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Panda Tour Packages 2020

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Based in Chengdu, we China Discovery will offer you the best China Panda tours at a very local price! Here we carefully designed and selected several kinds of panda tours taking you to visit panda bases in Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Wolong and Bifengxia, giving you the rare opportunity to see the lovely pandas in person, feed them or even join volunteer program to take care of them, start scientific research to know their physical facts and conduct hiking research at the wild training area and to know how to protect their natural habitats and ecological balance.

Book any of panda trips today to help save this rare species and see for yourself why pandas have captivated the world.

Dujiangyan Panda Tour

1 Day Dujiangyan Panda Volunteer Tour

Extend to the best & closest place to do volunteer work. Take full day program from 08:30 to 16:00, making you an “Honorable Keeper”, “Nutritionist”, “Love Feeder”.


Panda Base: Dujiangyan

Type: Panda Volunteer

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Chengdu Panda Tour

1 Day Chengdu Relaxing Panda Highlights Tour

This top 1 itinerary is very suitable for short-break travelers to see as many pandas as possible with only 0.5 hour’s drive from Chengdu downtown area to the base.


Panda Base: Chengdu

Type: See Pandas, City Life

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Wolong Panda Volunteer Tour

2 Days Wolong Panda Volunteer at Shenshuping Base

Go to see the adorable giant pandas at Shenshuping Panda Base at most primitive and natural home in Wolong and spend one whole day to act as a panda keeper.


Panda Base: Shenshuping

Type: Panda Volunteer

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Bifengxia Panda Volunteer Tour

2 Days Inspiring Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Volunteer Experience

Transfer to Bifengxia Panda Base one day before the volunteering day. Experience the 1 full day volunteer program to leave best memory in your life.


Panda Base: Bifengxia

Type: Panda Volunteer, Ancient Town

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Chengdu Panda Volunteer Tour

2 Days Chengdu & Lifetime Panda Volunteer Tour

A visit to Chengdu is not complete without a visit to see pandas. However, taking volunteering work will definitely amaze you to the fullest.


Panda Base: Dujiangyan

Type: Panda Volunteer, City Exploration

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Panda Tour

4 Days Ultimate Panda Tour for Panda Fans

This 4-day tour is the ultimate panda tour specially designed for panda fans with the best combination to see and do panda volunteer program in one trip!!!


Panda Base: Chengdu, Dujiangyan

Type: Panda Volunteer, City Exploration

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Bifengxia Panda Volunteer Tour

5 Days Panda Volunteer Tour at Bifengxia Base

Join unforgettable 3 days program to know how to save endangered animals bestowed by our “mother nature”, which is a sparkling point in your life record.


Panda Base: Bifengxia

Type: 3 Days Panda Volunteer

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Dujiangyan Panda Volunteer Tour

6 Days Leshan, Mount Emei & Panda Volunteer Tour

Be engaged in profound Buddhism culture, splendid landscapes through exhilarating, exclusive activities to experience unparalleled splendors.


Panda Base: Dujiangyan

Type: Volunteer, Nature, Buddhism

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Plan & Do Panda Volunteer Program in 2020

Search for where can do panda volunteer program all over the world? A certain answer is here - there is no other place but China providing the memorable volunteer program to make a meaningful difference!

Head to the “Real Hometown of Giant Pandas” - Sichuan Province in China, and volunteers can choose among three natural panda bases - Dujiangyan Panda Base, Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base and Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base where you can take care of the endangered giant pandas and have conservation with them. During the program, volunteers will see as many pandas as possible, clean the pandas’ enclosures, prepare special panda food, chop bamboo and most importantly, feed the cute pandas...

For travelers who are interested in volunteering with red pandas (the lesser panda or red bear-cat), it is suggested to reach Wolong Hetaoping Panda Base for the one full day red panda volunteer program which you can also catch the rare opportunity to take photos with one of the gentle red pandas!

Essential Things & Useful Articles for Panda Tours

Our comprehensive & best-selected articles aim to give you the best and most up to date information on planning your China PANDA tours. View the latest panda map with exact location of each panda base and also you won’t miss the travel guides, features of the four different panda bases in Sichuan Province.

To know further about China’s “National Treasure”, you are highly recommended to turn to “Further Panda Planing Guide” for more in-depth travel information with great ideas and insider finds, which will have you feeling like a local in no time! After doing all the research work, you are guaranteed with a perfect panda tour with best value. To get rid of all the hard work done by yourselves, you can ask for our local travel consultants directly for all information!

China Panda Base Map

Chengdu Panda Base

The closest and best base to see pandas where has over 120 pandas. Very suitable for short-break travelers in Chengdu.

Dujiangyan Panda Base

The closest panda base to do panda volunteer, chosen by 80-90% volunteers. It takes one full day for this program.

Shenshuping Panda Base (Wolong)

About 10% panda fans choose this base which located in Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries in primitive environment.

Bifengxia Panda Base (Ya'an)

About 10% volunteers take programs in this base for they want to have volunteer experience over 2, 3 days or more.

Join in Our Interesting PANDA COMMUNITY

This is the PANDA COMMUNITY for every panda fan! No matter you have been to zoos / panda bases before or you are planning the panda trip in China, you are on the right spot. At China Discovery, we curate collections of panda travelers’ best recommendations to design the itinerary, but we also realize the value of community with fellow panda lovers who have seen what you want to see, have been where you want to go, and who can share experience in real time. The following panda community has divided into four parts - panda star volunteer story, panda experts’ stunning experience, photos and videos to help and inspire you! What are you waiting for??? Find your interests in the community.

Panda Volunteer Star
Rachel Grant Panda Tour
Rachel Grant
Bond Girl in Die Another Day
Aura Travel - Bamboo & Bear Hugs with China Discovery
Rachel Grant is a British actress, writer and social entrepreneur. We customized and arranged giant panda base visit and volunteer program for Rachel in Dujiangyan.

Rachel said "A one-on-one encounter with a giant panda is a bucket list highlight and a must-do when you are in China. During a recent trip to Shanghai, I grabbed my backpack and took a weekend detour to Chengdu to learn all about pandas under the local agency China Discovery's help".
>> Learn More about Rachel's Panda Volunteer Story
Panda Experience
Panda Volunteer Experience in Dujiangyan Panda Base | Ashley He
On Jan. 6th, I, together with my colleague Livia, participated in the once-in-a-lifetime panda volunteer program in Dujiangyan Panda Base, and now it’s a great pleasure to share our exciting whole volunteer experience with you.
Date of experience: January 2019
Mount Qingcheng Hiking & Panda Volunteer Experience | Riley Guo
I am a good mountain hiker. It was a great idea to put Mt. Qingcheng into my panda itinerary and stay overnight near the Dujiangyan Panda Base. Spending 2 days in Dujiangyan is suitable to explore all the highlighted sites. Let me share!
Date of experience: January 2019

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >