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Inner Mongolia Hohhot Travel

Hohhot Travel Guide 2024

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Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, is located in the central part of Inner Mongolia, linking with Yinshan Mountain to the north, Yellow River to the south, Baotou and Ordos to the west, and Ulanqab to the east. It is served as Inner Mongolia’s administrative, economic and cultural center.

Hohhot is a historical city with splendid Mongolian culture preserved and also a city beyond the Great Wall with gorgeous prairie scenery. Paying a visit to Hohhot during summer or autumn, this “Green City” will never let you down.

Why Visit Hohhot, Inner Mongolia?

  • Gateway to Grassland Paradise - Hohhot is a gateway to the beautiful grasslands, including Xilamuren Grassland, Huitengxile Grassland and Gegentala Grassland. On the grassland, you could enjoy a wide variety of featured activities including horse riding, visiting the home of a herdsman’s family, roaming over the grassland, tasting the local cuisine, appreciating breathtaking natural prairie scenery…
  • The Hospitality of Mongol - Hohhot is home of 36 ethnic groups including Mongol. It is the right place to experience the hospitality of Mongol of Inner Mongolia. When they first meet their dearest guests (You), the Mongols in coloful ethnic costumes will present Hada and a silver cup of wine. When staying the moment with Mongols, they will show everything about their culture and traditions and treat you as a family member.
  • Grand Naadam Festival - Naadam Festival is the biggest festival in Inner Mongolia which is held each July or August. During the festival you can enjoy and even engage in traditional activities like wresting, horse racing and archery, etc.
  • Zhaomiao Culture - Speaking of Zhaomiao, Hohhot, located in the central part of Inner Mongolia, is the birthplace of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in the Mongolian region, boosting with rich and colorful cultural resources of Zhaomiao. The primitive and unsophisticated Buddhist temples in Dazhao, the architecture of the Five-pagoda Temple and the religious ceremonies held in Xilituzhao are all highlights that cannot be missed when exploring Zhaomiao culture in Hohhot.

Top Attractions in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Hohhot is not only a famous historical and cultural city in Inner Mongolia, but also a pearl of grassland. Travelers can take a short visit to the downtown area to see ancient temples, pagodas and tombs and spend one day escaping the modern city to the vast grasslands which provide you with magnificent prairie scenery and a wide green “sea” decorated with flocks of sheep, cattle and horses… For more Hohhot attraction information, please see Top 10 Hohhot Attractions & Things to Do >>

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions
Xilamuren Grassland

It is 93 km from Hohhot with a 1.5~2 hours’ drive. Visit Puhui Temple, Aobao and experience a range of Mongolian cultural activities and the annual Naadam Festival in July.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions
Huitengxile Grassland

It is 110 km from Hohhot with a 2 hours’ drive. At an altitude over 1,800 meters, this grassland offers to see 99 natural lakes, Yellow Flower Valley and Wind Power Plant.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions
Gegentala Grassland

It is about 128 km from Hohhot with a 2.5 hours’ drive. Gegentala Grassland is a great summer resort to throw yourselves into Paradise Grassland for a short stay.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions
Kubuqi Desert

Kubuqi Desert, the seventh largest desert in China, is about 3.5 hours’ drive from Hohhot. It’s one of the best deserts to do hiking in Inner Mongolia.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions
Dazhao Temple

Dazhao Temple, also known as Wuliang Temple, is the earliest Gelugpa temple built in Hohhot. Silver Buddha, dragon carvings and murals are the "three treasures" of Dazhao Temple, which are of high craftsmanship level and ornamental.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions

Five-pagoda Temple

Five-Pagoda Temple, formerly known as Cideng Temple, is mainly composed of the Vajrasana and the upper five quadrate Sarira pagodas, which are elegant in shape, precise in proportion, and have high attainments in the art of architecture.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions
Inner Mongolia Museum

It is the only comprehensive museum in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and was listed in the History of World Architecture back in the 1950s. It’s one of the best places to learn the history of Inner Mongolia and the horde culture.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions

Zhaojun Tomb

Zhaojun Tomb has a long history of over 2,000 years. It is one of the largest Han tombs in China. It mainly commemorates Zhaojun, the queen of the Western Han Dynasty, for the unity of Manchu and Han nationality married far away out to the border area.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions


Xiluzhao, the largest temple in Hohhot, adopted the traditional layout of mainland China. A central axis was formed from the gate to the main hall, and side temples, halls, tablet pavilions and drum towers are arranged symmetrically on both sides.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions

Great Mosque

It is the oldest and largest mosque among the original eight mosques in Hohhot City, therefore it is also known as the Great Mosque. It is a place of worship for Muslims. One of the most eye-catching buildings is the Wangyue Building on the southeast side.

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions

Suiyuan General Yamen

It is an urban cultural relic landscape with complete infrastructure and facilities based on the general's office and the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty, reproducing the grand scene of "the first mansion of the south of the desert".

Hohhot Travel Guide - Hohhot Attractions

Laoniu Bay

Laoniuwan is located at the junction of Shanxi and Mongolia, bounded by the Yellow River, where the inner and outer Great Walls meet. It features both the vigorous physiognomy of the Loess Plateau and the magnificent landscape of the running river.

Featured Hohhot Activities

There are a lot of things to do in “Zhaocheng” - Hohhot. To make your day trip different and match your interests, you can explore local history by visiting museums and historical sites, pay a visit to some Buddhist temple to dig Zhaomiao culture, catch the precious time to enjoy the grand Naadam Festival with numerous fantastic activities on the amazing grasslands, such as horse racing, archery, and wrestling, etc., taste delicious gourmet food on the grassland, and stay overnight to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset... Check more about Hohhot Activities, What to do in Hohhot >>

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities
Visit Grasslands

Grassland is one of the highlights that people should not miss when coming to Hohhot. Within a 2.5 hours' drive, you can reach three of the most beautiful grasslands in Inner Mongolia: Xilamuren, Huitengxile and Gegentala grassland.

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities

Explore Museums

Museums and historical sites are excellent places to learn about the history of Inner Mongolia and the nomadic culture of the north. The Inner Mongolia Museum and Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ordos are top recommended.

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities

Discover Zhaomiao Culture

As the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia, Hohhot forms a unique "temple culture" during the centuries of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Dazhao, Wudangzhao, Meidaizhao, Five-pagoda Temple are the best temples to visit.

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities

Hike through Deserts

Besides grasslands, another featured landscape in Inner Mongolia is dessert. Less than 250 kilometers away from Hohhot is the Kubuqi Desert. There are desert hiking routes suitable for adventurers and desert resorts suitable for family travel.

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities

Join Local Ethnic Festivals

Naadam Festival and Aobao Festival are the two most important Mongolian festivals. Go to the grasslands during the festivals, you can experience the purest Mongolian customs and Mongolian activities, like horse racing, archery, wrestling and worshiping.

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities

Taste Mongolian Food

As the capital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot has Mongolian cuisines like diary snacks, milk wine, hand meat, roast whole lamb, etc. The food culture of Hohhot has also absorbed the practices of the Hui minority, popular snacks include mutton kebabs, Shaomai, etc.

Hohhot Travel - Featured Hohhot Activities
Stay Overnight in Yurt

Stay overnight in a Mongolian yurts, you may not only photograph the astonishing sunrise and sunset of the grassland, but also feel the hospitality of the Mongolian people, and participate in grassland activities such as the Zhama banquet and bonfire party.

Hohhot Weather & Best Time to Visit

Hohhot Weather Huitengxile Grassland in Summer

Hohhot has continental temperate monsoon climate with distinct seasons. It is marked by long, cold and very dry winters and hot, humid summers, strong winds, especially in spring. The average temperature is 6.7°C. In winter, the average temperature is about -14°C and in summer, the average temperature is 20°C.

Best Time to Visit Hohhot

The best time to visit the “Green City” is in summer and autumn, especially from May to October. During this period, it is suitable for visiting the downtown area of Hohhot as well as paying a visit to the nearby grasslands – Xilamuren Grassland, Huitengxile Grassland and Gegentala Grassland. Every July, Mongolian’s traditional Naadam Festival is held and lasts for about 5 days. Autumn is the best time to do dessert hiking, enjoy the golden pastures and feel the charm of deep autumn quietly. Hohhot is windy and sandy in spring. Extreme weather such as gale and sandstorm may occur from time to time. Please check the weather forecast in advance before your tour.

Know more details about Hohhot Weather, Temperature & Best Time to Visit >>

Hohhot Transportation: How to Get to/around Hohhot

Hohhot Travel - Hohhot Transportation Hohhot Travel - Get to Hohhot by High Speed Train Hohhot Travel - Private Car Service

How to Get to Hohhot

By Flight

Hohhot Baita International Airport connects Hohhot with over 80 cities in China including Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Harbin, Qingdao, etc. and 8 international cities (regions) such as Ulan Bator, Bangkok, Moscow, Hong Kong, Taipei, etc.

By Train

Hohhot has 2 major used train stations, which are Hohhot Railway Station, Hohhot East Railway Station. High-speed trains and regular trains operate at both stations. The opening of Beijing Hohhot High Speed Railway on December 30, 2019 connects Beijing and Hohhot much closer. Visitors can easily ride a high speed train to get to/from Hohhot from/to Beijing (2~3 hrs.), Datong (2.5~3 hrs.), Taiyuan (5 hrs.), Zhengzhou (8.5 hrs.), etc. Besides, visitors can also make efficient transfers from Hohhot to other tourist cities in Inner Mongolia, like Baotou (1~1.5 hrs.), Ordos (1.5~2 hrs.), Ulanqab (0.5-1 hrs.), etc.

Check more about Hohhot High Speed Train | Get from Beijing to Hohhot | Shanghai to Hohhot Transportation >>

Getting around Hohhot

In Hohhot downtown, it is very easy to travel around by metro, taxi and public buses. However, the grasslands and deserts and some famous temples are scattered with 1.5~3 hours’ drive. China Discovery suggests you to use our private service with air-conditioned cars, skilled local drivers and one-to-one guides, etc. to explore all the highlights in and around Hohhot. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

To check more transfer info, please see How to Get to and around Hohhot >>

Hohhot Accommodation & Where to Stay in & around Hohhot

Hohhot Travel - Hohhot Where to Stay

Visiting Hohhot means you will have different kinds of experience for your accommodation. In the Hohhot downtown area, travelers can choose hotels from luxury ones to comfortable ones, like Shangri-La Hotel Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Hotel, Sheraton Hotel Hohhot, etc. These hotels are equipped with modern facilities and some are decorated in the Mongolian style. When escaping from the hustle and bustle city area to the peaceful grassland, travelers should try the Mongolian yurts which will fulfill your basic needs and offer a chance to experience authentic Inner Mongolia customs and etiquettes. Feel free to tell your needs and requirements to our professional travel consultants. They are here ready to help and book your ideal hotels.

Check more about Where to Stay in Hohhot: Recommended Hotels in Hohhot & Grassland Resorts >>

Useful Hohhot Maps

Hohhot is served as the gateway city to grasslands and other cities of Inner Mongolia. To make it easier to transfer in Hohhot or to nearby grasslands and cities, you could have a look at our Hohhot Maps like Hohhot China Map, Hohhot Inner Mongolia Map and Hohhot Tourist Map and Hohhot Transportation Map, etc. For more maps, please check 2024 Overall and Detailed Hohhot Maps.

Hohhot Travel - Hohhot China Map

Hohhot China Map

Hohhot Travel - Hohhot Inner Mongolia Map

Hohhot Inner Mongolia Map

Hohhot Travel - Hohhot Attractions Map

Hohhot Attractions Map

Other Destinations in Inner Mongolia

If you want to keep travelling after Hohhot, there are some awesome destinations in Inner Mongolia for your exploration. You can pay a visit to the most beautiful grassland in Hulunbuir, majestic Badain Jaran Desert, the grand Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ordos and the antique Wudangzhao temple in Baotou, etc.

Other Popular Destinations in China

China is vast and diverse. You can choose your favorite destination among more than 70 tourist destinations and regions. The following are 4 popular destinations you may be interested in. Check all destinations in China.

Hohhot Map

Chinese Name: 呼和浩特

Chinese Pinyin: hū hé hào tè

English IPA: /'həu'hɔt/

Population: 2.91 million

Language: Mandarin & Mongolian

Tel Code: 0741

Zip Code: 010000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan your Hohhot Tour

Most travelers come to Hohhot for the beautiful grasslands and appealing Mongolian culture. Among the threetop popular grasslands near Hohhot, including Xilamuren, Huitengxile and Gegentala Grassland, Huitengxile Grassland is the most chosen one for the pleasant prairie sightseeing. Travelers can arrange 1~2 days at the grassland and spend one day in Hohhot downtown exploring Dazhao Temple, Inner Mongolia Museum, etc. A classic Hohhot and grassland trip usually takes 2~3 days.

Since Hohhot is close to Baotou, Ordos and Ulanqab, it is a good idea to cover those two cities after your Hohhot trip to see more attractions like the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, Kangbashi District, Kubuqi Desert, Wudangzhao Monastery, Ulan Hada Volcano, etc. Discover now! A classic central Inner Mongolia trip takes 5~6 days.

For those who have more time and would like to visit the most beautiful nature splendors can fly to Hulunbuir (5~6 days) for grassland and forests, drive to Badain Jaran (3-5 days) for wild desert view, transfer to Chifeng (4-5 days) for fabulous nature colors, or visit Xilingol (4~5 days) for primitive grassland nomadic life and Yuan Dynasty history exploration. Take an Inner Mongolia east-to-west-cross journey and fully enjoy the scenery of the entire autonomous region.

Besides, it is also a good idea to travel Hohhot with other popular destinations in China, such as Beijing, Datong, Shanghai, Xian, Qinghai, Gansu, etc. All our tours can be customized according to your interests, group size, needs, travel time, budget, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for a personal Hohhot tour 2024/2025!

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