How to Get to Yellow Mountain: By Train, Flight and Long-distcne Bus 2023

The well-known World Cultural and Natural Heritage - Yellow Mountain is located in Huangshan District, northwest of Huangshan City, South Anhui Province. With the improvement of transportation, a dream tour to fairyland-like Huangshan Mountain can be easily realized by flight, bullet train and bus within a few hours. Whatever way you choose to reach Tangkou Town, all visitors have to change to Park Bus in Tangkou Town to enter Mount Huangshan.

(Since Huangshan Airport and Huangshan railway stations are both located in Tunxi District, downtown Huangshan City, and southeast of Mount Huangshan Scenic Area.) Train or flight travelers departing from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen and other cities will get to downtown Huangshan City (Tunxi) first, and then need extra transfers to Huangshan Mountain. Meanwhile, direct long-distance buses running from neighboring cities (including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jiuhua Mountain…) to Mount Huangshan Scenic Area are available too.

Get to Yellow Mountain by Flight

Taking a flight is one of the most convenient ways to get to downtown Huangshan City, where is about 60km of south Huangshan Mountain. It saves much time on road. Generally, there are more than 20 domestic airlines and 5 international and regional routes opened for Yellow Mountain visitors. So you can start from Beijing, Xian and other popular tourist cities in mainland China, or depart from Hong Kong, Taipei, South Korea and Singapore to Huangshan. After landing, usually you will get to Huangshan Bus Station in Tunxi firstly, next, take a bus to Tourist Distribution Center in Tangkou Town (汤口镇), and then get on Park Bus to cable car stations in Huangshan Mountain.

First, Take Flights to Huangshan City (Tunxi 屯溪)

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport is an international airport mainly serving tourists to Yellow Mountain. So far, the airport has opened over 20 airlines, both domestic and international and regional routes, connecting Huangshan City with Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Taipei, Busan, Incheon (Seoul), Singapore and others cities. If you fly to Huangshan from mainland China, it takes only about 2 hours from Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, about 1 hour from Shanghai and Shanghai. International flight travelers needs about 2 hours from Taipei, at least 5 hours from Hong Kong and half day from other connected cities in Asia to get to Huangshan City. Huangshan Tunxi International Airport >>

Chengdu to Huangshan Flight Downtown Huangshan Viewed from Chengdu Huangshan Flight

Domestic Schedules of Flights to Huangshan

Route Flight Info. Operator Dep. ~ Arr. Duration Frequency Distance (KM)
Beijing - Huangshan CA1551 Air China 18:35~20:45 2 h 10 m SMTWTFS 1171
Xian- Huangshan JD5105 Capital Airlines 12:50~14:50 2 h - -T -T -S 1059
Guilin - Huangshan GT1003 Air Guilin 14:05~15:45 1 h 40 m  SM - W - F - 515
Chengdu - Huangshan 3U8629 Sichuan Airlines 11:40~14:05 2 h 25 m - - T - T - S 1368
Guangzhou - Huangshan CZ3627 Southern Airlines 18:20~20:20 2h SMTWTFS 951

>> Check Full Timetables of Flights to Huangshan

International & Regional Schedules of Flights to Huangshan

Route Type Duration Frequency Distance (KM)
Hong Kong - Huangshan  connecting flights about 5 h ~ 1 day over 20 flights per day 930
Taipei - Huangshan  nonstop & connecting Flights about 2 h over 20 flights per day 594
Incheon (Seoul) - Huangshan  nonstop & connecting Flights about 2.5 ~ 1 day over 20 flights per day 1144
Busan - Huangshan  connecting Flights about 6.5 ~ 1 day about 10 flights per day 1171
Singapore - Huangshan  connecting Flights about 8.5 ~ 1 day about 20 flights per day 3485

Note: The above flight schedules are listed for reference only. The accurate timetable and price is subject to change, according to seasonly adjustment of air companies. Please feel free to contact us to double check!

Second, Transfer from Huangshan Tunxi Airport to Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Tunxi Airport is situated in 60km (about 1 hour’s driving) south of Mount Huangshan Scenic Area. Now, the airport offers only taxi service, airport bus to Tunxi (Downtown Huangshan City). Therefore, upon arrival, flight travelers who want to get to Huangshan Mountain directly either take private driving, or transfers in Tunxi and Tangkou Town via public transportation. Please note that all airline visitors need to change to special Park Bus at Tourist Distribution Centers in Tangkou to enter Huangshan Mountain.

● By Private Driving

Route: Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (Tunxi) → Tourist Transfer Center (Tangkou Town) → Cable Car Station on Huangshan Mountain
It takes about 1 hour to drive from the airport to Dongling (东岭) or Zhaixi (寨西) Transfer Center in Tangkou. Another 30 minutes is needed for taking shuttle Park Bus from Tangkou to Cloud Valley Cable Car Station (云谷索道)/Mercy Light Pavilion Cable Car Station (慈光阁索道) on Mount Huangshan.

● By Public Transportation

Route: Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (Tunxi) → Huangshan Bus Station (Tunxi) → Tourist Transfer Center (Tangkou Town) &rarr Cable Car Station on Huangshan Mountain

First, you need to take taxi or airport bus from the airport to Huangshan Bus Station in Tunxi. It takes about 20 minutes of 9kms’ driving. Then, take a bus to Dingling (东岭) or Zhaixi (寨西) Transfer Center in Tangkou from Tunxi, costing around 1 hour. Finally, you will get on a Park Bus to arrive at Mercy Light Pavilion/ Cloud Valley Cable Car Station in front/back of Mount Huangshan.

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Huangshan Tunxi International Airport to Huangshan Mountain Transfer Map of Huangshan Tunxi International Airport to Mt. Huangshan
(click to enlarge)

Get to Yellow Mountain by Train

Nowadays, the fast, clean, comfortable and punctual high speed bullet train travel is also popular among Yellow Mountain tourists. Many major tourist cities in China have daily high speed bullet train to Huangshan City, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, etc. And most journey time is within half day. After arrival, there are through Shuttle Buses running from the train station to Yellow Mountain. That offers huge convenience for bullet train travelers.

First, Take Trains to Huangshan City (Tunxi 屯溪)

Totally, there are more than 50 daily trains running (or passing) to Huangshan City from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and more other cities. Most are high speed bullet trains and few are normal (overnight) trains. Within just short hours, tourists can not only enjoy the most advanced bullet trains (Gaotie 高铁) on board with amazing speed and modern facilities, but also view different landscape of China en route. Read the timetables below to find your perfect gateway city to make a Huangshan high speed train tour.
>> Huangshan High Speed Trains

Huangshan High Speed Rail Map Huangshan High Speed Rail Map
(Click to Enlarge)

Schedules of High Speed Bullet Trains to Huangshan

Route Train Type Distance Duration Frequency (per day) Price (RMB)
Beijing South - Huangshan North G 883km 5.5 ~ 6.5h 8 548.5 ~ 1732.5
Shanghai Hongqiao - Huangshan North  G 662km 4 ~ 4.5h 2 304.5 ~ 948.5
Hangzhou East - Huangshan North G 503km 3.5h 2 231 ~ 729
Xiamen North - Huangshan North G 747km 4.5h 7 315 ~ 982
Xian North - Huangshan North G 1,497km 8h 1 66.5 ~ 2098
Hefei South - Huangshan North G/D 25km 1.5~2h 21 140.5~504.5
Zhengzhou East - Huangshan North G 974km 5.5h 2 442 ~ 1395.5
Guangzhou South - Huangshan North G 1,452km 7h 1 646 ~ 1229.5
Wuyishan East - Huangshan North G 277km 1.5h 16 127 ~ 401.5
Wuhan - Huangshan D 519km 4.5h 1 172.5 ~ 275.5
Jinan / Jinan West - Huangshan North G 477km 3.5~5.5h 10 395 ~ 1251


Then, Transfer from Train Station to Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan North Railway Station is located in 15km north suburb of Tunxi (about 30 minutes’ drive), Huangshan City and 50km south of Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area (about 1 hour’s drive). Once upon arrive, there are direct Tourist Shuttle Buses departing from Huangshan North Railway Station & Huangshan Railway Station to (Cloud Valley/Mercy Light Pavilion)Cable Car Stations on Mt. Huangshan and Tangkou Town, foothill of Huangshan Mountain. The second and the last step is taking a 30 minutes’ Park Bus to Cable Car Station in Huangshan Mountain. (Tips: Huangshan North Railway Station is much closer to Huangshan Mountain, while Huangshan Railway Station is located near Tunxi, downtown Huangshan City.)

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Transfer Route: Huangshan North Railway Station/Huangshan Railway Station (Tunxi) → Tourist Transfer Center (Tangkou) →; Cable Car Station (on Mount Huangshan)

1. Huangshan North Railway Station/Huangshan Railway Station, Tunxi to Tangkou (Distance: about 50 km, Duration: 1 hour)
Direct bus departs from Huangshan Tourism Passenger Transport Hub (upon arrival, turn left & walk 200m to) at Huangshan North Railway Station and arrives at Dongling/Zhaixi Transfer Center in Tangkou Town. The regular buses run between 07:30 am to 17:30pm every day. If your train arrives at Huangshan Railway Station, you can take 1 hour’s through buses to Tangkou Town, or 1.5 hours' to cable car stations on mountain area.

2. Dongling/Zhaixi Transfer Center, Tangkou → Huangshan Mountain (Distance: 9~13km, Duration: 30 minutes)
The Park Bus departing from Touris Distribution Center, Tangkou takes about 30 minutes to get to Could Valley/Mercy Light Pavilion Cable Car Station in Huangshan.

Huangshan North Railway Station Huangshan North Railway Station
Huangshan North Railway Station to Huangshan Mountain Huangshan North Railway Station to Huangshan Mountain Travel Map
(click to enlarge)

Get to Yellow Mountain by Long-distance Bus

Apart from taking flights and trains, there are still lots of direct long-distance coaches running from Hefei, Yixian County (黟县), Shexian County (歙县), Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui and Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and else cities in neighboring Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hubei provinces to Tangkou Town and Tunxi (downtown Huangshan City). Compared to bus to Tunxi, taking bus to Tangkou Town is more recommended, which would benefit you less transfer, only another one from Tangkou to Huangshan Mountain.

Among all cities, the Shanghai to Huangshan Bus takes about 5.5 ~ 6.5 hours and Hangzhou to Huangshan Bus needs nearly 4.5~ 5 hours.Interested in bus travel to Mount Huangshan? Check more available bus schedules to Tangkou Town listed as follows.

Tangkou Tourist Distribution Center Tangkou Tourist Distribution Center


Route Departure Station Frequency (Per Day) Duration Distance (KM) Ticket (RMB)
Shanghai - Huangshan Shanghai South Bus Station 2 5.5~6.5 hours 510 about ¥150.0
Hangzhou - Huangshan Hangzhou City Bus Station
Hangzhou West Bus Station
7 4.5~5 hours 310 about ¥100.0~150.0
Nanjing- Huangshan Nanjing Bus Station
Nanjing South/East Bus Station
4 3~5 hours 321 about ¥100.0~120.0
Jiuhuashan - Huangshan Jiuhuashan Bus Station 2 2.5 hours 156 about ¥54.0
Ningbo - Huangshan Ningbo Central Bus Station 1 6~7 hours 524 about ¥163.0
Hefei - Huangshan Hefei Bus Station
Heife South/East Bus Station
over 15 4 hours 348 about ¥100.0
Huangshan City - Tangkou Town
Yixian County - Huangshan Yixian County Bus Station 4 1 hour 60 about ¥22.0
Shexian County - Huangshan Shexian County Highway Bus Station 1 1.5 hours 92 about ¥21.0
Tunxi - Huangshan Huangshan Bus Station Regular Buses 1 hour 62 about ¥20.0
Huangshan North Railway Station 10 1 hour 50 about ¥20.0
Hongcun - Huangshan Hongcun Parking Lot 9 1 hour 55 about ¥20.0
Xidi - Huangshan Xidi Tourist Center 2 1 hour 50 about ¥20.0


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