Huangshan Weather & Best Time to Visit Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) 2023


Huangshan City in Anhui province belongs to the northern subtropical region, enjoying a humid monsoon climate. With an average annual temperature of about 16.4 °C, most areas in Huangshan are mild and have no freezing winter. The average annual precipitation of Huangshan City is about 1670 mm, and the rainy months are from May to August. Having four distinct seasons, Huangshan City is very popular and suitable to visit all year round.

Mount Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, is also located in the subtropical monsoon climate area. For the steep mountain and deep valley, the weather varies along the height of mountain vertically. Generally, the weather in Mount Huangshan is moderate and humid with an average temperature around 10 °C throughout the year. For high altitude, the spring, summer and autumn usually visit Huangshan Mountain later than the plain areas, but winter comes earlier. Summer begins in July on the whole mountain range. With increasing of altitude, sites like Brightness Summit, Yuping Scenic Area, and Beihai Scenic Area have longer cold periods. Rainfall on the Yellow Mountain is plentiful, with annual precipitation at 2348 mm, and there are over 200 foggy days, about 183 rainy days and 49 snowy days. The weather is characterized by abundant cloud and fog with heavy humidity.

Seasonal weather and climate varying from different elevations makes seasonal beauty on the Huangshan Mountain. So, if you visit Huangshan Mountain in a good weather, that affords you good opportunities to view the most stunning scenery, including the spectacular Sea of Cloud. Check out the weather forecast while planning your Huangshan tour.

The Best Time to Visit (Hike) Huangshan

The best time to visit or hike Huangshan is March to Middle November. If you want to escape from crazy crowds, you can avoid Chinese holidays and School summer holidays (July~August). Winters of Huangshan is very stunning too, but West Sea Grand Canyon is not open during winter days.

Average Huangshan Temperature by Month

MonthRecommended RateMax Temp.Min Temp.

Huangshan Seasons to Go

Located in a same climate zone, the exact weather and climate on Yellow Mountain slightly differs from that at the base of the mountain, for the variation of elevations. Seasons either come later or earlier than the flat areas and temperature changes widely between day and night.

Spring in Huangshan City is from March to May, while spring on the Yellow Mountain is later, starts from April to June with a warm temperature. During this good season, tourists can visit Huangshan Mountain to enjoy lovely flowers and see beautiful ancient villages surrounded by flourishing rape flowers. The verdant scenery in Summer (July, August and September) is so great to treat your eyes and the temperature is quite mild, not so hot like other destinations in China. In Autumn (September to November) , the whole Huangshan Mountain turns to be a poetic painting with splendid natural wonders. And Winter (December to next March) is the coldest and longest season on Yellow Mountain, where the mountains are covered with thick snows and ices. Lower altitude places in Huangshan City by this time has relatively chilly temperature. Therefore, Huangshan City and Huangshan Mountain are suitable for visitors to discover different beauty and fun in four seasons

In spring, with pleasant temperature, Yellow Mountain is like a fairyland. The three Words “New”, “Fresh” and “Tender” could describe this beautiful season which features the brilliantly blooming flowers and fresh, crisp air. So it is the peak season and also one of the best times to tour Huangshan. One thing needs to remind you here, in this season, it is misty, cloudy and gradually rainny in late spring. Please prepare shirts, sweaters and overcoats because temperatures are lower as you climb up to higher altitudes. Wearing layers that could easily be taken on and off are convenient when you climb or hike on the mountain. Better buy a disposable raincoat at the base of the mountain. >> Mt. Huangshan in Spring
Seasonal Activities
● Watch the wild flowers, plants and breathe fresh on Mount Huangshan. View the gurgle streams in ravines running in the valleys of Yellow Mountain. Enjoy the spring new leaves turning light green on the upper Mount Huangshan.
● Stroll in HongcunXidi Ancient Villages and many other villages or along Xin'an River to appreciate the beautiful countryside scenery. See the vast land of golden sea of rape flowers nearby the Huangshan villages. Have a relaxing Huangshan biking trip between scenic sites near Huangshan Mountain.
● Discover Huizhou culture and history in cultural sites, such as visit the Huizhou Ancient City, Tangyue Memorial Archway, Bao Family's Garden in She County. There you can feel strong atmosphere, the brilliant history and honor of ancient Huizhou people and authentic architectures. >> Huizhou Culture

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Huangshan Spring

Spring Plum Blossom in Hongcun Village

Huangshan Spring

Flowers in Huangshan Mountain

Summer months from July to September is the wettest period on Yellow Mountain, with nearly 300mm each month. And the high elevation makes the mountain much cooler, with an average temperature of about 20°C, all that makes summer a good time to enjoy the verdant pine trees on Mt. Huangshan and a favored destination for avoiding the summer heat. While hiking up and down, the green trees and ivy mingle in different shapes and sizes form natural pavilions where you can sit and refresh yourself, enjoy the beautiful scenery and a cooling breeze to soothe youselves. Also, the richest rainfall in summer awards countless flying waterfalls and springs to make Yellow Mountain a terrific world of aqua. It is wise to bring a rainproof jacket with you for the summer storm will come unpredictably. And remember to take your sunblock and sunglasses. >> Mt. Huangshan in Summer
Seasonal Activities
● Visit  Yellow Mountain to find many excellent sceneries and much fun. Watch the fiery-red sunset painting the entire mountain into a brilliant world, which will amaze you deeply and appreciate sunrise at the summit, when the red sun light the sky, trees, and peaks all shining and splendid. Enjoy the famous Sea of Cloud that changes every second by second, unrestrained and elegant. This is one of the best periods to capture beautiful photographs.
● In Huangshan, you can visit picturesque ancient villages, like Hongcun, Xidi and nearby villages. >> 8 Most Beautiful Huangshan Villages
● Take a light walk along Tunxi Old Street to find the antique flavor of Huangshan. And the night view of this old street is so beautiful and could easily take you to travel to the past years.
● Take a cruise along Xin'an River to feel the cool summer and appreciate the rolling pictures of villages and mountains on the banks.
● See the flourishing water in Yuliang Dam of Huizhou Ancient City, the bravura performance will renew your past experience and enjoy the Tangyue Memorial Archway full of local culture and art in Shexian.
● Rest your eyes and body in the lush sea of Mukeng Bamboo Forest, where you can also experience farm works and taste fresh vegetables. >> Huangshan Local Life Experience

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Huangshan Summer

Emerald Green Huangshan Mountain in August

Huangshan Summer

Gorgeous Huangshan Sunset

It is highly recommended to visit Mount Huang in autumn. Because, Autumn on Yellow Mountain has the most comfortable weather with fresh air, clear views and the scenery is stunning and very gorgeous: the blue sky, white clouds, colorful leaves and fruits. The picturesque landscape of all scenic spots attracts many photographers each autumn. Jacket, shirts, wind coat and rain gears should be prepared, especially during August. You can also take some light sweaters to avoid the lower temperature in the early morning and late evening. >> Mt. Huangshan in Autumn
Seasonal Activities
● Enjoy and take photos of Autumn foliage of red, yellow, green, orange, etc. on Yellow Mountain (one of the best place to see the autumn foliage in China).
● Visit Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages, and other surrounding ancient villages in Huangshan, which are especially charming both under the blue sky and gorgeous colorful clouds in autumn.
● Explore the profound traditional local culture and history in Huizhou Ancient City, Tangyue Memorial Archway and else sites in Shexian to see the beautiful carved architectures and learn more about the values and culture of ancient locals.
● Bring your camera, capture the most colorful views of Huangshan Mountain and see the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the top.

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Huangshan Autumn

Painting Like Yellow Mountain in Fall

Huangshan Autumn

Colorful Natural Scenery of Mt. Huangshan

Winter on Huangshan Mountain lasts a long time, but Huangshan City at the base of Huangshan Mountain is not as cold as you might expect. In fact, Yellow Mountain is beautiful all the year round and the winter scenery is a different style with more quietness. During the winter, the temperature decreases sharply, going down below zero. You could feast your eyes with amazing snowscape in a real Frozen World. And the sea of cloud, one of the famous “Four Wonders”, appears more often in winter than in any other seasons. Please take care yourselves when you climb up and down on the slippery stairs on Mt. Huangshan in winter. Warm sweaters, cotton wadded jackets, down jackets are the best to wear in winter Huangshan. And hats, gloves, scarves and antiskid shoes, hiking sticks are also necessary items to take with you. >> Mt. Huangshan in Winter
Seasonal Activities
● Hike the snowy Yellow Mountain. You could appreciate the crystal-like wonder land of Huangshan Mountain, see snow-capped peaks, pines, magnificent Sea of Cloud. In the mysterious mountains, the trees hanging the soft and beautiful rimes look sparkling and like silver spirits on earth.
● Visit downtown Huangshan City, Tunxi, to walk in the Tunxi Ancient Street, taste local delicacies. Observe the “Four Treasue of the Study” in Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory.
● Tour Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages to enjoy the special dwelling structures and community settlement in Southern Anhui.
● Travel to Huizhou Ancient City, Tangyue Memorial Archway in ancient Huizhou, She County, to dig out rich culture and history legacy of Huangshan. You may see how the Chinese celebrate Spring Festival in the Huizhou Ancient City and how respectable the ancestors are.
● Enjoy a warm Hot Spring at the foot of Huangshan or in Tunxi, which is a very comfortable way to relax your tired legs and body after days’ of hiking on the mountain.

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Beautiful Rimes on Huangshan Pine Trees

Fabulous Winter Snows on Huangshan Mountain

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