Huangshan Family Travel - Recommended Spots, Activities and Tour Packages 2023/2024

Sharing the world with children exerts a great influence on education and family ties. Well-known as one of the most popular destinations in China, Huangshan not only has rich tourists attractions in different styles, like the famous World Cultural and Natural Heritage - Yellow Mountain, two extra Cultural Heirtage sites - Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages, but also preserves strong ancient Huizhou culture and history in local residentices, customs and livelihood. That is, except the Huangshan Mountain Hiking trip for physical exercise, there are lots of relaxing and educational activities children can join to contact the local culture and life. Are you planning an interesting and meaningful family vacation in Huangshan? Select the most ideal sites and experiences to design a unique one.

Things to Do in Huangshan with Kids

Whether you are looking for a leisurable nature sightseeing, significant cultural touching entertaining physical adventure and local experience for your kids, Huangshan has all of that for your family. Get inspired from our top family vacation spots and activities in the below.

Top Places to Travel with Kids

Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain 黄山

A hiking trip to Huangshan Mountain is the most brilliant highlight and must-do for all Huangshan tourists. Parents will share the spectular mountain views and natural splendors with children, and set a good example of loving outdoor spots and beautiful nature. The once-in-a-lifetime journey will also exercise children’s bodies, under the courgae and help from the parents.

Attentively, there are a variety of hiking routes in different length, time and difficulty on the Yellow Mountain. According to the fitness and comfort, your family can spend 2 ~ 3 days and more to visit the major sites on the mountain, including the West Sea Xihai Grand Canyon with amazing land formations, and stay overnight at the top to watch sunrise or sunset. Whiling climebing Mt. Huangshan with kids, your family members are most recommended to choose a easier and more leisurable walking since the entire hiking is quite challenge and strenuous.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Hike Huangshan Mountain with Children
Huangshan Yellow Mountain Enjoy Family Hiking Trip to Yellow Mountain

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Huizhou Ancient Villages (Hongcun & Xidi, Bishan, Nanping) 徽州古村落

Huangshan villages are the largest number and most well-preserved Chinsee ancient villages in China. Visiting the picturesque ancient Huizhou style villages helps you and your kids catch a glimpse of the fasinating local culture and their glorious history. With a slower pace, all of you can walk though the old alleyes, view traditional architectures with various of carved decorations. It is a good oppornity for the children to learn Chinese culture and history of Southern Anhui.

In Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Village, the two World Cultural Heritages, your family can spend a night in the elaborate ancient houses of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to experience the authentic living scenes. In Bishan and Nanping, two peaceful villages near Xidi, you and the young kids can enjoy pretty countryside landscape and tasting local flavor.

Hongcun Ancient Village Family Tour in Painting-like Hongcun Ancient Village

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Tunxi Old Street 屯溪老街

No matter you are going to visit Huangshan Mountain by high speed bullet train or flight, Tunxi, downtwon Huangshan City, is always the first destination you will arrive in. Before heading to Yellow Mountain or back to other city, your family can’t miss the Tunxi Old Street. There the children and you can not only taste all sorts of local delicacies, buy characteristic souvenirs, but also see many ancient architecture preserved in original look, and purchase Four Treasures of Study (wirting bush, inkstick, paper andinkstone) and nice paintings. Feel hungry and get tired? Try the delicous dishes and snacks in Laojie Diyi Lou or Meishi Renjia in the old street to satisfy your tummy and be the locals.

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Xin'an River 新安江

Apart from mountain hiking, villages touring, Huangshan offers your family relaxing river cruising in Xin’an River as well. The river is a 373-kilometer-long moving landscape gallery connecting Huangshan, Anhui and Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang. While sitting on board, you and the kids can enjoy a beautiful scroll painting of ancient villages surround by peaks and farmlands. If you go ashore, you can watch performance of fishing skill, Miantan Opera, seasonal folk customs and local wedding culture. The walking distances are very short, easier for children. Xin’an River Landscape Gallery >

Mukeng Bamboo Forest 木坑竹海

With vast sea of green bamboos, Mukeng Bamboo Forest, located very near to Hongxun Village, is another good places to go with kids. It would excite your children when you visit the scenic area, once was filmed in the Oscar Winner, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gragon. Also, taking your kids do the short circut hiking in such a natural oxygen bar and seeing so many green trees does great benefit to the health of the kids and you.

Huizhou Ancient City 徽州古城

Huizhou Ancient City, also called She County Ancient City, is one of the four best preserced ancient cities in China. If your family are interested in Chinese culture and history, the historic architecture complex is a good sites to explore. You can take the kids visiting the Huizhou State office to see the previous government office, see the only surviving 8-crutched memorial archway - Xuguo Stone Archway and the famous hydraulic engineering of Yuliang Anicent Dam and ramble in Doushan Street to observe grandiose house of the Huizhou merchants. Let the kids stay by your side to avoid get lost, because Huizhou Ancient City is huge with complicated alleys.

Huangshan Tunxi Old Street Tunxi Old Street in Downtown Huangshan
Huangshan Xin'an River Jiuxing Traditional Fishing Performance in Xin'an River
Huangshan Huizhou Ancient City Xuguo Stone Archway in Huizhou Ancient City

Featured Activities for Kids

Normally tourist can plan a Huangshan tour with hiking, trekking and photography and so on. Meanwhile, there are great many amusing activities the children can attend to promote the healthy development of mind and body, and broaden the horizen.

Huangshan Biking

Your family can bike in and around the ancient villages to view the picturesque countryside scenery and visit the charming village when you rest on the way. All the biking routes we offer will be done on the well-pave roads, which demands minimal physical strength. We listed the 4 of the most popular biking tours between Hongcun to Mukeng Bamboo Forest, in Bishan, between Guanlu and Nanping, Chengkan to Qiankou. Thus, you can see different landscape or stay longer in one quiet village with the kids. Huangshan Biking Tours >

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Recommended Huangshan Biking Tour:

>> 4 Days Scenic Huangshan Mountain Tour with Hongcun Biking

Huangshan Biking Enjoy A Biking Tour in Bishan Village

Huizhou Cultural Experience

Anhui Province is the most well-known and authentic hometown to Four Jewels of the Stay in China. The four treasures are brush, inkstick, paper and inkstone, four major writing and painting tools for scholors. It belongs to the Chinese traditional culture for many other 1500 years. When your family tour Huangshan, you have chance to take in some background culture about it. If you visit Tunxi Old Street, you and the kids can join in a handcraft class to make the inksticks in Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory and Chinese writing brushes in a store, and learn Huizhou paper cutting nearby the street. Huizhou Culture / Huizhou Architecture

>> Huizhou Culture Experiences in Huangshan

Huangshan Huizhou Cultue Experience Miss World Learned Huizhou Wood Carving in Hui Syle Carving Museum

Local Life Experience

Getting involved in the daily routine is one good way to be and learn from the locals in Huangshan. Living in modern urban life, parents are more and more like to take the kids back to rural ereas to get a speical experience. There the kids can see, touch and remember the charming of the nature when they join in the locallihood. In Nanping Village, you can experience traditional farm works, such as wheelbarrow driving, fresh vegetable picking and water lifting. Moreover, your family can try tea picking and tasting in Xieyueda Ecological Tea Garden, Hui style desert and Tofu making in local farms. Huangshan Local Life Experience >

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Hot Spring

Taking a bath in a hot spring after hiking up and down on the Yellow Mountain will ease your family members’ sore body and foot, and gives a relaxing feeling and many healthy benefits. The hot spring at the foot of Mt. Huangshan is one of the four natural wonders which is located near the Mercy Light Temple Cable Car Station. If you make a winter tour to Huangshan, the warm waters in the hot spring will dispell your coldness and relax your legs.

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>> 4 Days Huangshan Hongcun Vacation with Hot Spring


Huangshan has many local specilities and featured handcraft your family can buy as souvenirs before retuning home. Tunxi Old Street is the most recommended place to find all, including top famous Chines teas (Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea, Qimen Black Tea), local snacks (Chinese stylesesame seed cake, Huizhou flavor desert), carved artifacts and the Four Jewels of the Study. You can also buy interesting items whiling visiting the ancient villages.

Huangshan Local Life Experience Learn the Tea Picking in Tea Gardenu
Huangshan Hot Spring Wine Spring at Huangshan Resort & Spa
Huangshan Shopping and Eating Taste Local Snacks in Tunxi Old Street

Family Trip Ideas - How to Visit Huangshan with Kid

With so many options to select for a family vacation, it’s important to figure out how to plan your Huangshan family travel fun and educational, and arrange the highlights together in apporiate order. Rest assured that there are different itinerary that your family can join to enjoy both attractions and feactured activities.

If your family will travel to Huangshan Mountain by high speed train (Huangshan High Speed Trains) or flight (Flights to Huangshan), you can visit Tunxi Old Street and stay more time to do the cultural learning classes and shopping in Tunxi. For Huangshan Mountain hiking, since you are traveling with kids, your family are strongly suggested to take Yungu Cable Car (Huangshan Mountain Cable Cars) to up the top and visit the Back Mountain areas. For the cableway protect your knees from hours’ hiking, and also the stairs are less steep than the front mountain. If your family will visit Hongcun Ancient Village, you can extend trip to Bishan and Mukeng Bamboo Forest nearby to have a pleasant biking trip and rural life experience. And the Nanping Village is quite close to Xidi. If you will leave Huangshan by train, sites in She County, northeast of Tunxi, like Huizhou Ancient City and Xin’an River are suggested to be scheduled in the last part. How to Plan A Huangshan Tour >

Travelling Huangshan with Children with China Discovery

With abundant experience and professional travel guide, China Discovery offers every traveller high-value Huangshan tours by different themes and styles. We offers you best tour packges and services of tour guides, hotels, transfers and etc. Travelling with us, you only need to focus on the sightseeing and fun of the local cultural experiences. Feel free to contact us to tell your interests and customize a unique Huangshan family tour.

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