Huangshan Travel Tips & FAQs

1. What is the best time to visit Mt. Huangshan?

The scenery is different in every season. The peak season is from April to October every year. In winter, the snow-capped mountain leads you to a fairyland. You could check the detailed information about the best time on our page: Huangshan Weather Information and Seasonal Activities.

2. We are visiting Huangshan, but we don’t know what to expect?

There are lots to see and explore when you come to Huangshan. Certainly, the highlights must be Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) itself. It is the most beautiful and loveliest mountain in China, known for “Four Wonders”. Besides, Tunxi Ancient Street, Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Village are worth visiting. You could check the detailed information about these sites on our page: Things to Do in Huangshan.

3. Where should we stay: Tunxi, Tangkou or on the mountain?

Huangshan train station and airport are both in Tunxi. Tangkou, is a town at the foot of Mt. Huangshan, about 1 hour away from the airport/train station. Depending on how you arrive and how long you plan to visit, usually, you could spend one night at the top of the mountain in order to watch the sunrise.

4. Could you please tell me what are best place to view Sunrise, Sunset, Cloud Sea and Snowscape?

  • Sunrise: Refreshing Terrace, Shuguang Pavilion, Lion Peak, Jade Screen Pavilion, Bright Peak
  • Sunset: Paiyun (Cloud Dispersing) Pavilion, Red Cloud Peak
  • Cloud Sea: Jade Screen Pavilion, Refreshing Terrace, White Goose Ridge, Paiyun Pavilion, Bright Peak
  • Snowscape: Jade Screen Pavilion, North Sea, Pine Valley, Cloud Valley, Hot Spring

5. What to pack when I climb Yellow Mountain?

Here, we suggest you only carry an overnight bag or backpack to the top of the mountain. Just leave your suitcases and excess luggage at a hotel in the downtown city.

Things pack in your bag/backpack: very comfy shoes, enough warm clothes, waterproofs, torch, sunscreen; mosquito repellant, walking poles. Purchase some bottled water and snacks before you start to ascend the mountain.

6. Some other useful suggestions

1. A cable car is available to make your trip to the top of the mountain easier but there are still lots of steep narrow stairs on the mountain if you plan to get the most out of you time. Please take care when climbing and trying to get the best photo opportunity.

2. If you are fit, trained and have very comfy shoes and want to hike the mountain instead of taking cableways. Please walk up the eastern steps (4 to 5 hours), which is maybe a little less scenic but far less crowded and much shorter than the steeper, jam-packed western steps. Walking down the western steps it will take you 6-7 hours. If you are not fit take the cableways - it is a really long, hard, incessant walk up the mountain.

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