Victoria Harbor
1 Day Classic Hong Kong Tour

Highlights: Half Day Escorted Tour + Half Day Suggested Self-guided Itinerary
Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen Fishing Village; (Self-guided Spots: Wong Tai Sin Temple, Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery, Avenue of Stars)

Hong Kong may be internationally known for its unique combination of glitz, glamour and grittiness, while, there’s a lot more to the city than just beautiful buildings, rooftop bars and neon-drenched street eats. Whether you fancy some quiet moments far away from the bustling downtown to relax on the sandy beach, take a simple walk in a beautiful temple / garden with elegant design, or reach up the highest point of Hong Kong Island for a superlative panoramic view, you’ve never missed the chance in this itinerary. Covered with natural seaside scenery and interesting cultural exploration, you can fully seek for both the original and modern side of Hong Kong to know the splendid stories how Hong Kong turned from a fishing village into a world-class modern metropolis. You never miss any highlights when taking this tour - it is an overall, comprehensive way to see Hong Kong beyond your imagination.

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Wong Tai Sin Temple
1 Day Hong Kong Culture Tour with A Savory of Victoria Harbor

Highlights: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Museum of History, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery; (Self-guided Activities: Star Ferry, Avenue of Stars, A Symphony of Lights)

Hong Kong is a city that pulsates with energy where east and west meet to create a truly unique culture. There is also a superb array of attractions, from towering skyscrapers, street bazaars, time-honored transport modes, elegant temples to beaches and verdant parkland. This one-day Hong Kong culture tour is designed best for travelers who want to have a good savor of Hong Kong’s history and culture as well as catch the best views of Victoria Harbor in the daytime and at night either by ferry or on foot. It helps you see further, explore deeper and travel in special way to know every aspect of Hong Kong. You are going to fall in love with this enigmatic metropolis.

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Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car with Stunning Views
2 Days Essence of Hong Kong Tour (Hong Kong Island + Lantau Island)

Highlights: Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Lantau Island, Tian Tan Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Tai O Fishing Village, Stanley Market

To fall in love with Hong Kong, you have to see the extraordinary beauty of Hong Kong, experience the authentic living of Hong Kong, hear amazing stories of Hong Kong, which is 2 Days Hong Kong Essence tour all about. You will have a flexible half day tour to enjoy different aspects of this vibrant and exciting city at Hong Kong Island as well as a free afternoon to explore anything you are interested. On the next day, take a side trip to Hong Kong’s largest outlying island - Lantau Island which is a melting pot of local culture. Lantau Island is anything but, and in many ways it’s like stepping back in time with Buddhist temples, traditional fishing villages, dramatic ocean views, gorgeous hiking trails and stunning beaches. Taking a day trip there is definitely worth it!

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Ruins of the Church of St Paul
2 Days Hong Kong & Macau Highlights Tour (by Ferry)

Highlights: Half Day Escorted Tour in Hong Kong Plus One Full Day Trip in Macau, covering Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Stanley Market, Macau Casino, Ruins of the St. Paul Cathedral, A-Ma Temple

Hong Kong and Macau is with a close distance of about 60 kilometers in between with a ferry ride within 1 hour. Both of the two cities (Pearl of the Orient & Vegas of China) have many to offer with stunning views which are different from the mainland China. It will be a popular choice to arrive and explore in Hong Kong first and then take one-day round trip to Macau by ferry.

After sweeping the spectacular sights and sounds of incredible Hong Kong, you are going to have an unforgettable Macau day trip which touches on the unique UNESCO World Historical Heritage Sites and presents the spectacular culture of European settlement. There are as much as diverse experience for you - skyline, niho, culture, history, markets, temples, shopping, casinos and much more!

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Visit Hong Kong Island by Walking
3 Days Hong Kong In-depth Tour with Escorted Walking Experience

Highlights: Walking Length: 2.5 Hours, Walking Route: Admiralty - HSBC Main Building; Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Museum of History, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen Fishing Village

There is no other way like walking presenting you the soul of a city in deeper dimension. This Hong Kong tour combined with several hours’ escorted walking experience that you can travel along Hong Kong’s historic timeline of more than a hundred years and savor the rich culture at your own pace. Step into the Central District to witness Hong Kong’s development from the 19th century right up until today. Garden Road is where most of the culturally significant buildings of the area abound and is steeped in Hong Kong’s rich heritage. However, these architectural gems take pride of place alongside many ultra-modern buildings designed by some of the world’s biggest names in architecture. The city’s colonial past comes to life on this walk, while also boasting the center of the current administration, including the residence of the chief executive, plus iconic buildings that house some of Hong Kong’s leading commercial and financial giants.

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Happy Hong Kong Disneyland
3 Days Hong Kong Disneyland Tour for Family with Kids

Highlights: Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak & Peak Tram, Star Ferry, Hong Kong Science Museum, Middle Road Children’s Playground

If you are visiting Hong Kong with kids, it is a fantastic choice to take them to Hong Kong Disneyland, the largest theme park in Hong Kong. With a whole host of Disney characters to meet, rides to enjoy, a Lion King show, the Fantasy Parade and fireworks, you and your kids are guaranteed a day of fun and much excitement with this Disneyland in Hong Kong experience. Besides great exploration in Hong Kong Disneyland, we’ve designed some kids-friendly activities into this Hong Kong tour including fresh things learning at museums (Science Museum, History Museum, or Space Museum), Peak Tram ride up to Victoria Peak, interesting Star Ferry journey across Victoria Harbor, or enjoy fun with local kids at the playground...I am sure you and your kids are going to “LOVE Hong Kong” with this trip at a suitable leisure pace!

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View Canton Tower in Daytime
3 Days Guangzhou Short Stay with All Highlights

Highlights: Canton Tower, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Cantonese Food

Guangzhou is a compatible city holding over 2200 years’ history, acting as the frontier of Chinese Reform and Opening, well-blended with Chinese and Western culture, as well as combining inland and marine culture...No matter which site you visit and what you feel should be "innovation", "practicability", "openness", and "pioneering spirit"! Why not go with China Discovery in the most classic way to "taste" Guangzhou?

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Splendid China Folk Village
3 Days Classic Shenzhen Tour

Highlights: Splendid China Folk Village, Shenzhen Museum, Ping'an Finance Center, Lychee Park

This 3-day classic Shenzhen tour is designed for travelers to witness the fast change of Shenzhen from mostly fishing villages and small farms to modern metropolis by visiting Shenzhen Museum as well as having a bird’s eye view from Ping’an Finance Center to see amazing skyscrapers rising highly over the ground. Besides, Shenzhen has a lot to show off. It is not only a window of the world but also a window of China to see the whole China in just one place, taking you to travel from north to the south, from the west to the east, to see a Splendid China and meet its diverse ethnic minorities.

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Hong Kong Guangzhou High Speed Train
4 Days Hong Kong Guangzhou Sightseeing & Food Tour (By Bullet Train)

Highlights: Victoria Peak, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Repulse Bay, High Speed Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Shamian Island, Yuexiu Park & Five Rams

Forming the perfect blend of traditional and modern culture, you get the best of both worlds in Hong Kong that never sleeps. While, Guangzhou is a great destination with leafy streets conceal temples, pockets of colonial-era heritage, traditional dim-sum eateries, exquisite Lǐngnán architecture and distinctive qílóu shophouses. Traveling to Hong Kong with a combination of Guangzhou in one trip, you can see “Asia’s World City” and a part of mainland China with profound history, delicious food, amazing sightseeing, impressive architecture and fast development speed! In 4 days, it will be definitely worth your time and effort for your exploration.

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Ping'an Finance Center in Futian District
4 Days Classic Hong Kong Shenzhen Tour (By Bullet Train)

Highlights: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Museum of History, Nan Lian Garden, Ping’an Finance Center, OCT Loft Creative Park, Splendid China Folk Village

If you just have a short stay in and around Hong Kong, Shenzhen is one of the best choices. It is very suitable for a day tour from the neighboring Hong Kong, about 50 kilometers away. In 4 days, start your tour in "Asia’s World City" well blended with western meets eastern culture and and go out of your way to find much more beyond the city’s famous skyline - vivid Hong Kong story, traditional local customs, quiet temples and Tang-Dynasty garden, street food...With a high speed train taking you to Shenzhen in mainland China quickly, you’ll open a window to see the modern China and its young people. Shenzhen is a miracle city and UNESCO-awarded Creative city with just over 40 years old which has developed at an extraordinarily fast pace. From here you can catch a glimpse of the modern skyscrapers of the whole city in 360 degree and the miniature of the splendid China in very short time.

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Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill
6 Days Hong Kong Guilin Essence Tour

Highlights: Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Li River Cruise, Yangshuo, Elephant Trunk Hill

This tour is specially designed for you to experience the East-Meet-West culture in Hong Kong and also experience leisurely vacations and impressive outdoor adventures with the finest scenery in Guilin. Unlike some other tour groups which only spend a half day at Yangshuo, the essence of Guilin, our tour package will take you to enjoy the full beauty of Yangshuo - picturesque Yulong River, idylic Ten-mile Gallery and leisure local living experience.

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Green Longji Rice Terrace (June ~ August)
6 Days In-depth Guilin Tour from Hong Kong

Highlights: HK Guilin Bullet Train, Li River Cruise, Yulong River, Longji Ping'an Rice Terraces, Dazhai Village, Elephant Trunk Hill

This 6-day Guilin tour is specially designed for travelers who are interested in visiting Guilin in-depth, including Guilin City, Yangshuo Town and Longji Rice Terrace areas, and want to get to Guilin from Hong Kong by the new high speed train or flight. We arrange every must-visit and top recommended highlight to the point, including the Li River Cruise, countryside scenery at Yulong River, Jinkeng Rice Terraces and Dazhai Village, symbolic Elephant Trunk Hill, etc. for an enjoyment of all essential sightseeing, culture, history, and fun with no hurry at all. Enjoy your trip!

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Beautiful Sunset View of Li River
4 Days Guilin and Yangshuo Memorable Tour from Hong Kong

Highlights: Li River, Yangshuo, Longji Terrace

This tour fully makes use of the convenient bullet train transfer between Hong Kong and Guilin. Cutting out the arrival and departure, you still have two and a half day to explore the best highlights of Guilin - Li River, Yangshuo and Longji Terrace.

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Hong Kong Star Ferry
6 Days Best Hong Kong Guilin Tour with Guangzhou Layover

Highlights: Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall, Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, Li River Cruise, Yangshuo

Air travel is not the only way to explore Hong Kong and Guilin? You can do it another way - high speed train which is fast, safe and comfortable. Most importantly, it is much cheaper compared with flight. During this tour, you will arrive at Hong Kong, and then take a high speed train to Guangzhou. Visit the famous sites here, and then take another high speed train to Guilin to get a visual feast for a three days tour.

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Recommended Tour Packages including Hong Kong

Visit Mutianyu Great Wall
7 Days Vibrant & Ancient China Tour from Hong Kong

Hong Kong / Shanghai / Beijing

Start your China tour from the best gateway, Hong Kong, you will see all of Hong Kong’s best attractions. Discover this city’s history and culture and enjoy modern life in glamorous metropolis, see how quickly China is developing!

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Guilin Li River
10 Days China History & Landscape Tour

Hong Kong / Guilin / Xian / Beijing

A perfect vacation should bring you the joy of both cultural experience and natural sightseeing. This is the one. In this tour, you will not only feel unique culture and history of China, but also enjoy some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in China! From Hong Kong to the Mainland, this journey covers goes long but experience more. Discover the REAL China with your own eyes and mind!

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Mutianyu Great Wall
6 Days Beijing Hong Kong Contrast Tour

Beijing / Hong Kong

Beijing and Hong Kong, one is the capital city of Republic of China, another is the outstanding international star, has two greatly different existence of culture and history. This 6 days Beijing Hong Kong tour takes you to see the amazing contrasts between Beijing and Hong Kong, from the exciting visits to the World Heritage Sites in Beijing - Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, etc., to the charming mixture of modernity and tradition in Hong Kong - there are new adventures around every corner.

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the Forbidden City in Beijing
11 Days Authentic China Tour from Hong Kong

Hong Kong / Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Yangshuo / Guilin / Shanghai

Start your authentic China tour from Hong Kong, the most convenient international arrival hub in China. After witnessing the superb skyline of Hong Kong, this tour offers you the most classical destinations: Beijing, Xian, Guilin & Shanghai. Numerous aged historical sites, precious cultural relics, stunning natural landscapes and unique folk customs are all waiting for your exploration, and thus, get a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture in the tour. Besides that, as the last destination, Shanghai is convenient for your transportation to home or any other places.

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Tiananmen Square
8 Days Hong Kong, Xian & Beijing Essence Tour

Hong Kong / Xian / Beijing

Hong Kong, Pearl of Orient, is one of the top 5 modern cities of China. While Xi'an is one of the oldest cities in China since it was ancient capital city of 13 Imperial Dynasties. And Beijing currently is the capital of the People's Republic of China, rich in history and culture. Journey with us will show you all the essences of China in 8 days.

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Splendid Night View of Victoria Harbor
5 Days Classic Hong Kong to Beijing Flight Tour

Hong Kong / Beijing

Hong Kong and Beijing, two mega metropolises with two of most vibrant economy in the world, are usually travelled together by all kinds of travellers – regular tourists, solo travellers, business travellers, honeymoon couples, photographers, etc. They are only about 3 hours’ fly away from each other. If you have about 5 days off for a holiday or have a business trip to Hong Kong or Beijing, this is the tour for you. You will experience the strong heartbeats of these two vibrant metropolises on your own, also learn about their grandiose culture and history. Moderate trip length and pace, and diverse experiences!

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Misty Mutianyu Great Wall
6 Days Hong Kong Beijing High Speed Train Experience Tour

Hong Kong / Beijing

Hong Kong has always been a Mecca for tourists for its irresistible vibrant city life style and world top skylines! While Beijing, as the renowned capital, holds the deep Chinese historical culture through those awesome ancient architectures, coexisting with the modern and Hi-tech city appearance. Besides all the best popular essences of Hong Kong and Beijing, this tour is particularly designed with the new Hong Kong Beijing high speed train savory, therefore, you will totally travel in leisure with sceneries outside car window from south to north China and have moments to experience “China Speed”!

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Splendid Night View of Victoria Harbor
5 Days Hong Kong to Shanghai Megacities Fashion Tour by Bullet Train

Hong Kong / Shanghai

Spending 5 days with China Discovery, you will unveil the authentic and unique local culture and history of Hong Kong combining with Lingnan features and excellent world elements. Besides, under the professional guide, you will succeed to explore the traditional Jiangnan elegance and international friendliness of the magic Shanghai. Free time is also spared for you to know this two shining pearls of the orient at your own pace and see your own different Hong Kong and Shanghai!

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