Huangshan Mountain – Why Expensive & Price List

Mount Huangshan, a World Cultural and Natural Heritage, has always been a hot destination for tourists coming to China. But after calculating the expense it may take to arrange a Huangshan Mountain tour, some people may complain about the high price. So why is it expensive? To help you figure it out and better plan your budget, this article has explained the reasons and listed the ticket prices of Huangshan Mountain and the 4 cable cars, and other items you may spend money on, such as the hotels, meals, sedan chair and porter service.

Why is it Expensive on Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain is common to find in people's travelling list, but some people may wonder why the goods, accommodations, and services on Huangshan Mountain all seem that expensive. Actually, it is mainly due to the challenging natural conditions and the difficulties people need to overcome to make those facilities possible on the mountain. The high costs lead to a high price. The main reasons are:

1. Huangshan Mountain is lack of goods, materials, and difficult to get supplies. However, there are a large number of tourists. Small shops can only be found near the hotels, and larger shopping stores are at Beihai Hotel, Paiyunlou Hotel, Baiyun Hotel and Yupinglou Hotel.

2. There is no driveway on the mountain. Therefore, all daily necessities such as food, vegetables, fruits and drinks, need to be carried uphill on the shoulders of porters from the foot of the mountain. A trip like this usually takes 3 to 5 hours.

3. The construction costs of the hotels are huge. Building materials such as cement, stones are basically shoulder-lifted by manual labor. The hotels are mostly built on hard stones, which adds extra difficulties to the construction.

4. The beddings of the hotels all need to be carried downhill to be cleaned up and then carried up by manpower in order to reduce pollution on the mountain.

5. Hotels on Huangshan mountain are state-owned enterprises and the prices are usually not easily changed once they are set.

Huangshan Porter Huangshan Porter Carrying Goods Uphill

Huangshan Mountain Entrance & Cable Car Tickets Price

The tickets for Huangshan Mountain and the cable cars are sold separately and their prices are different in peak season and off-peak season. The specific ticket prices are as follow:

Peak Season from March to November

The entrance ticket of Huangshan Mountain is 190 RMB per person. Single ticket for Yungu Cable Car is 80 RMB per person, Taiping Cable Car is also 80 RMB per person, Yuping Cable Car is 90 RMB per person, and Xihai Cable Car is 100 RMB per person.

Off-Peak Season from December to Next February

The entrance ticket of Huangshan Mountain is 150 RMB per person. Single ticket for Yungu Cable Car is 65 RMB per person, Taiping Cable Car is also 65 RMB per person, Yuping Cable Car is 75 RMB per person, and Xihai Cable Car is 80 RMB per person.

Huangshan Cable Car Huangshan Cable Car

Huangshan Mountain Other Price Lists

People usually spend more than one day on Huangshan Mountain to fully enjoy its beauty. The accommodation and food thus become a major concern for most tourists. And as we all know, mountain climbing is both time and energy consuming. When you feel a little tired or want to travel light with your hands free, you can hire porter service or a sedan chair to ease your trip.

Huangshan Mountain Hotel Price List

Taking the 6 state-owned hotels on Huangshan Mountain, namely Beihai Hotel (北海宾馆), Xihai Hotel South Building (西海饭店南楼), Xihai Hotel North Building (西海饭店北楼), Shilin Hotel (狮林大酒店), Baiyun Hotel (白云宾馆), and Paiyunlou Hotel (排云楼宾馆), as an example, their room rates vary from their environments, star levels, basic facilities, other services, and the time you choose to stay.

Xihai Hotel South Building is 5 Star Standard. Xihai Hotel North Building is 4 Star Standard. Beihai Hotel, Shilin Hotel, and Baiyun Hotel are 4 star hotels. And Paiyunlou Hotel is a 3 star hotel. Considering the construction difficulties and huge maintenance costs, all the hotels on Mount Huangshan charge higher than those in downtown. Generally speaking, the price of a room for one night on Huangshan Mountain is about 800 RMB – 2000RMB and may be a little higher in peak seasons, weekends, and statutory holidays (dates are not fixed) in China. For specific room rates on your planned travelling days, please feel free to contact us.

Xihai Hotel Xihai Hotel

Note :

Weekends here refer to Friday and Saturday

Statutory holidays in China: New Year’s Holiday (3 days around 1st Jan.), Spring Festival Holiday (usually 7 days in early February), Qingming Festival (5th – 7th, April), Labor Day Holiday (3 days around 1st May), Dragon-Boat Festival (usually 3 days in early June), Mid-Autumn Festival (usually 3 days in mid-September), and the National Day Holiday (1st-7th, October).

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Huangshan Mountain Food Price List

Snacks, drinks, fruits and Chinese meals are available on Huangshan Mountain. Some of them are listed as follows:

Reference Snacks & Drinks Price List

Zongzi (粽子) 8 RMB/each Fried Chicken Drumsticks 15 RMB/each
Corn on the cob (玉米) 6 RMB/each Clay Oven Rolls (10 in a bag) 15 RMB/bag
Steamed Stuffed Bun (包子) 5 RMB/each Sweet Potato Pagoda 4 RMB/each
Hand Cake 10 RMB/each Fried Noodles 20 RMB/bowl
Apple/Pear 5-10 RMB/each Drinking Water 10 RMB/bottle
Cucumber 5 RMB/each Cola 15 RMB/bottle
Tea Egg 4 RMB/each Milk Tea 25 RMB/cup
Sausage 4 RMB/each Syrup of Plum 20 RMB/cup
Chicken Kabob (骨肉相连) 4 RMB/each Ice-lolly 10-15/each
Chicken Chop 5 RMB/each Sweet Mung Bean Soup 10 RMB/cup


Apart from that, buffet at Yupinglou Hotel, Beihai Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, Xihai Hotel is 128 RMB - 140 RMB per person, where you can enjoy 10 dishes and 1 soup.

Chinese quick meal at Paiyunlou Hotel and Baiyun Hotel is 50 RMB per person for 3 dishes and 1 soup, and 60 RMB per person for 4 dishes and 1 soup.

Huangshan Mountain Sedan Chair & Porter Service Price List

The price of sedan chair & porter service is set according to the route, distance and your bag size. It's not an easy thing to climb up and down so many steps. So if you are exhuasted or not in your top physical condition, it is advisable and understandable to choose sedan chair or porter service. In this way, you will not only be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery successfully, but also bring some income to the porters. The sedan chair & porter service costs and routes below are for your reference.

Sedan Chair Costs and Routes

Starting Point Destination Distance Price (per chair) Notes
White Goose Ridge
(Yungu Cableway up)
Beihai Hotel about 1km 300 RMB Plus 100 RMB to Begin to Believe Peak
Plus 100 RMB to Lion Peak
Xihai Hotel about 2km 500 RMB
Beihai Hotel Beihai Hotel / 600 RMB Beihai Hotel - Xihai Hotel - Cloud Dispelling Pavilion - Beihai Hotel
Beihai/Xihai Hotel Beihai/Xihai Hotel / 800 RMB Beihai/Xihai Hotel - Bright Top - Flying-over Rock - Beihai/Xihai Hotel
Xihai Hotel Danxia Station
(Taiping Cableway up)
about 0.5km 300 RMB Plus 100 RMB to Cloud Dispelling Pavilion
Plus 100 RMB to North Entrance of West Sea Grand Canyon
Xihai Hotel Xihai Hotel / 600 RMB Xihai Hotel - North Entrance of Xihai Grand Canyon - Xihai Hotel


Porter Service Costs and Routes

Starting Point Destination Distance Small Bag (per piece) Big Bag (per piece)
White Goose Ridge Station (Yungu Cableway up) Beihai Hotel about 1km 30 ~ 40 RMB 60 ~ 80 RMB
White Goose Ridge Station (Yungu Cableway up) Xihai Hotel about 3.5km 40 ~ 50 RMB 80 ~ 100 RMB
Danxia Station (Taiping Cableway up) Xihai Hotel about 0.5km 30 ~ 40 RMB 60 ~ 80 RMB
Danxia Station (Taiping Cableway up) Beihai Hotel about 1.5km 40 ~ 50 RMB 80 ~ 100 RMB

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