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Lingering Garden Spring
1 Day Suzhou City Highlights Tour

Highlights: Lingering Garden, Shantang Street, Tiger Hill, Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory

The 1-day Suzhou highlights tour takes you to see the classic gardens and experience the real life of Suzhou.

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Humble Administrator's Garden Window
1 Day Suzhou Zhouzhuang Tour

Highlights: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Tiger Hill, Zhouzhuang

What is the best essence of Suzhou? Definitely the Classical Gardens of Suzhou and water towns! While if you have only one day, you just need to visit only the masterpieces. This tour bring you the top recommendations for both Suzhou gardens and water towns.

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Suzhou Master of the Nets Garden
2 Days Suzhou Classic Garden Tour

Highlights: Humble Administrator's Garden, Master of the Nets Garden, Grand Canal Cruise, Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory, Suzhou Museum, Lingering Garden

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou represent the development of Chinese landscape garden design over more than two thousand years". This tour will take you to visit three most featured gardens in Suzhou - Humble Administrator’s Garden, Master of the Nets Garden and Lingering Garden.

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Suzhou Museum Architecture
2 Days In-depth Suzhou Culture Discovery Tour

Highlights: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Suzhou Museum, the Master's Nets Garden, Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal, Tiger Hill, Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory

This in-depth culture discovery tour takes you to see the beauty of Suzhou stretching endlessly along your way of exploration. The exquisite gardens, splendid museums, Kunju opera & music...all are worth discovering.

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Tongli Water Town
2 Days Best Suzhou & Tongli Water Village Tour

Highlights: Lingering Garden, Shantang Street, Tiger Hill, Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory, Suzhou Museum, Tongli

The tour is all about the splendid scenery and lovely lifestyle at the garden city Suzhou and water town Tongli. Present are the amazing way the locals built their gardens, yards, bridges and streets along the river as well as the detailed style they eat, wear and entertain.

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Zhouzhuang Water Town Locals
2 Days Best Suzhou & Zhouzhuang Water Village Tour

Highlights: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Shantang Street, Tiger Hill, Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory, Suzhou Museum, Zhouzhuang Water Town

Many people call Suzhou as the Venice of China because of its larger network of water canals and towns. While Zhouzhuang is undoubtedly the most famous one for its well-preserved architectures which can be dated back to more than 900 years ago.

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Elegant Jiangnan Sceneries in Humble Administrator's Garden
4 Days Shanghai Suzhou Excellent Tour

Highlights: The Bund, Shanghai Museum, Lingering Garden, Shantang Street

Experience the best in two top cities, from Shanghai's vitality to Suzhou's beauty and tranquility, all in one grand journey. Of course, you will enjoy the Bund, Shanghai Museum in Shanghai as well as Lingering Garden and Shantang Street in Suzhou.

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Yu Garden
5 Days Shanghai & Suzhou Highlights Tour with Tongli

Highlights: The Bund, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai World Financial Center, Tongli Water Town, Lingering Garden

The itinerary goes smoothly between Shanghai and Suzhou. You'll discover the old & modern Shanghai, the essence of the garden culture in Suzhou and the peaceful ancient water town Tongli.

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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center with Visitors
5 Days Essence of Shanghai & Suzhou Tour with Zhouzhuang

Highlights: The Bund, Nanjing Road, Zhouzhuang, Humble Administrator's Garden

You'll have your eyes wide open for the most modern skyscraper, the most thriving shopping street and the largest-scaled Western old buildings in Shanghai. Meanwhile, you'll also experience the classic Chinese garden, the pretty riverside residences, well-preserved traditional lifestyle and China's No.1 Water Town in Suzhou.

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Grand canal
3 Days Hangzhou & Suzhou Beauty Tour by High Speed Train

Highlights: West Lake, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Humble Administrator's Garden

Hangzhou and Suzhou together were praised as "the Heavenly Cities" due to their prosperity, rich culture and fabulous landscape. Hangzhou is famous for its legendary West Lake and Dragon Well Tea, while Suzhou is known by people for its classical gardens and water towns.

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Suzhou

Hangzhou West Lake Cycling Tour
5 Days Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou West Lake Bike Tour

Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou /

See the best of Chinese classic beauty by bike! Our private cycling tour around Shanghai covers all the highlights of splendid beauty. Wandering in the ancient water town and cycling around the West Lake, the 'Heaven on The Earth' is waiting for you.

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The Bund Night Views in Shanghai
6 Days Splendid East China Tour by Bullet Train

Shanghai / Tongli / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Shanghai

A classic Shanghai tour, with extension to nearby Suzhou and Hangzhou, is an essential trip for you to appreciate the classic elegant beauty of east China. Also the Shanghai-Hangzhou high speed train experience showcases the modern and development of this area.

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Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
8 Days East China Tour by High-speed Train

Nanjing / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Shanghai

Experience the Eastern prosperous China like Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai, from the ancient capital to the paradise on earth, from the bustling city to the breathtaking natural wonders, all in one grand journey. Take the comfortable and fast bullet as your major transfer between destinations and embrace China's traditional elegant garden, lakes, pagodas, water canals in two prosperous cities

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Hangzhou Sunset
5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour

Shanghai / Hangzhou / Suzhou / Shanghai

The tour takes you to explore the 3 most popular destinations of the Yangtze Delta - starting from Shanghai to visit Hangzhou, and finishing at Suzhou. You will take the fast bullet trains as major transfer. Every day is connected well, without any waste of time and money.

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