Shanghai Suzhou High Speed Trains Transfer

Shanghai Suzhou Location Map

Location and Distance

Located on the eastern coastline of China, Shanghai borders Jiangsu on the north and west, Zhejiang on the south, and connects to the East China Sea. It is the most populous and largest municipality in China. Suzhou is on the Lake Tai Plain south of the Yangtze River, about 100 km (60 mi) to the west of Shanghai and just over 200 km (120 mi) east of Nanjing. While Suzhou lies in the southern Jiangsu Province, bordering Shanghai on the east, Zhejiang Province on the south and Wuxi City on the north. Both Shanghai and Suzhou are important economic and tourist cities in the Yangtze River Delta.

The distance from Shanghai downtown to the city center of Suzhou city is about 104km, about 1.5 hour’s driving. The high speed bullet trains only take less 30 minutes to transfer between Shanghai and Suzhou.

Driving or High Speed Trains?

Both driving and bullet trains are very convenient for transfer between Shanghai and Hangzhou. Generally, High speed trains are faster, and cost you little time and money, while the driving is more flexible, and get you rid of the trouble of changing between public transportations.

Shanghai Suzhou High Speed Bullet Trains

Distance – 169km; Speed – 250km/hr

Currently, there are two kinds of high speed trains for you to transfer between Shanghai and Suzhou – D trains (动车) and G trains (高铁). Usually, G trains are faster but more expensive than D trains. Both G and D trains can take you to Suzhou from Shanghai (or from Shanghai to Suzhou) within a half hour. A few trains will make stops at Kunshan City, which may take longer time, but generally less 45 minutes.

Shanghai to Suzhou

Travelers should know clear that there are two railway stations in Shanghai which operate high speed trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou – Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

- Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the busiest high speed trains hub in Shanghai, and has about 20 D trains to Suzhou (duration: 28mins~59mins; hours - 06:09~21:23; ticket price: ¥24.5~39.5), also about 87 G trains to Suzhou or Suzhou North Railway Station each day(duration: 23mins~44mins; hours - 06:17~21:42; ticket price: ¥34.5~119.5).

Address: Minhang District, Shanghai, 500 meters west of Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2

- Shanghai Railway Station has about 60 daily G trains to Suzhou or Suzhou East Railway Station (duration: 25mins~44mins; hours - 06:18~22:41; ticket price: ¥34.5~121.5) and 2 D trains to Suzhou Railway Station each day (duration: 44mins~46mins; hours - 21:08~22:24; ticket price: ¥24.5~336.5)

Address: 303 Moling Road, Zhabei District, about 4 km (2 miles) west of the Bund (Tel:  6317 9090 / Web:

Shanghai Railway Station Map

Suzhou to Shanghai

In Suzhou, there are two train stations for you to take high speed trains to Shanghai – Suzhou Railway Station in the city center and Suzhou North Railway Station in the northern suburb. They are about 15km from each other.

- Suzhou Railway Station has about 87 G trains to Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station each day(duration: 25mins~52mins; hours - 06:43~22:22; ticket price: ¥39.5~121.5). There are also 25 D trains available for you to take to Shanghai, mostly to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (duration: 28mins~61mins; hours - 05:34~22:43; ticket price: ¥24.5~336.5).

Address: No.27, Chezhan Road, Pingjiang District, Suzhou

- Suzhou North Railway Station is located in the northern Suzhou city, about 3.5km from the city center, 2km from the Humble Administrator’s Garden and 13.5km from the North Railway Station. It operates a lot of bullet trains to Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Beijing, Xian, etc. Currently, there are about 58 G trains to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station each day(duration: 22mins~34mins; hours - 08:28~22:52; ticket price: ¥34.5~119.5), also 4 D trains as backup options which only run in the afternoon.

Address: No.27, Suzhan Road, Gusu District, Suzhou

Suzhou Railway Station Map

Generally speaking, travelers don’t have to worry about being not able to catch a high speed trains to transfer between Shanghai and Suzhou with so frequent schedules. But we strongly advise you to book tickets as early as possible during the weekends, holidays, and tourism peak seasons. China Discovery is good at acquiring the latest news and booking train tickets of high speed trains between Shanghai and Suzhou. Contact us to arrange the train and tour service for you!

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Distance – 169km; Duration: approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

If you want to spend some excursion time along the way from Shanghai to Hangzhou, for example visiting Wuzhen Water Town, or geting rid of the trouble of changing transfer between different kinds of transportations, you are suggested to use a vehicle as transfer between Shanghai and Hangzhou. Checking on the map, you will find Hangzhou is only about 187km from Shanghai city center. Only about 2.5 hours are needed for the driving.

Shanghai Suzhou Driving Map

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