Huangshan Hot Springs - Best Relaxation after Huangshan Hiking

Huangshan Mountain has long been famous for the four wonders: strangely-shaped pines, grotesque rocks, clouds sea, and hot spring. Taking a hot spring spa is a good way to relax no matter in what season, especially after hours’ hiking on the mountain. There are two most popular hot springs in Huangshan city, one is under Huangshan mountain, the other is downtown. Here is some information about the two hot springs on their benefits, facilities, locations, prices, etc. to help you choose the one you prefer.

Benefits of Hot Springs

Hot springs are usually abundant in mineral elements such as meta-acid, bromine, copper, strontium and selenium, which are beneficial to human health. Generally, they contain trace elements with various active functions and have certain effects in body-building, skin-moisturizing, mind-tranquilizing, anti-aging, etc.

1. Promoting metabolism: dipping in hot springs can promote metabolism, accelerate redox effect and carbohydrate metabolism, so it can proliferate insulin and increase nitrogen emissions. It is beneficial to diabetes, gout, obesity and so on.

2. Treating skin disorders: when in a hot spring, the skin vasodilation can improve skin blood circulation and tissue nutrition, enhance skin resistance; in addition, it can sterilize and exfoliate to make your skin more smooth. Therefore, taking hot spring spa regularly can treat skin disorders such as scabies and pimples.

3. Ameliorating cardiovascular diseases: when you are soaked in a hot spring, your visceral blood will transfer to the body surface due to skin vasodilation, so as to improve blood circulation, eliminate venous blood stasis and slow the pulse, which will increase the heart's blood pump output each time. Therefore, it has preventive and therapeutic effects on mild blood circulation insufficiency, heart valve disease, early hypertension and atherosclerosis.

4. Stimulating nerve tissues: taking a hot spring bath can stimulate nerve tissues, mend nerve dysfunction, and promote nerve regeneration, which is quite helpful for people with neuritis and muscle paralysis.

5. Preventing chronic arthritis: hot springs can alleviate the tension of joint ligaments, improve the metabolism of articular cartilage, and restore the ability of joint movement, which is quite effective in preventing and treating chronic rheumatic arthritis and can greatly relieve the pain.

Huangshan Hot Spring Pleasant Hot Spring Environment Huangshan Hot Spring Hot Spring Dotted With Pedals

Huangshan Hot Spring Hotel under Yellow Mountain – Huangshan Resort & Spa (黄山飘雪温泉)

The hot spring in Huangshan Resort & Spa has a history of more than 1000 years. As one of the four wonders of Huangshan Mountain, it has been well-known since ancient times. The source of the hot spring is said to come from Cinnabar Peak. There are holes under the peak which produce cinnabar. Therefore, the hot spring is also called "cinnabar spring". It is a typical sodium carbonate calcium hot spring and rich in trace elements such as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, meta-silicic acid. The average temperature of the main spring mouth is 42.5℃, and that of the secondary spring mouth is 41.1℃. The water is quite limpid. It is not only suitable for bath, but also drinkable. Taking hot spring spas here can balance human electrolyte, regulate human physiological function, soften blood vessels, relax muscles, smoothing skin and calm your mind. It can greatly alleviate the fatigue and ache of human body after mountain climbing. It is a perfect treat to your sore feet and joints. So this hot spring is highly recommended if you plan to visit Huangshan Mountain. In winter (December to next February), when it is covered by snow, bathing in the hot spring is really an enjoyment while surrounded by heavenly scenery.

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Hot Spring Price of Huangshan Resort & Spa

CNY 198/person, not including the fish spa (CNY 30/person) and massage, free for children under 1.2m. It may change in different seasons and book with a guide can usually get a discount, please contact us for real-time price.

Facilities: Due to a favorable location, Huangshan Resort & Spa perfectly integrates scenery with hot spring. There are two hot spring areas, one is indoor, the other is outdoor. The 38 bathing pools include the magnificent Xuanyuan pool, SPA pools with various functions, regimen Chinese medicine pool, beauty-maintaining milk pool, slate hot spring pool, mineral sand bath pool, fish spa pool, etc. Each pool has its own ingredients, such as coconut, green tea, rose(real petals), ginseng, jasmine, wine, wormwood, vitamin C. You can try them from pool to pool. There are free fruits, snacks, wifi, and sofas in the lounge hall. Embraced by cozy water and beautiful landscape, here you can fully appreciate the charm of this famous hot spring.

Location: Huangshan Scenic Area Spa Resort, at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, 3km away from Mercy Light Temple at the front mountain and 7km away from Yungu Temple at the back mountain. There are frequent buses (about every 20-30 minutes) between these 3 places so it is very convenient. It is about 70 minutes’ drive from downtown.

Opening hours: 10:00-23:00

Tips : 1. Visiting the hot spring during the day, there will be less visitors and you can get a clearer view of the colorful pools. 2. You need to take your own swimming suit, if you forget you can buy one there. 3. Towels, shampoo, body wash, lockers to keep your stuff are all provided, but the bathrobe is charged an extra CNY 30 per person.

Huangshan Hot Spring Huangshan Resort & Spa
Huangshan Hot Spring Huangshan Resort & Spa in Winter
Huangshan Hot Spring Wine Spring at Huangshan Resort & Spa

Huangshan Hot Spring Hotel in Tunxi – Huangshan Zui Spa International Resort Hotel (黄山醉温泉)

The hot spring in Zui Spa International Resort Hotel is a meta-silicic acid multi-component compound hot spring. It is rich in meta-silicic acid, potassium, sodium, magnesium, bromine, iron and other trace elements beneficial to human body. The spring water is of high quality with an average temperature of 44.4℃ and PH value of 6.6. It can promote blood circulation, activate cell tissues, and quickly eliminate fatigue, thus achieving the effect of body-building and beauty-maintaining. It also has special effects on the treatment of skin pigmentation, rheumatism and rheumatoid, arthritis, neurasthenia, etc. Besides, Huangshan Zui Spa International Resort Hotel is at the downtown, so it is very convenient if you want to take a walk at the Tunxi Ancient Street (15 minutes’ drive), one of the best-reserved old streets in China that has been busy for about 800 years.

Hot Spring Price of Huangshan Zui Spa International Resort Hotel

CNY 238/person, not including the fish spa (CNY 30/person) and massage, free for children under 1.2m. It may change in different seasons and book with a guide can usually get a discount, please contact us for real-time price.

Facilities: Zui hot spring resort consists of more than 60 indoor and outdoor pools with different functions. There are theme hot springs (red wine pool, white spirit pool), petal hot springs (sweet-scented osmanthus pool, chrysanthemum pool, jasmine pool, rose pool, etc.), Chinese herbal medicine hot springs, dynamic hot springs (open swimming pool, water games, children's pool, hydrotherapy pool, etc.), hot spring physiotherapy (slate hot springs, salt bath, sand bath, ice bath, stone therapy, etc.), hot spring diet therapy, etc. It is able to meet the needs of different customers for physiotherapy, regimen, and entertainment.

Location: Huashan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. 15 minutes’ drive from Huangshan Railway Station, 30 minutes’ drive from Huangshan Tunxi International Airport and Huangshan North Railway Station. 1 hour's drive from Huangshan Mountain.

Opening Hours: 14:00-24:00

Huangshan Zui Spa International Resort Hotel Hot Spring in Huangshan Zui Spa Resort Huangshan Zui Spa International Resort Hotel Shower Room at Huangshan Zui Spa International Resort Hotel

Steps in Taking a Hot Spring Spa

Step 1: Feel the water temperature with your hands or feet. Don’t jump into the pool suddenly.

Step 2: Put your feet into the pool first. When the water overflow your lower abdomen, sprinkle the hot spring water all over your body, and then gradually immerse yourself in the water.

Step 3: There are different pools in different temperatures. To make yourself gradually adapt to water temperature, it is better to start from the lower-temperature pools to higher-temperature ones.

Step 4: Control the time. General speaking, you can go into the pools repeatedly, but each time should be no longer than 30 minutes (10-15 minutes is the best). If you feel a chest tightness or thirsty, it is advised to leave the pool immediately and have a short rest or drink some water ashore.

Step 5: After taking a spa, just take a shower with clean water. There is no need to use shampoo or shower foam so that the minerals can be on the surface of your skin as much as possible.

Hot Spring Dipping in the Hot Spring

Best Time to Take a Hot Spring Spa

Taking a hot spring spa is an all-season activity, which is especially welcoming in summer (June to August) and winter. People are easy to feel fatigue in hot summer, making it the most necessary season to take some leisure time. Some tourists may think that it is too hot to take a hot spring spa in summer. In fact, there is no need to worry about that. The two hot spring resorts are cool and breezy in summer, especially at night. Taking a hot spring spa at a summer night is a healthy way to relax and relieve the summer heat. The cool breeze will take the sweat away, which is more comfortable and pleasant than staying in an air conditioning room or drinking cold drinks.

Winter (December to next February), needless to say, is the season most popular for hot spring spas. How delightful it is to take a hot spring spa in cold winter days! You can feel the alternation of cold and heat in hot spring pools. A little stimulation of the cold can make the heart beat faster, help you breathe deeper, strengthen metabolism, and increase the heat generated by the body. It is very beneficial to health. What’s more, the snowy scenery at Huangshan Resort & Spa is another bonus in winter.

How to Plan a Huangshan Hot Spring Tour

If you plan to take a Huangshan hot spring tour, you can start with the Huangshan Mountain, a hot tourist attraction that you can’t miss since you have come all the way to Anhui. The next day after climbing down the mountain, take your time for a relaxing hot spring spa in Huangshan Resort & Spa, it will wash all the tiredness away. Then the next day after breakfast, you can pay a visit to Hongcun ancient village which is about 1 hour’s drive away. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with picturesque scenery and typical Hui-style architectures. The specific itinerary is in 4 Days Huangshan Hongcun Vacation with Hot Spring. The tour is just for your reference. If you want to visit somewhere else, change the schedule, or have any other questions about planning a Huangshan Hot Spring tour, please feel free to contact us. Our professional travel consultants will always be ready and we will provide you with a tailor-made tour that suits you best considering your interests, travelling time, budget, etc.

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