Newborn Panda (Baby Panda) Photos

The giant pandas are also called black and white panda bears, but, do they always in black and white? In fact, a newborn panda looks very different from its mom. It weights three to five ounces. Pink, hairless and blind, the cub is 1/900th the size of its mother. Except for a marsupial (suck as kangaroo or opossum), baby pandas are the smallest newborn mammals relative to their mother’s size.

The cubs soon develop soft gray fur which becomes coarser and develops its black and white pattern in a month. Cubs rely on mother’s milk for the first year, but start to eat bamboo after six months. Cubs easily die in the wild because they are so small and defenseless. The panda mommy has to leave them alone in the den to eat for four hours a day.

Viewing the following newborn panda and its childhood photos, you can have a better understanding the big change of the newborn pandas, growing from little to big, from pink to black and white in color...your heart will full of love and kindness when seeing the cutest creatures in the world!

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