Activities in Huangshan

Want to return back to nature, far away from the hustle and bustle city life? Want to experience Huizhou culture in ancient villages?

In addition to sightseeing journey in Huangshan, it is available to take part in many featured activities in Huanghan to explore the ancient peaceful villages and old Huizhou culture better. If you like stretching your legs, you are suggested to have a biking or trekking in the villages around Huangshan City. If you love to experience the local rural life, you join the local people and experience the local daily life by visiting the villages, farmland, tea garden, etc. For those who want to appreciate Huizhou culture more, it is a good idea to experience making inkstick, brush pen, Huizhou carvings (wood carving and bamboo carving included) and so other handcraft. Travelers also can have relaxing hot spring bath or appreciate the traditional Huizhou dishes in Huangshan.

Huangshan Attraction Map

Yellow Mountain

No.1: Yellow Mountain Trekking

Type: Trekking / Hiking

Unlike some hiking in plateau mountain ranges, hiking on Yellow Mountain is a kind of enjoyable experience while sightseeing on up-and-down stone-paved steps to enjoy the fantastic views of the steep peaks and crevices with interesting names, deep gorges, bautiful old pine trees, fabulous sunrise and sunset.

Do bring your camera and get ready to feast your eyes, then “No mountain is worth seeing after a trip to Mt. Huangshan”.

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>> 4 Days Huangshan & Xihai Grand Canyon Hiking Tour

Huangshan Biking

No.2: Huangshan Biking Tour

Type: Biking / Cycling

Taking a biking tour at the foot of Huangshan Mountain is a popular way to discover the beautiful countryside scenery among famous attractions. Bikers not only will view different types of scenery along the road, inside and outside the ancient villages in Huangshan, but also harvest physical benefits, and experience a unique way of travel.

China Discovery offers you four best classic and most recommended biking trips in Huangshan. Thus, you can choose short and easy cycling trips nearby Hongcun, Xidi Ancient Villages, longer routes in She County, Ancient Huizhou and flexible biking in Bishan.

>> 4 Days Scenic Huangshan Mountain Tour with Hongcun Biking

Huangshan Villages Hiking

No.3: Hiking or Walking Around Huangshan

Type: Hiking / Walking

Obviously Yellow Mountain is a great place to enjoy the featured landscape as well as stretch your legs. However, hiking trails among Huangshan's charming villages is not in the least inferior. You get a wonderful opportunity to exploring Huangshan or old Huizhou by visiting the old villages and following the Huizhou merchant's steps.

There are 4 most popular hiking routes around Huangshan with wonderful natural scenery and rural life to admire, including Xihong (Xidi Hongcun) Ancient Pathway, Xinan River Route, Tongling Ancient Pathway and Hui Hang Caravan Trail.

>> 4 Days Huangshan Mountain and Local Village Walking Tour

Huizhou Culture Experience

No.4: Huizhou Culture Experience

Type: Culture

The Huizhou culture can be divided in different genres, like Huizhou Architecture, Huizhou Carving, Huizhou Tea, Huizhou Clan, etc. After the vicissitudes of dynasties, the Huizhou culture is well preserved and passed to generation after generation. Till now, there are many sites to explore the profound Huizhou culture.

Traveling with China Discovery, you will get a wonderful Huizhou culture experience in Huanghan. Featured activities to explore Huizhou culture include making inksticks in Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory, learning Huizhou paper cuttings, experiencing Huizhou Carving, making Chinese writing brushes, etc.

>> 4 Days Huangshan Tour to Huizhou Culture Exploration

Huangshan Local Life Experience

No.5: Local Life Experience

Huangshan is attractive with the breathtaking landscape of Yellow Mountain, featured white-walled and gray-titled dwellings and time-honored Huizhou culture. In Huangshan, you can not only admire the natural beauty but also probe into the rich Huizhou culture. Moreover, it is also available to experience the local life by visiting some local villages.

China Discovery has a good contact with local villages and some tea gardens, so we can provide a customized tour involving various local life experiences, like doing farming work, pick tea-leaves, making Huizhou dessert, watching process of making bean curd, etc.

>> 4 Days Huangshan Mountain Tour with Ancient Villages Living Experience

Mt. Huangshan  hot spring

No.6: Enjoy A Hot Spring in Huangshan

Type: hot spring

To enjoy a hot spring is best way to get relaxed after the whole day hiking on Yellow Mountain. This would be a wonderful treat and make you feel refreshed. The Hot Springs in Huangshan with nationwide fame have been in use as a resort and health spa for over a thousand years. Nestled in the mountains (all together 15), there are many different scented baths like coffee, wine, rose and green tea. Just come and enjoy your bath while having stunning views.

>>4 Days Huangshan Hongcun Vacation with Hot Spring

Huizhou Old Villages

No.7: Photograph in Huizhou Old Villages

Type: Photography

Sites: Old Villages in Yixian & Shexian County in Huangshan

There are some great places to take awesome photos like Yellow Mountain Scenic Area; Hongcun, Xidi and Nanping Ancient Villages in Yixian County; Tangyue Archways and Bao's Family Garden in Shexian County.

The most recommended itinerary for your photography trip is visiting Old Villages in Shexian County, followed by Yellow Mountain Scenic Area and then Old Villages in Yixian County.

Anhui Cuisine

No.8: Distinctive Huangshan Food - Anhui Cuisine

Type: Food

Recommended Restaurants: Laojie Diyi Lou & Mei Shi Ren Jia

Anhui Cuisine is one of the 8 Chinese traditional cuisines, which has been a part of Huangshan local culture and special charm. With a very long history, the featured Huangshan food of Anhui Cuisine is a must try together with the Yellow Mountain hiking trip.

Natures offers Huangshan rich resources and unique flavor. The locals use the original meterials, unusual local storage and cooking skills to present interesting dishes. Tunxi Old Street is a good places to taste delicious snack and typical dishes, and where you can easily find the two top favored local restaurants.

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Recommended Huangshan Tours

Top 3 Huangshan tours chosen by most customers to explore Huangshan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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