Airport to City Center Map Guangzhou Airport to Downtown Guangzhou Map (click to enlarge)

Guangzhou Airport Hotel for Transit Passengers

At Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, passengers can go through connection formalities, 24-Hour Visa-free Transit, flight information inquiry, free transit hotel registration, and air ticket alteration service in transit counters of China Southern Airlines.

Who can enjoy free transit hotel provided by China Southern Airlines?

* Same-day Transfer: connection time ≥ 8 hours, a free single room and shuttle service between airport and hotel will be offered.

*Overnight-Transfer: connection time between 8~48 hours, a free single room and free breakfast & shuttle service will be offered.

Most free transit hotels are located near Baiyun Airport. Please visit to see the qualifications, hotels information and detailed instructions!

Useful Links: Where to Stay in Guangzhou / Guangzhou 5-star Hotels / Guangzhou 4-star Hotels

Guangzhou Visa Free Airport Transit Hotel - Pullman Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel

What to Do During A Stopover in Guangzhou - Useful Guangzhou Travel Advice

Taking advantage of the 144-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy, foreigners can stay in Guangzhou and Guangdong for up to 6 days without a Chinese Visa. Based on your flight schedule, you can plan a essence tour in Guangzhou downtown shortly in 1 - 3 days or extend further trip to Shenzhen, Foshan and other cities in Guangdong for 4 - 6 days when having a long layover. It’s highly suggested to experience different types of attractions together in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, including the thriving economic cityscape, cultural and historical spots, local folk customs, cruise sighting, adventure, leisure resort and business trip to Canton Fair.

◆ How to Spend 24 Hours in Guangzhou?

    Top Recommended Attractions: Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Canton Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, Yuexiu Park.

    Since you can only spare one day to stay in Guangzhou, you are highly recommended to visit the landmarks in downtown area. They are located next to each other and convenient to go. Fans of Chinese traditional culture and history don’t miss the 4 mentioned sites. If time permits, view the epic Canton Tower at night. When you’re in Guangzhou, another must-do is tasting exquisite and delicious Cantonese (Guangdong) Cuisine. Remember set aside enough time for your next flight.

◆ How to Spend 72 Hours in Guangzhou?

◆ How to Spend 144 Hours (6 Days) in Guangzhou?

    Top Recommended Attractions: Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Yuexiu Park, Canton Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, Liurong Temple, Kaiping Diaolou & Villages, Chimelong Safari Park, Baiyun Mountain, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Opera House.

    Benefiting from twice visa-free duration than former 72 Hour Transit Visa-free, travelers can travel further beyond Guangzhou. Thanks to the well-developed transportation, highway and railway, tourists can directly move forward to Hong Kong, Macau without a backtrack route.

    For a 6-day stopover, Guangzhou provides different themed tours for you to fully discover its glamour. After the Canton Fair, business visitors can spend free time on visiting iconic spots in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Or, you can get a vacation in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai and take a ride though Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to Macau and Hong Kong. For family travelers, it’s a good idea to make a side trip to Shenzhen to view Window of the World assembling multinational fascinating architectures, and enjoy family happy hours in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom with kids and experience local leisure life in Zhuhai. Culture lovers may visit major sites in Guangzhou downtown, extend journey to Foshan, Kaiping Diaolou, Panyu and taking Guangzhou-Hong Kong Through Train to Hong Kong. Tracing delicious Cantonese Cuisine? Chaoshan, Nan’ao Island and Guangzhou are most favored destinations for your taste buds.

    Most Popualr Guangzhou Visa-free Tours:

  • 4 Days Guangzhou Family with Kids Tour
  • 4 Days Foshan Culture Seeking with Guangzhou Must-sees
  • 4 Days Kaiping Diaolou Tour with Guangzhou City Bests
  • 6 Days Canton Fair & Guangzhou Highlights Tour

Travel Guangzhou with China Discovery

China Discovery is a professional and experienced travel companion who offers high-value and worry-free tours for you. We not only design ideal itinerary covering sightseeing, dining, transfer and hotel, but also can provide any support & help you need to travel to China. Except Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Kunming, Wuhan, Nanjing, Qingdao are also 144-Hour Visa-free Transit cities. If you have a layover in Guilin, Harbin, Changsha, 72-Hour Visa-free Transit is available for you. Without applying a visa, you can fulfill your dream tour to China, visiting the great cultural, historical, natural landscape will. If you are interested in China visa-free tour in Guangzhou and other qualified cities, just contact us, tell your interests and travel plans, we could arrange a perfect Guangzhou city tour and Guangdong tour packages as you requested.

Most Popular China Visa-free Tours:

  • 4 Days Classic Beijing Tour
  • 2 Days Mutianyu and Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking
  • 3 Days Best Shanghai Tour with Half-day Cycling
  • 3 Days Shanghai Highlights & Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour
  • 2 Days Xian City Break
  • 2 Days Guilin Ideal Li River Cruise with Yangshuo
  • 3 Days Chengdu Highlights Tour
  • 2 Days Relaxing Hangzhou Tour with West Lake
  • Recommended Tours

    Top 3 tours chosen by most customers to explore in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

    View Canton Tower in Daytime

    3 Days Guangzhou Short Stay with All Highlights


    Exquisite Decoration of Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

    2 Days Guangzhou Best Essence Savory Tour


    Attend Canton Fair (Phase 1)

    6 Days Canton Fair & Guangzhou Essence Tour


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    I am Philippine Citizen with a valid US visa
    I will be traveling to SFO from Manila in Feb 2020.
    I am an Philippine citizen and I have valid Visa for the USA.

    Route: Manila → New Baiyun, Guangzhou (4h 05m Layover) → Wuhan (2h 00m Layover) → SFO
    Return: SFO → Wuhan (2h 40m Layover) → New Baiyun, Guangzhou (4h Layover) → Manila

    Will I need a transit visa? OR I am eligible for 24-hour TWOV?
    2020-01-15 12:45
    Hi Mari,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you are eligible for 24-hour TWOV as long as your transit in China is not over 24 hours.
    Just want to make sure :)
    I am planning a trip from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur (flying China Southern) and going back via Guangzhou (visiting my inlaws, shopping and sightseeing). Normally we stay in GZ multiple weeks, but this time only 5 days. Our trip will be AMS-CAN (1,5 hrs to change plane)-KUL-CAN (5 days stay)-AMS. My kids don’t need a visa and my wife has a Chinese Passport. I am from the Netherlands.
    2019-12-29 19:39
    Hi Patrick,
    Glad to give you some help.
    Based on your citizenship and travel route, you can apply for a 24 hour Direct Transit at Guangzhou Airport for the first trip and apply 144 Hour Transit Visa Free for the returning. Both needs simple procedures at the airport. And remember to carry passport with a validity over 3 months and tickets showing you are going in to leave soon.

    Wish you entry the layover tour in Guangzhou.

    Best Regards,

    Caroline at China Discovery
    Flying to SFO, USA from Delhi, India via Guangzhou and Wuhan

    I will be traveling to SFO from Delhi in Feb 2020.
    I am an Indian citizen and I have B1/B2 Visa for the USA.

    Route: Delhi → New Baiyun, Guangzhou (4h 05m Layover) → Wohnung (2h 00m Layover) → SFO
    Return: SFO → Wuhan (2h 40m Layover) → New Baiyun, Guangzhou (7h 45m Layover) → Delhi

    Will I need a transit visa? OR I am eligible for 24-hour TWOV?
    2019-12-14 20:13
    Hi Maulik,
    Yes, if your layovers in China is less than 24 hour, you can apply the 24 hour direct transit without getting a Transit Visa ahead of departure. Both trips are qualified if you already booked air tickets leaving the city to a third country (region) within 24 hours. Just follow the guidance at the airport and go through related formalities.
    Wish you everything goes well and have a nice day!

    Best Regards,
    About Transit visa in Guangzhou
    i had booked my ticket from . i am a nepali student studying in philippines and i am traveling to NEPAl through Guangzhou on 22nd dec,2019 night and having hold for 5 hours. do i need to apply for visa or else i can simply go.
    I have tow flight
    Manila to Guangzhou is Air Asia Philippines
    and Guangzhou to Kathmandu is China Sourthen

    Do i need visa?
    2019-12-12 19:46

    You needn't to get a visa.
    About Transit visa in Guangzhou
    i had booked my ticket from . i am a nepali student studying in philippines and i am traveling to NEPAl through Guangzhou on 22nd dec,2019 night and having hold for 5 hours. do i need to apply for visa or else i can simply go. if i need for visa how much do i need to pay for visa?
    thank you hoping for positive .
    2019-12-10 19:31

    Thanks for your question. As the one eligible for most transit passengers, the 24-Hour Visa-Free Transit executed in many cities in China. Under the policy, visitors who come from any foreign countries, hold connecting tickets (air, ship, train) to a third country or region within 24 hours can get Transit Visa Exemption, and make multiple stopovers while transit through mainland China. No visa is required if you stay inside the airport during the layover, but a Temporary Entry Permit shall be applied at immigration authority if you plan to leave the airport. Notes: 1. Your passport should be valid for at least 3 months. 2. Your onward travel destination must be a third country or region different from the departure place. 3. The 24-Hour TWOV does NOT apply to all airports. Please contact the airport service hotline to check before arrival.
    Visa 144houres
    If I fly from Brussels to Guangzhou with stopover in Doha and stay in Guanzhou for 5 days, to go back to Doha and stay there 1 week to go back to Brussels.

    Can I use the visa for 144 houres?


    Marnix Neyt

    2019-11-29 16:06
    Hi Neyt,
    To apply for the 144 Hour Transit Visa Free in Guangzhou, the Border Immigration officer will check your last departure city/country and the onward destinations planning to visit. They should be different.
    So if you only have a short stopover in Doha, without entry stamp into Doha, Qatar, your departure place theoretically is Brussels,and travel route is Brussels - Guangzhou - Doha, which is qualified for the free entry to Guangzhou.
    Wish you everything goes well and have a nice day!

    Best Regards,

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