Huangshan Travel Tips & FAQs

1. How can I get to/around Huangshan

There are several cities operating nonstop flights and high speed trains to Huangshan, so you can you reach Huangshan conveniently from Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc. Among these cities, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing are the most popular gateway cities to Huangshan. It is also quite easy to travel around Huangshan and visit to top attractions. With well-paved road, driving is the best way to transfer among the transportation hub and attractions in Yellow Mountain. For independent travelers, you can take a bus from Huangshan Bus Station to Yellow Mountain and other ancient villages as well. Check more details at Get to/around Huangshan.

2. What is the best time to visit Mt. Huangshan?

With four distinct seasons, Huangshan is a very popular destination which is suitable to visit all the year around. The scenery is different in every season. The peak season is from April to October every year. Spring is a good season to watch the wild plants on Yellow Mountain and enjoy the golden rape flowers near the old villages. Autumn is most loved to shutterbug and there are many wonderful places to take great shots, like Tachuan. In winter, the snow-capped mountain leads you to a fairyland. Hot spring is also recommended in your Huangshan winter holiday. Check more details at Huangshan Weather Information and Seasonal Activities.

3. We are visiting Huangshan, but we don’t know what to expect?

There are lots to see and explore when you come to Huangshan. Certainly, the highlights must be Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) itself. It is the most beautiful and loveliest mountain in China, known for “Four Wonders”. Listed as World Cultural Heritages Sites by UNESCO, Hongcun and Xidi are two charming villages with charming Huizhou architecture and elegant atmosphere. Besides, there are many other villages worthy of a visit, like Nanping Village, Bishan Village, Tachuan Village, Lucun Village, etc. Check details at Things to Do in Huangshan.

In addition to attractions, there are many interesting activities you can join, including hiking or biking among the villages, local life experience, Huizhou culture experience, etc. Check details at Featured activities in Huangshan.

4. Where should we stay: Tunxi, Tangkou or on the mountain?

Huangshan City – known as Tunxi, Yellow Mountain – top attraction in Huangshan and Tangkou – at the base of Yellow Mountain all offer accommodations to travelers. If you want a better accommodation with great environment and facilities, luxurious hotels in Huangshan City are your best choice. For travelers who want to explore the beauty of Yellow Mountain better, there are several hotels on the mountain available as well. Please note that the hotels on the mountain are always in a higher price. Accommodating in Tangkou Town allows you to have a close distance with Yellow Mountain. Besides, there are some other hotels in or near some ancient villages, like Pig’s Inns in Bishan Village and Xidi Village, Banyan Tree Hotel in Huangshan and Tangmo Gites de France in Tangmo Village. Check more details at Huangshan City Hotels, Yellow Mountain Hotels and Tangkou Hotels.

5. When and where to view Sunrise and Sunset?

Sunrise and sunset over Yellow Mountain are extremely magnificent and it’s a visual feast to enjoy them. The time and places to enjoy sunrise and sunset vary on different seasons. Usually, sun rises between 05:00 am and 07:00 am while sunset happens between 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm. There are top recommended places to admire the breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise: Bright Summit, Beginning to Believe Peak (始信峰), Refreshing Terrace (清凉台) and Dawn Pavilion (曙光亭) in Lion Peak (狮子峰), Danxia Peak (丹霞峰), Turtle Peak (鳌鱼峰), Jade Screen/Yuping Peak (玉屏峰)

Sunset: Bright Summit (光明顶), Paiyun (Cloud Dispelling 排云亭) Pavilion (in Xihai Scenic Area), Danxia Peak (丹霞峰), Flying-over Rock (飞来石), Lotus Peak (莲花峰) and Fairy Walking Bridge (步仙桥). Check more details at Huangshan Sunrise and Huangshan Sunset. Check more details at Yellow Mounatin Sunrise and Yellow Mountain Sunset.

6. What to pack when I climb Yellow Mountain?

Here, we suggest you only carry an overnight bag or backpack to the top of the mountain. Just leave your suitcases and excess luggage at a hotel in the downtown city.

Things pack in your bag/backpack: very comfy shoes, enough warm clothes, waterproofs, torch, sunscreen; mosquito repellant, walking poles. Purchase some bottled water and snacks before you start to ascend the mountain. Sunhat is especially suggested during summer when the UV rays are the strongest. Check more details at What to Pack.

7. Some other useful suggestions

1. A cable car is available to make your trip to the top of the mountain easier but there are still lots of steep narrow stairs on the mountain if you plan to get the most out of you time. Please take care when climbing and trying to get the best photo opportunity.

2. If you are fit, trained and have very comfy shoes and want to hike the mountain instead of taking cableways. Please walk up the eastern steps (4 to 5 hours), which is maybe a little less scenic but far less crowded and much shorter than the steeper, jam-packed western steps. Walking down the western steps it will take you 6-7 hours. If you are not fit take the cableways - it is a really long, hard, incessant walk up the mountain.

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