Top 3 Shanghai Xian Tour Packages

Below are our travel experts’ carefully handpicked top 3 Shanghai Xian tour packages. In 4~5 days, you could take either Shanghai Xian tour or Xian Shanghai tour by flight (2~2.5 hours), or by high speed train (6~10 hours). Choose your travel length and best way to transfer and start the Shanghai Xian holiday - all-inclusive & best value!

The Bund of Shanghai

5 Days Shanghai to Xian Contrast Tour (by Flight)

Shanghai Xian5 Days Shanghai Xian Contrast Tour Map

Features: All highlights, Comfortable Pace, Flight from Shanghai to Xian

This tour all about CONTRAST of Shanghai and Xian - modern and ancient, future and past, West and East, skyscrapers and old architecture... In 5 days, you’ll not only learn the Chinese history but also hear the stories about the development of China in the two destinations. After tour in Shanghai, you will take a direct flight from Shanghai to Xian.

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Terraccota Warriors in Xian

5 Days Classic Xian to Shanghai Tour (by Flight)

Xian Shanghai5 Days Classic Xian Shanghai Tour Map

Features: Classic Attractions, Comfortable Pace, Flight from Xian to Shanghai

Transfer in the fastest way from Xian to Shanghai by flight and see the most classic tourist attractions in 5 days. During the trip, you’ll explore Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian Ancient City Wall in Xian, see the modern face of Shanghai from the 100th floor (474 m) of “the Eye of Shanghai” - Shanghai World Financial Center, also The Bund and Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

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Beijing Shanghai Tours 2024/2025

8 Days Beijing Xian Shanghai Tour - Best-selling China Tour

Beijing Xian Shanghai8 Days Beijing Xian Shanghai Tour - Best-selling China Tour Map

All-inclusive tour package: flight/bullet train, hotels, tour guide, transfer...

This itinerary covers two ancient capital cities of China – Beijing & Xian, as well as the most developed city – Shanghai. It’s not overstated to call it the most classic China tour, for China’s past, present and future are epitomized in the golden triangle cities for your exploration. During the short 8 days, you will climb on the majestic Great Wall, walk into the splendid Forbidden City and Summer Palace, ride a rickshaw to experience Hutong folk custom in Beijing, be amazed by the fascinating Terracotta Warriors, stroll on the Ancient City Wall in Xian, and seize the most prosperous and modernized scene of China in Shanghai.

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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

4 Days Shanghai to Xian Overnight Train Tour (by High Speed Train)

Shanghai Xian4 Days Shanghai Xian Overnight Train Travel Map

Features: Highlighted Attractions, Tight Pace, D Train from Shanghai to Xian

This 4-day trip is the well-designed tour package taking you to explore all essences of Shanghai and Xian at a budget price. The comfortable overnight high speed train which usually departs after 10 P.M. will help you save one night accommodation cost during the tour, at the same time transfer you from Shanghai to Xian efficiently.

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Everything you need to know before Shanghai Xian Tours

The following articles give you useful suggestions and tips about how to plan a Shanghai Xian trip, how to decide your travel length, the best way to transfer and top things to see and do in Shanghai and Xian, visa application, etc.

Shanghai Xian Extension Tours

There are five awesome UNESCO World Heritage Sites located near Shanghai and Xian, including Classical Gardens of Suzhou, West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou, Grand Canal, Longmen Grottoes, Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Center of Heaven and Earth”. If you have 1 or 2 days extra time, take the Shanghai Xian extension tours to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Luoyang and Dengfeng which will give you more visual feast.

  • Shaolin Temple

    8 Days Best Shanghai, Xian & Beijing Tour

    Shanghai / Xian / Beijing

    Strolling in the imperial gardens, exploring the man-made historical wonders, getting lost in the breathtaking skyline - this China Golden Triangle tour really meets your all needs.

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  • 6 Days Shanghai Xian Tour with Suzhou Gardens

    Shanghai / Suzhou / Xian

    Add one day side trip from Shanghai to Suzhou by high speed train to explore UNESCO World Heritage Site - Classical Gardens of Suzhou, and Grand Canal in the heaven on earth.

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  • Shaolin Temple

    7 Days Shanghai Xian Tour with Luoyang & Kungfu

    Shanghai / Xian / Luoyang

    Take two extra days after Shanghai Xian trip to ancient capital Luoyang and its surrounding Shaolin Temple to experience Buddhism culture and profound Chinese Kung Fu.

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