How to Plan Mount Huangshan Tour

Mount Huangshan is full of things to see, and travelers are suggested to make a good plan before the final trip, such as choosing the best time to visit, right itinerary to take, suitable hotels to stay in, etc. With our well-concluded guidance, you can easily design the ideal Yellow Mountain trip of your own.

Top 3 Huangshan Mountain Tour Packages for 2024

Huangshan Mountain is divided into Front Mountain and Back Mountain. You can customize according to your days, energy condition and interest, basically for one day, two days or three days. Below are our travel experts’ handpicked top 3 Huangshan Mountain tour packages solely focusing on spending more memorable time on the mountain.

  • Huangshan Yellow Mountain Tour

    3 Days Huangshan Highlights Leisure Walking Tour

    Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon

    If you prefer walking the easier path while not missing the best highlights, this is the ideal trip - short days, classic itinerary, leisure pace, private transfer. You will use park bus and cable cars directly bring you to the sightseeing areas, saving you from unnecessary walking.

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  • Huangshan Yellow Mountain Tour

    3 Days Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour

    Front + Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon

    Why should you hike the Front Mountain + Back Mountain together? This tour will take you to explore the best highlights of both Front Mountain and Back Mountain in 2 full days. The hiking pace is neither too tight nor too relaxing.

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  • Huangshan Yellow Mountain Tour

    4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages

    Tunxi - Huangshan Mountain - Hongcun - Xidi

    This tour is suitable for all kinds of travelers - family with kids, seniors, honeymooners, photographers, etc. You will have a leisure tour on Huangshan mountain, also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages.

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The Best Time to Visit Huangshan

Mount Huangshan is usually mild and humid all year around, as the features of the Subtropical Monsoon Climate. The yearly average temperature is around 10 °C. The highest temperature is about 33 °C in August, and the lowest is -3°C in January. There is a big temperature difference during daytime and night. Remember to bring a warm cloth for the early morning sunrise watching. Rainfall is plentiful on the mountain, mainly from June to October. Chances are big to have a mist day or a rainy day, so you’d better check the weather forecast before your trip. Learn more about Huangshan Weather.

Generally speaking, you can visit Mount Huangshan in every season and get different sightseeing – wild flowers in Spring, vibrant pine trees in Summer, cool temperature and red leaves in Autumn, stunning snow in Winter. Our suggestion is to avoid the Chinese Holidays, such as New Year Festival, Labor Days, National Days, etc.

Yellow Mountain Winter

Yellow Mountain Winter (Dec to Feb)

How to Get to Huangshan

Get to Huangshan City from other Cities

By Flight - Huangshan Tunxi International Airport operates flights to Huangshan city from Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. The Shanghai-Hangzhou is the most popular air line. During the tourism peak season, there are usually two and more flying from Shanghai to Huangshan each day (duration: about 1 hour and 40 minutes). The airport is only 7 km from Huangshan central downtown area. (6 Days Shanghai Yellow Mountain Tour with Water Town Visit)

By Trains - Currently there are nearly 60 high speed bullet trains stop or passing by Huangshan North Railway Station. You can easily get to Huangshan from Beijing (as fast as 5 hours and 25 minutes), Shanghai (1 hour and 44 minutes), from Hangzhou (3 hours and 9 minutes), Xian (8 hours), Xiamen, Qingdao, Changsha, Zhengzhou and others. (5 Days Shanghai Huangshan Tour by High Speed Train)

Get to Mount Huangshan from Huangshan City

The Yellow Mountain (Mount Huangshan Scenic Area) is located 80 km away from Huangshan City. Travelers usually firstly get to Huangshan on the first day, and transfer to the mountain on the third day early morning. So far, there are buses from Huangshan Bus Station to Tangkou Town where tourists have to change to take park bus to the entrance of Yellow Mountain.

High Speed Train to Huangshan

High Speed Train to Huangshan

How to Design the Itinerary

The Yellow Mountain is consists of more than 50 peaks. The itineraries vary according to your dates, budget, interest, etc.

Two Days’ Classic Itinerary

Two day’s trip allows you to visit Yellow Mountain at a leisure pace, and give you opportunities to enjoy as many as sights you can as well as the magnificent sunrise and sunset.

D1: Transfer from Huangshan city to Tangkou, then take park bus to Yungu Temple to ride the cable car to the top region of Yellow Mountain. Visit the Begin-to-Believe Peak firstly, then check in your hotel on the mountain. Then go to spend about 2~3 hours to hike the West Sea Grand Canyon, and about 1.5 hours to tour the Flying-over Rock and Bright Summit.

D2: Watch sunrise around 6 AM. After breakfast, go to climb the Lion Peak and see sites like Dawn Pavilion and Stone Monkey Looking over the Sea. Lastly, take the Yungu Cableway down the mountain and transfer to visit Hongcun Village or directly return to Huangshan City.

> 3 Days Huangshan Highlights Tour

Itineraries for Hiking Lovers

For hiking lovers, it is necessary to spend at least two days on the mountain to explore both the Front Mountain (Greeting Guests Pine, Lotus Peak, One-Line Sky…) and the Back Mountain (Begin-to-Believe Peak, Lion Peak).

D1: Route: Greeting Guest Pine - Bright Summit - West Sea Grand Canyon / Length: about 10 km/7 hrs.

Drive about 80 kilometers (1.5 hours), and take park bus to Mercy Light Pavilion to ride a cableway to upper Jade Screen Scenic Area. Visit the symbol of Mount Huangshan - Greeting Guests Pine firstly, then follow the uprising stone steps to the highest peak on the Mount Huang - Lotus Peak(1864 m). Walk down the One Hundred Cloud Ladder, then climb the steeping path of One-Line-Sky to get to Turtle Fish Peak, Bright Summit and Flying-over Rock. In the afternoon, go to explore the dreamland – West Sea Grand Canyon. Generally speaking, it takes about 3 hours for energetic hiker to hike from the Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, via 1st Ring and 2nd Ring to the bottom and return to the starting point. For beginners, children, and senior travelers, you can decide the hiking length on your own according to your physical condition, usually 2 hours for the 1st Ring and 2.5hrs for the 2nd Ring.

D2: Route: Sunrise - Lion Peak - Beginning-to-Believe Peak; Length: about 9 km/4 hrs.

Get up early watch sunrise. After breakfast, continue on your hiking to see the famous Dawn Pavilion, Stone Monkey Watching the Sea on the Lion Peak (1690 m). Then walk to another legendary peak - Beginning-to-Believe Peak. Lastly, you will descend the mountain from the White Goose Ridge to Yungu Temple, which is an easy walking of about two and a half hours along wide but a bit precipitous stone steps. You can also take the Yungu Cableway down the mountain.

> 3 Days Huangshan Brief Hiking Tour

Yellow Mountain Day Tour is possible

To visit Huangshan and return in a single day, you have to start very early at around 7 AM (you can accommodate at Tangkou, the nearest town from Yellow Mountain). Take park bus from Tangkou to Yungu Temple to take cableway up. Visit Begin-to-Believe Peak and Lion Peak then walk to the Dispelling Cloud Pavilion to enter the West Sea Grand Canyon. After reaching the bottom of the canyon, take a cable car up to Baiyun Hotel for lunch. Keep walking from Baiyun Hotel to visit Turtle Fish Peak, One-Line Sky, One-Hundred-Steps Gladder. Then you will get to the symbol of Yellow Mountain – Greeting Guests Pine. Lastly, take cableway down the mountain before 4 PM to catch the park bus to Tangkou. Transfer from Tangkou to Huangshan City for accommodation.

> 3 Days Yellow Mountain Essential Tour

Yungu Cableway

Yungu Cableway

Greeting Guests Pine

Guest-Greeting Pine 

Lion Peak

Lion Peak

Flying-over Rock

Flying-over Rock

West Sea Grand Canyon

West Sea Grand Canyon

Extension Trips to Ancient Villages from Yellow Mountain - Strongly Recommended

If you have more days for your vacation, you can take a half-day visit to Hongcun or Xidi, the featured ancient villages of World Heritage Sites. Visiting both two villages will take more than a half day. You can also take a day tour to She County to explore the unique Huizhou-style culture – classical gardens, archways, geomancy, etc.

Recommended Huangshan In-depth Tours

> 4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages
> 5 Days Huangshan Mountain and Local Village Walking Tour
> 5 Days Shanghai Huangshan Tour by High Speed Train

Hongcun Ancient Village

Hongcun Ancient Village

Where to Accommodate on Mount Huangshan

Currently there are only 7 hotels on the top of Yellow Mountain. They are located at different regions. It is very important to choose the right hotel. A great hotel with good location and cozy beds will make your Huangshan trip more enjoyable. When choosing hotel, you have to consider the hotel location (perfect for watching sunrise or not, reachable or not), price and amenities.

Generally speaking, if you enter the mountain from Back Mountain (Yungu Cableway), you are suggested to accommodate at Beihai Hotel which is the close to the Refreshing Terrace (the best location for sunrise). If you enter the mountain from Front Mountain (Yuping Cableway), you can accommodate at Baiyun Hotel near to the Bright Summit. If you finish your hiking at West Sea Grand Canyon, stay at Xihai Hotel or Paiyun Hotel. Learn more about Mount Huangshan Hotels.

Xihai Hotel

Xihai Hotel on the Mountain

Recommended Huangshan Tours

Top 3 Huangshan tours chosen by most customers to explore Huangshan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Our Client Jenny's group from Vietnam enjoyed sunrise on Yellow Mountain in November, 2020

3 Days Huangshan Highlights Leisure Tour (Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon)

Tunxi - Huangshan - Tunxi

Mr. and MRS. Jorge from Peru visited Hongcun Village in September 2023

4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages

Tunxi - Huangshan Mountain - Hongcun - Xidi

Flying-over-Rock on Yellow Mountain Taken by Our Customer Andreas

3 Days Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour (Front Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon + Back Mountain)


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