How to Plan a Shanghai Xian Tour

It is always good to make everything clear before making the final decision. Here, China Discovery offers useful suggestions about how to travel, how long to stay, how to transfer, what to see and do, where to live in the modern metropolis Shanghai and ancient Xian. Planning ahead step by step will guarantee you a perfect Shanghai Xian tour.

How to Travel - Shanghai to Xian or Xian to Shanghai?

It is very popular to take a tour from Shanghai to Xian for there are many international flights to the modern metropolis Shanghai. What’s more, it is very easy to travel from Shanghai to Xian with several ways of transportation. Travelers could go by flight (about 2 to 2.5 hours), by high speed train (D Train takes about 10 hours), and by normal train (about 14 to 22 hours).

While, a tour from Xian to Shanghai is like traveling by time machine taking you to explore from the past to the future of China. Flights, high speed train and normal trains are available from Xian to Shanghai every day. Travelers could choose your favorite way to transfer. China Discovery has carefully designed both Shanghai Xian Tour and Xian Shanghai Tour to meet your specific needs.

The Bund in Shanghai

Shanghai Landmark - The Bund

Decide your Travel Length

Spending 5 days in Shanghai and Xian is the most suitable travel length for the two hot destinations. No matter you go from Shanghai to Xian or from Xian to Shanghai, it is better to spend to spend 2 days in each city.

Extension tours are offered in both Shanghai and Xian. If you take side trip to Suzhou or Hangzhou from Shanghai, you need to spend one or two extra days in Suzhou or Hangzhou. If you take side trips from Xian to Luoyang and Shaolin Temple, you’d better spend 2 days there. No matter how long your travel length is, you could choose your likes from our 4 to 7 days tours.

Xian Terraccota Warriors

Xian Terraccota Warriors

Flight, High Speed Train or Normal Train?

You have already known there are several means of transportation. Travelers could transfer between Shanghai and Xian by flight, high speed train and normal train. Do you know how to make the final decision about what kind of transportation suiting you best?

The distance between Shanghai and Xian is 1200 KM. The fastest way to travel between Shanghai and Xian is taking flight, about 2-2.5 hours. High speed train is comfortable and fast, but there is only one D train running the service, served as overnight train which could help save one night accommodation fee. There are many normal trains (K, Z trains) going from Shanghai to Xian and from Xian to Shanghai. It is slow and takes a long time on the train, about 14-22 hours. China Discovery suggests you take flight for the travel. It is fast and the price is affordable.

Flight from Shanghai to Xian

Flight from Shanghai to Xian

Explore Top Attractions in Shanghai & Xian

Shanghai and Xian are the top destinations in China flowed with tourist attractions to explore.

Shanghai Attractions

Shanghai is not only the largest and most developed city in mainland China, but also a fascinating mix of East and West. For first-timers to Shanghai, select the must-see historic sites and cultural icons like The Bund, Nanjing Road, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, Jade Buddha Temple. If you want to stay one day longer, cover Shanghai Museum, Zhujiajiao Water Town or Fengjing Water Town near Shanghai with more leisure and fun.

Xian Attractions

Xian is more than 3000 years old and was the capital for 13 dynasties. With so much history within ground the city lies upon, it is no wonder that there are so many historical ruins, museums and cultural relics to be found here. For first-timers to Xian, explore the must-see sights like Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Bellow Tower, Drum Tower, Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter. For further exploration, go Mount Hua, Hanyang Mausoleum, Qianling Mausoleum etc.

Xian Ancient City Wall

Xian Ancient City Wall

Featured Activities for Nightlife in Shanghai & Xian

There are some interesting and meaningful activities specially arranged in Shanghai and Xian. In Shanghai, spend a wonderful night to watch acrobatic show and you’ll enjoy Hula Hoops, Clowns with Knives, Umbrella Handling, Through the Tube, Fun with Glasses and Bowls etc.

In Xian, you could enjoy a traditional Dumpling Banquet. The filling changes from pork, beef, mutton, vegetable to chicken, duck, fish, egg and other sea food; the cooking form varies in steaming, frying, toasting; the tastes become rich and plentiful, including sour, sweet, peppery, hemp; the styles are more pretty and lovely with flower, bird, grass, and fish. After dumpling dinner, enjoy and Tang Dynasty Show in Shaanxi Grand Opera House. The show is a combination of beautiful poetry, dance, music and stunning choreography and costumes to portray China’s rich past, Tang Dynasty show is more like a historical review to the splendor and prosperous Tang culture. Being fascinated by that period of Chinese history, please don’t miss out.

Xian Dumpling Dinner

Xian Dumpling Dinner

Accommodation in Shanghai and Xian

It is no need to worry about your accommodation in the most tourist cities – Shanghai and Xian. Choices are a lot. Hotels are ranging from 5 star luxury hotel, comfortable 4 star hotel and 3 star budget hotels with convenient locations and high quality services. You could select your favorite one based on your budget and likes. China Discovery has listed some high-reputed hotels and hostels recommended by our former customers. Check now!

>> Recommended Hotels & Hostels in Shanghai
>> Recommended Hotels & Hostels in Xian

Hotels in Shanghai

Hotels in Shanghai

If you have got more questions and ideas for Shanghai Xian tours, you could feel free to talk with our professional travel consultants. They are here ready to help you plan a perfect Shanghai Xian tour with best itinerary and price.

Recommended Shanghai Xian Tours

Top 3 Shanghai Xian tours chosen by most customers to explore Shanghai Xian in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

Terra-Cotta Warriors
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Shanghai / Xian

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5 Days Classic Xian Shanghai Tour (by Flight)

Xian / Shanghai

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