Luggage Storage before Huangshan Hiking Tour

Huangshan hiking tour definitely excites you for long. However, whether you will stay overnight on the mountain or not, tourists are not suggested to take heavy (big) luggage up the Huangshan Mountain, because there are lots of stairs, the uphill and down mountain hiking will take several hours long. It would be a big predicament carrying with excess luggage to move around. Thus, the common practice is leaving the big baggage in hotels at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, and walking to visit spots on Huangshan. Not sure what to do with your suitcase? No worries, there are many places to store your luggage before starting your Huangshan travel. Most people drop the luggage at the base of Mount Huangshan, either in Tunxi (downtown Huangshan City) or Tangkou Town before starting the Huangshan Hiking. Then you just take a small bag with necessary things to do the hiking trip and stay on the mountain overnight.

Where to Store Luggage in Tunxi?

In Tunxi (屯溪), downtown Huangshan City, it’s very easy to many places to store your luggage. You can store big luggage in the hotels you stayed, or just leave them at bus stations and train stations in Huangshan City upon your arrival. Usually, the hotel you stayed at will keep your luggage for free. All you have to do is packing things up and tell the receptionist when you will collect your luggage. At the Huangshan Bus Station, Huangshan Tourism Passenger Transport Hub (beside Huangshan North Railway Station), Huangshan Railway Station and Huangshan North Railway Station, there are luggage storage service available too. They will charge 10~20 RMB for each piece per day. Check the detailed deadline for picking-up carefully, if you leave luggage in those stations. Considering the cost and convenience, you are highly suggested to leave luggage in your hotel during your Huangshan trip.
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Tips: It’s highly recommended to leave luggage in Tunxi if you will take flight, high speed (bullet) trains to leave Huangshan City.

Luggage Storage before Huangshan Hiking Backpacking is Most Recommended for Huangshan Mountain Hiking

Where to Store Baggage in Tangkou?

Meanwhile, many tourists can leave their luggage in Tangkou (汤口镇, a small tourist town at foot of Huangshan Mountain) when transferring in the Tourist Distribution Center or staying in Tangkou Town. If you will stay overnight at Tangkou for easy access, you can leave your luggage in the hotel. Normally, you don’t need to pay for that. Another option is to store the baggage in the Tourist Distribution Center (transfer bus station in Tangkou), where you need to change to shuttle bus up the Huangshan Mountain. The daily rate is about 10~30 RMB per bag. It’s a popular choice for tourists who take bus to Huangshan from major cities in nearby regions, like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanjing, Ningbo and etc. Don’t forget to ask the specified pick-up date.

Tips: If you are going to return to nearby cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing…) directly from Tangkou Town by bus, you’d better leave the luggage in Tangkou.

Luggage Storage before Huangshan Hiking Luggage Storage Counter at Tourist Distribution Center in Tangkou Town

Leave Luggage in Your Hotel on Huangshan Mountain

When hiking on Huangshan, one always wants to move on with a light pack, even though the big baggage has been left at the foot of the Huangshan Mountain. Therefore, if your hotel is located near the cable car station on top of Huangshan Mountain, another good option you can take is leave part of luggage in the hotel, and then travel light with necessirites, like water, food, maps, disposable raincoat and hiking equipment.

For example, if you plan to take Yungu Cable Car (云谷索道) to start Huangshan tour (from the Black Mountain) and stay overnight in Beihai Hotel, you could drop something in the Beihai Hotel while passing by. So later you can continue to visit Lion Peak, West Sea Grand Canyon and further spots without heavy burden. Similarly, you may drop the baggage in Paiyunlou Hotel or Xihai Hotel if you take Taiping Cable Car (太平索道) to ascend the mountain, or leave it in Yupinglou Hotel when taking the Yuping Cable Car (玉屏索道) up the Front Mountain.

Luggage Storage on Huangshan Mountain Leave Baggage in Xihai Hotel on Huangshan Mountain

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