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Mt. Huang Tourists Taking Pictures
3 Days Huangshan Highlights Tour

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Sunrise on the Summit, Tunxi Old Street

You will reach the top of Mount Huangshan for a day-and-night trip to enjoy the best scenery, and get down the mountain to stroll along the Tunxi Ancient Street to encounter hundred-years' history and admire the "Four Treasures of the Study" in Ink Stone Factory...

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4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Hongcun & Xidi, Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick Factory

"No mountain near or far is comparable to Yellow Mountain, and after a visit to it, no other mountain is worth visiting". This tour takes you to explore not only this most beautiful mountain in China, but also visit two brilliant UESCO World Heritage Sites – Hongcun and Xidi.

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Tangyue Archway Complex
4 Days Huangshan Tour to Huizhou Culture Exploration

Highlights: Hongcun & Xidi, Yellow Mountain, Tunxi Ancient Street

Spend 4 days in Huangshan to explore the Four Wonders of Yellow Mountain in brief two days - “Odd-shaped Pines, Spectacular Rocky Peaks, Sea of Clouds, Hot Spring”, and then linger among the tranquil lanes of the ancient villages to explore the featured Ancient Huizhou Culture.

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Visitor-Greeting Pine
5 Days Huangshan Photography Tour with Xidi & Hongcun Villages

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Sunrise & Sunset, Hongcun Ancient Village, Xidi Ancient Village, Tangyue Archway Complex

Photographers who come on pilgrimage to Mount Huangshan could capture the sunrise over the misty peaks, sunset from the sea of clouds, granite peaks and twisted pines wreathed in spectral folds of mist.

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Tangkou Town
3 Days Yellow Mountain Essential Tour

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Ancient Village, Tunxi Ancient Street

Visit Yellow Mountain in just one day? Yes, it is totally doable. You will not only save a lot of budget and time, but also make fully use of your trip to visit the best highlights of Yellow Mountain in a single day. Lion Peak, West Sea Grand Canyon, Greeting Guests Pine... you won't miss any of them in this trip.

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Jingdezhen Museum of Porcelain
5 Days Best Jingdezhen with Huangshan Essence Tour

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Jingdezhen Porcelain, Hutian Ancient Kiln Site, Hongcun Ancient Village

This tour is designed for those who are interested in both nature and culture. You'll visit the loveliest Mountain in China - Yellow Mountain. And with a tour to China's Porcelain Capital Jingdezhen where you'll visit ancient kiln sites, exhibition areas, workshops and museum...

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Wuyuan County
4 Days Yellow Mountain Wuyuan Scenery Photography Tour

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Wuyuan County, Tunxi Ancient Street

This 4-day tour leads you to the most famous mountain of China – Yellow Mountain, the most beautiful small town – Wuyuan, strongly recommended to you if you are a photography lover. Enjoy "wonders" of Yellow Mountain, and explore the stunning scenery in the countryside of Wuyuan.

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Mt. Huangshan Hikers Man
3 Days Huangshan Brief Hiking Tour

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Xihai Grand Canyon, Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick Factory

The hiking pace of this trip is a bit in a hurry, which is suitable for those who have better energy while haing little only 2 days to hike on the Huangshan. You can shorten the trip by take cableway for some boring routes on the mountain. At the same time, all the best highlights are covered.

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Huangshan Hiker Group
4 Days Huangshan & West Sea Grand Canyon In-depth Hiking Tour

Highlights: Greeting Guests Pine, Lotus Peak, West Sea Grand Canyon, Lion Peak

If you are a serious hiker and plan to stay 2-3 days on Yellow Mountain, then this tour is perfect for you. You will conquer the challenging roads and steep peaks with your feet and mind.All the best highlights of Huangshan are covered. The most exciting part is the full-day adventure in the dreamland - West Sea Grand Canyon.

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Huangshan

Breathtaking Scenery of Yellow Mountain - West Sea
9 Days East China & Mt. Huang Tour by High Speed Train

Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Mt.Huang

Experiencing the exquisite Jiangnan-style elegance in Suzhou and Hangzhou, soaking in the excitement of Shanghai's vitality and busyness, being amazed at the four wonders of Huangshan...You will appreciate this deep exploration of China, and also the amazing experience of taking high speed train.

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Yungu Cable Car on Mount Huangshan
6 Days Yellow Mountain Vacation from Beijing

Beijing / Huangshan / Yellow Mountain

You may be planning to visit the Yellow Mountain of China, but having no idea how to start it. Here is a wonderful way - traveling to Yellow Mountain from Beijing. It's only about 6 hour's high speed train journey from the capital city Beijing. During this tour, you can not only have the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural center of China, but also enjoy the fabulous time spent on the most beautiful mountain in China.

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West Lake Shuangtou Bridge
7 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Mt. Huangshan Tour Package

Shanghai / Hangzhou / Huangshan

Experiencing the exquisite Jiangnan-style elegance in Hangzhou, soaking in the excitement of Shanghai's vitality and busyness, being amazed at the four wonders of Huangshan...You will appreciate this deep exploration of China, and also the amazing experience of taking high speed train.

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Breathtaking scenery of Mt. Huang
6 Days Shanghai Tour with Yellow Mountain by Flight

Shanghai / Huangshan

Whichever nickname you prefer, "Paris of the Orient" or "Pearl of China", Shanghai captures the essence of new China, as well as its centuries of history and culture. After your Shanghai tour, travel to Mt.Huang to view the breathtaking scenery.

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Huangshan sunrise
5 Days Shanghai Huangshan Tour by High Speed Train

Shanghai / Huangshan

Jiangnan area boasts the elegant scenery with exquisite water and traditional buildings. It is a great treat for travelers who want to travel from Shanghai to Huangshan by high speed train. The train seems to take you from modern to ancient, from fashion to tradition, from city’s hustle and bustle to tranquility and quietness in this area.

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Mt. Huang Climbing
7 Days Shanghai Suzhou Garden Tour with Yellow Mountain Climbing

Shanghai / Suzhou / Huangshan / Shanghai

Our Eastern China tour provides you a perfect romantic backdrop with exquisite Jiangnan-style elegance.Tour the dynamic modern metropolis Shanghai, view the peaceful China Water Town Tongli, visit the classic Chinese Garden in Suzhou, and enjoy the marvelous natural beauty in Mt. Huangshan - a lifetime experience is waiting for you!...

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Six Harmonies Pagoda
5 Days Yellow Mountain Tour from Hangzhou

Hangzhou / Huangshan

Hangzhou is the best representation of classic beauty of Chinam, mostly thanking to the romantic West Lake which is as beautiful as a classic Chinese ink and wash painting. While Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, is praised as the most beautiful mountain in China. So this tour is undoubtedly the "most beautiful" trip in China.

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Hongcun Old Town
11 Days Treasures of China Tour with Hongcun

Beijing / Guilin / Shanghai / Huangshan / Shanghai

Breathtaking Scenery of Yellow Mountain - West Sea
11 Days Gorgeous China Tour from Beijing

Beijing / Huangshan Mountain / Hangzhou / Suzhou / Shanghai

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