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Huizhou Culture Experience

Huizhou (徽州), also known as Xin'an, once was a nationally renowned prefecture with a history of over 1400 years. Its main administrative parts constitute present Huangshan City. The ancient civilization and superior natural environment moisten the land of Huizhou and breed the unique Huizhou culture. The Huizhou culture can be divided in different genres, like Huizhou Architecture, Huizhou Carving, Huizhou Tea, Huizhou Clan, Huizhou Cuisine, Scholar's Four Jewels, Xin'an Neo-Confucianism, Xin'an Style Painting, Huizhou Style Seal Cutting, Huizhou Opera, etc. Huizhou Culture, together with Dunhuang Culture and Tibetan Culture, is praised is one of China's three regional cultures, which is an important element of Chinese traditional civilization.

After the vicissitudes of dynasties, the Huizhou culture is well preserved and passed to generation after generation. Till now, there are many sites to explore the profound Huizhou culture.

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Wonderful Huizhou Culture Experience in Huangshan

It is available to take part in different activities to better explore Huizhou culture. Traveling with China Discovery, you will get a lot of choices.

Making Inksticks in Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory

Address: Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory, No. 4, Xinan North Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City

Fee: 300RMB/2 Inksticks (available to be shared by two people)

Experience Time: about 1 hour

Inkstick is one of China's Scholar's Four Jewels with brushe, paper and inkstone. Huizhou Inkstick has long enjoyed a high reputation since Tang Dynasty (618 ~ 907). Hu Kaiwen Inkstick Factory – a time-honored factory to produce Chinese inkstick, still keeps its traditional manufacturing methods to produce Huizhou Inkstick. Visiting this factory, you can not only admire the procedure of making inkstick but also experience it in person.

There will be an experienced teacher instructing you to complete inkstick. You will mix the materials together and pound them with a pestle first, and then press the inksticks into the wooden mould. Then you can print your handprint on the inkstick as a memorial. After your inkstick is finished, you can take them home.

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory Experience Making Inkstick

Learning Huizhou Paper Cuttings

Address: Tunxi Hui Street, about 1 kilometer (several minutes' walking) from Tunxi Old Street

Fee: 60RMB/person

Experience Time: about 1 hour

As one of China's traditional folk art, paper cutting can trace back to Eastern Han Dynasty (25~220 AD). For a long time, Huizhou paper cuting has been regarded as a key carrier of the local people's daily life and rich culture. In ancient times, paper-cut works were important ornamentation to decorate wedding room usually, and later they may be used in temple fair and festival activities. In Huangshan, you can still explore this wonderful art. With one pair of scissors and several pieces of paper, the artists are able to make a flying butter fly, a singing magpie and some Chinese characters like 福 (blessing), 禄(affluence), 寿(longevity) and 喜(happiness).

Tunxi Hui Street (屯溪徽街) is a newly-built street to exhibit the Huizhou's intangible cultural heritage. Visiting the Paper Cutting Intangible Cultural Heritage Palace, you can not only see many great paper-cut works, but also join a class to learn Huizhou Paper cutting. The professional teachers will explain the knowledge about paper cutting first and teach you how to cut the paper then. With the help of the teachers, you can manage to cut the paper into different patterns, like a five-pointed star, a flower or an animal.

Huizhou Paper Cutting A Huizhou Paper Cutting Work of Hongcun Ancient Village

Experiencing Huizhou Carving

Address: Hui Style Carving Museum, Yansi Town, Huizhou District, Huangshan City (徽州区岩寺镇黄山市)

Fee: 150 RMB/person

Experience Time: about 1 hour

Limit: 6 people at least

Ancient Huizhou is also famous for its four carvings, namely brick carving, wood carving, stone carving and bamboo carving. Hui Style Carving Museum exhibits many delicate carvings works, including bamboo and wood carving handicrafts, inkstone carving, rosewood furniture, Huizhou zithers, etc.

After appreciating the exquisite artworks, you can enjoy a Huizhou carving class. There will be an expert teaching you how to use a small tool to carve beautiful patterns on a piece of bamboo or wood. After finish your work, you will take photos with your teach and classmates. It is also available to take your carving works home.

Travel Ideas: Hui Style Carving Museum is about 10km away from Tangyue Memorial Archways and Bao Family's Garden. You are suggested to travel them together. Tangyue Memorial Archways are seven archways to memorize the virtues of seven Tangyue People. In Bao Family's Garden, you can see about 10,000 delicate and rare potted bonsai plants.
Huizhou Style Carving Museum Miss World Learned Huizhou Wood Carving in Hui Syle Carving Museum

Making Chinese Writing Brushes

Address: Yangwen Writing Brush Store, Tunxi Old Street, Huangshan City

Fee: 150 RMB/person

Experience Time: 1.5 hours

Limit: 5 people at least

Brush is also one of China's Scholar's Four Jewels and a key element for make good Chinese traditional calligraphy. If you want to create a good calligraphy, a good writing brush is necessary. Huizhou Brush is also a represent of Huizhou Culture. Mr. Yang Wen (杨文), who mastered the skill of making Huizhou brush in his childhood, is the director of Huizhou Writing Brush Research Institution and the inheritor of Craftsmanship of Huizhou Brush. In his private store, you can learn a lot of knowledges about writing brushes. For Chinese calligraphy lovers, it is recommended to experience the process of making Huizhou writing brushes.

The whole process of making writing brush includes choosing brush, clipping brush, burdening, bonding and trimming brush pen. It seems simple make the writing brushes when you see the teachers working, but it never go smoothly when you do it by yourself. However, you can make it under the guidance of the teacher.

Yangwen Brush Store Writing Brush Made in Yangwen Brush Store

Experiencing DIY Batik

Address: Nanping Village, Biyang Town, Yixian County, Huangshan City (黄山市黟县碧阳镇南屏村)

Lecturing Fee: 200RMB/class

Batik Fee: varying on different works

Experience Time: varying on different works

Limit: about 1.5 hours

In fact, batik is not traditional skill in old Huizhou, but it will be nice journey to experience batik when you travel to Huangshan. There is a small batik workshop located near Wangsong Bridge of Nanping Village. Before entering it, you will be attracted by the pieces of blue cloth drying on the clothesline pole. Most of the decorative items in the workshop are colored by white and blue. The raw materials for batik are extracted from the plants. You can choose a kerchief, a scarf, a bolster or a bag for batik. The teacher will instruct you to design a patern and dye it into the dye vat slowly. After drying your finished works, you can take them home.

Travel Ideas: After you DIY batik experience, it's strongly recommended to pay a visit Nanping Village - a labyrinthine old village known as the museum of Chinese Ancient Ancestral Halls.

Huizhou Batik Elegant Batik Workshop

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Experience Huizhou Culture with China Discovery

Huangshan is more than Huangshan Mountain. It offers much more than what we can imagine. Do you want a travel to unveil its mysterious face of Huangshan and probe into even one tip of Huizhou's extensive and profound culture? Travelling with China Discovery, our local travel guide will lead you to discover and experience the old Huizhou hidden in Huangshan. If you are in featured architectures of Huizhou ancient villages, have a 4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages which covers famous UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites – Hongcun Village and Xidi Village as well as the highlights of Yellow Mountain. For those who want to visit a more peaceful village seldom squeezed by tourists groups, choose 4 Days Huangshan with Pig's Inn Carefree Countryside Idyll Tour and you can enjoy a tranquil genuine countryside life in beautiful Bishan. It is also available to enter the old villages and join the local people's life - 4 Days Huangshan Mountain Tour with Ancient Villages Living Experience allows you to go to a local family to experience farming works.

If you want to experience Huizhou culture deeply and join the interesting activities, don't hesitate to contact our professional travel guide. You are also warmly welcomed to customize your Huangshan tour in your own style.

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