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Shanghai Suzhou Tours 2021/2022

Exploring the modernness and hidden tradition in the metropolis Shanghai & appreciating the artistic Suzhou Classical Gardens and romantic water towns in Suzhou!

Shanghai is the largest, most fashionable and international city in China. It is the ideal place to stay several days to witness the magnificent success acheived by the present China, the uprising giant in the world. At the same time, this metroplis has also preserved many old and traditional alleys, streets, temples as well as many European-style architectures constructed in later 19th and early 20th centuries. While only about 100km away from Shanghai is the most artistic destination in China - Suzhou which is full of ingenious classical gardens built in hundreds years ago and many beautiful ancient water towns.

Travel Shanghai with Suzhou is very enjoyable and convenient. High speed train takes only about a half hour to transfer between them. You can also travel by vehicles, which is more flexible and time-saving. Relying on our yearly experience to have a memorable Shanghai Suzhou tour at best price with China Discovery!

Things you need to know before Shanghai Suzhou Tour

Top Shanghai Suzhou Tours

Traveling between Shanghai and Suzhou is easy and interesting. You can plan a trip from day tour to a week, transfer by driving or fast bullet trains, make choices between different gardes and water towns. China Discovery has designed following tours which are totally customizable according to your needs and interests. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements.

Shanghai Suzhou Tours

4 Days Shanghai Suzhou Excellent Tour

Shanghai Suzhou Shanghai

Experience the best in two top cities, from Shanghai's vitality to Suzhou's beauty and tranquility, all in one grand journey - encounter the ancient and modern, tradition and fashion of Shanghai; enjoy the artistic and classical garden and ancient street in Suzhou.

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Shanghai Suzhou Tours

5 Days Essence of Shanghai & Suzhou Tour with Zhouzhuang

Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhuang Shanghai

You'll have your eyes wide open for the most modern skyscraper, the most thriving shopping street and the largest-scaled Western old buildings in Shanghai. Meanwhile, you'll also experience the classic Chinese garden, the pretty riverside residences, well-preserved traditional lifestyle and China's No.1 Water Town in Suzhou.

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Shanghai Suzhou Tours

5 Days Shanghai & Suzhou Highlights Tour with Tongli

Shanghai Tongli Suzhou Shanghai

The itinerary goes smoothly between Shanghai and Suzhou. You'll feast your eyes with an enjoyable trip in Shanghai to enjoy the amazing blend of West and East, experience the authentic local life on the water in Tongli Water Town and appreciate the classic and exquisite gardens in Suzhou City.

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Top Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tours

To give you a deep and memorable experience about the authentic “Jiangnan Culture”, we strongly advise you to cover the Golden Triangle of Jiangnan - Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Shanghai Suzhou Tour

5 Days Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou West Lake Bike Tour

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou

See the best of Chinese classic beauty by bike! Our private cycling tour aroud Shanghai covers all the highlights of splendid beauty. Wandering in the ancient water town and cycling around the West Lake, the "Heaven on The Earth" is waiting for you.

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Shanghai Suzhou Tour

5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour

Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Tongli Shanghai

The tour takes you to explore the 3 most popular destinations of the Yangtze Delta - starting from Shanghai to visit Hangzhou, and finishing at Suzhou. You will take the fast bullet trains as major transfer. Every day is connected well, without any waste of time and money.

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Shanghai Hangzhou Extension to Popular China Destinations

Still want to experience more China after your Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou tour? No problem, we have selected some Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou extension tours with popular destinations like Tongli, Mt. Huangshan and Nanjing for you. If you prefer other destinations, just tell us your plan, and then we will help you to customize your own tour.

  • 9 Days East China & Mt. Huang Tour by High Speed Train

    9 Days East China & Mt. Huang Tour

    Shanghai / Suzhou / Shanghai / Hangzhou / Mt.Huang

    Experiencing the exquisite Jiangnan-style elegance in Suzhou and Hangzhou, soaking in the excitement of Shanghai's vitality and busyness, being amazed at the four wonders of Huangshan...You will appreciate this deep exploration of China, and also the amazing experience of taking high speed train.

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  • 11 Days Gorgeous China Tour from Beijing

    11 Days Gorgeous China Tour

    Beijing / Huangshan Mountain / Hangzhou / Suzhou / Shanghai

    To find out the beautiful places in China, the best idea is to explore its mountains, lakes, rivers and cities. Arrive at Beijing and visit the World Heritage Sites, then the beautiful Yellow Mountain. Next to visit the classical water towns, gardens, lakes in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Last stop is Shanghai.

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  • 12 Days Classical China Vacation

    12 Days Classical China Vacation

    Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Hangzhou / Shanghai

    What can you expect for 10 days in China? This tour gives you the bests - Golden Triangle(Beijing, Xian, Shanghai) plus the fabulous river and countryside views of Guilin. Experience the stunning diversity and contrasts of ancient tradition and modern fashion, discover the charm of ancient history, and get closer exploration to some of the most beautiful scenery under heaven...

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Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once enquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >