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Huangshan Tourism

Huangshan Tourism Board

Huangshan is one of the most popular and most beautiful destinations in China. Travellers usually get confused by "Huangshan city or Huangshan Mountain" especially reading a lot of travel guide and notes on the internet. To get it frank and clear, Huangshan Mountain (also known as the Yellow Mountain) is located about 80km north from Huangshan city, and one usually get to Huangshan city first before getting to Huangshan Mountain. All flights and trains take you to Huangshan city first. Huangshan City is a large area, including three districts - Tunxi, Huangshan and Huizhou, 4 counties - Yixian, Shexian, Xiuningxian, Qimenxian, over 1000 towns, and many ancient villages, such as Hongcun, Xidi, Nanping, etc.

The essence of Huangshan, with no doubt, is Huangshan Mountain, the "loveliest mountain of China". If time allows, it's strongly recommended to visit one or several ancient Huizhou-style villages after your Huangshan Mountain trip.

Latest News: 1) West Sea Grand Canyan reopens after the annual winter routine maintenance and West Sea Cable Car resumes operation. 2) From 20th March, 2019 to 31st March, 2024, Lotus Peak is open while Celestial Capital Peak is closed for maintenance. 3) all direct flights between Shanghai and Huangshan have been cancelled as there are 20 more high speed bullet trains have been put into running between these two very popular tourist destinations in China. The high speed trains only take about 2.5~3.5 hours to transfer from Shanghai to Huangshan.

Brief Huangshan Travel Guide:

Following are some useful articles on planning travel experience in Huangshan, including top attractions and activities, transportation, weather, maps, etc. Since we are local, really know the destination well, and have mastered the best way to travel, so you can completely rely on our local expertise and experience. Contact us to plan your trip in Huangshan here>>

Top 18 Huangshan Attractions

In Huangshan City, the world famous Mt. Huangshan is the must-visit attraction. Besides Mt. Huangshan, travelers can explore the Huizhou culture in the nearby ancient villages, like Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages. To visit more attractions in Huangshan, please go and see all Attractions in Huangshan.

Top 8 Interesting Activities to Experience in Huangshan

Your Huangshan Yellow Mountain trip will be much more interesting if you cover one or two recommended activities into your itinerary, such as enjoying a leisure mountain hiking, biking through ancient villages, pick tea along the road to Yellow Mountain, etc. Don't hesitage to discuss with our travel consultants if you need a tailor-made tour.

Important Things to Know About Huangshan Mountain Trip

Hiking in Huangshan

How to Plan Huangshan Tour

Mount Huangshan is full of things to see, and travelers are suggested to make a good plan before the final trip, such as choosing the best time to visit, right itinerary to take, suitable hotels to stay in, etc.

Huangshan Tourism Board

Best Time to Visit

Generally speaking, you can visit Mount Huangshan in every season and get different sightseeing. But our suggestion is to avoid the weekends (Friday and Saturday) and the Chinese Holidays, such as New Year Festival, Labor Days, National Days, etc.

Huangshan Tourism Board

How to Get to Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain is located in Huangshan District, about 80km from Huangshan City. Travellers usually get to Huangshan city first by by flight, bullet train or bus, then transfer to the foot area of Yellow Mountain.

Huangshan Tourism Board

Huangshan Cable Cars

Take the cable car up/down can save your time and energy for the highlights scenery. There are totally 3 cableways located in different gates/entrance to up and down mountain area, including Yungu Cable Car, Yuping Cable Car and Taiping Cable Car.

Huangshan Tourism Board

Hotels on Yellow Mountain

Currently there are only 7 hotels on the top of Yellow Mountain. They are located at different regions. When choosing hotel, you have to consider the hotel location (perfect for watching sunrise or not, reachable or not), price and amenities.

Huangshan Tourism Board

Useful Huangshan Mountain Maps

Here we have provided you with the latest maps of the location, transportation, tourist sights, and hotels of Huangshan/Yellow Mountain. All of them are downloadable and printable.

Huangshan Tourism Board

What to Pack

Remember that travel light and take useful items as much as possible is the most important principle of packing ideas for a Huangshan hiking tour. Read our Packing List to get clear about what you should pack before setting out.

Huangshan Tourism Board

Why Expensive on the Mountain

This article has explained why is it expensive to travel Huangshan, and listed the ticket prices of Huangshan Mountain and the 4 cable cars, and other items you may spend money on, such as the hotels, meals, sedan chair and porter service.

How to Get to & Around Huangshan

Getting to Huangshan(City) and getting to Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) are two completely different things. Huangshan Mountain is located about 80km's driving from Huangshan City. To get to Huangshan Mountain, one usually have to get to Huangshan City first, then transfer by private vehicle or public buses to Huangshan Mountain. After Huangshan Mountain trip, you can extend your trip to nearby ancient villages, such as Hongcun, Xidi, Chenkan, etc. Below is a Huangshan Regional Map and Full Huangshan Transfer Guide:


Take Flights & High Speed Bullet Trains to Huangshan City (Tunxi)

- Flights to Huangshan

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport is located 7 km from Huangshan Tunxi downtown area. It has flights from/to Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Xian, Chongqing, Hefei, Guangzhou, Xiamen, etc. Shanghai is the best gateway to Huangshan City and many travelers choose go by air. It needs only 1 hour and 40 minutes.

- High Speed Bullet Trains to Huangshan

There are many cities especially cities in southeastern China operate daily high speed trains to Huangshan, including Shanghai (4 hrs and 44 mins), Hangzhou (3 hrs and 38 mins), Xiamen (4~4.5hrs), Guangzhou (7hrs), Beijing (6hrs), Jinan (3.5~5.5hrs), Tianjin (around 5.5 hrs), Hefei (1 hr and 40 mins), Fuzhou (2.5 hrs), Mount Wuyi (1.5 hrs), etc.

How to Get Around Huangshan City

It's very convenient to transfer around Huangshan city as most attractions, including Yellow Mountain, Hongcun, Xidi, etc., are located not very far from Huangshan City. There are daily buses running to each attraction from downtown. You are suggested to take our Huangshan tour packages which have covered transfers, sightseeing, tour guide, hotels, to ensure more enjoyable trip.

Useful Huangshan Maps

To help you have understanding about Huangshan City and its top attractions like Mt. Huangshan, Hongcun Ancient Village and Xidi Ancient Village, we have collected some useful Huangshan maps for you. Please feel free to use them when planning your amazing Huangshan tour! For more maps, please check 2023 Overall and Detailed Huangshan Maps.

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