How to Get from Xian to Shanghai

If you are planning a Xian to Shanghai tour, you are in the right place to get ideas about how to transfer from Xian to Shanghai.

The ancient capital Xian is located in Shaanxi province, northwest of Shanghai. The direct distance between Xian and Shanghai is about 1200km, while the railway distance is about 1509km. The transportation between the two cities is convenient and easy. There are three convenient and comfortable ways to transfer from Xian to Shanghai – by flight, by high speed train and by normal train.

Xian to Shanghai map

Flights from Xian to Shanghai

From: Xian Xianyang Airport
To: Shanghai Pudong International Airport/Hongqiao International Airport

Taking a flight is the most popular and convenient way to transfer from Xian to Shanghai. Flights from Xian will land at two Shanghai airports – Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport. Every day, there are over 60 direct flights from Xian to Shanghai. It only takes about 2 hours. Planes are scheduled leaving from 08:00 to 22:00. Travelers could take the most suitable one according to your schedule and budget.

Transfer Tips: Xian Xianyang Airport is 41 kilometers northwest of Xian City center and 13 kilometers northeast of the center of Xianyang. Travelers could take airport shuttle bus or taxi to reach the airport.

Xian Xianyang Airport

Xian Xianyang Airport

Xian to Shanghai Bullet Train

From: Xian North Railway Station
To: Shanghai Railway Station

At present, there is only one high-speed train running between Xian and Shanghai. The D308 train is running from Xian to Shanghai, and it leaves at 21:03 and arrives at 07:59. Thus, the travelers will spend one night on the train and save one night accommodation fee. The train provides hard sleeper, soft sleeper and advanced soft sleeper, and you may choose one according to your preference and budget.

Xian North Railway Station

Xian North Railway Station

Xian to Shanghai Normal Train

From: Xian Railway Station
To: Shanghai Railway Station

Taking a normal train from Xian to Shanghai is the cheapest and slowest way, and the travelers need to spend about 14-22 hours to reach Shanghai. The normal trains include Z series trains, T series trains and K series trains. There are only 12 trains running from Xian to Shanghai. Some of them are overnight trains which means travelers would spend one night on the train and save one night accommodation fee. For your convenience, we suggest you taking Z42, Z166, T118, T140, K558, and Z94.

Train NumberDepartsArrivesDep. - Arr.
Z42 Xian Shanghai 21:08 - 12:24 15h16m 1509
Z166 Xian Shanghai 21:01 - 11:28 14h27m 1509
T118 Xian Shanghai 20:30 - 13:33 17h03m 1509
T140 Xian Beijing 20:02 - 12:33 16h31m 1509
K558 Xian Shanghai 17:14 - 13:49 20h35m 1509
Z94 Xian Beijing 17:04 - 07:51 14h47m 1509
Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station

For more Xian to Shanghai transfer information and suggestions, please feel free to ask our professional travel consultants. Also, if you are looking for private transfer service from Xian city center to Xian Xianyang Airport, Xian North Railway Station and Xian Railway Station, just contact our travel consultants. They are here ready to help to make you a worry free Xian Shanghai trip.

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