Inspiring Suzhou Travel Stories

There is a saying goes, "In heaven there is paradise, on earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou". Suzhou is a major city on the lower Yangtze known for its canals, bridges, pagodas, and beautiful gardens. In the past several years, we had helped thousands of customers visited Suzhou successfully. With our well-designed tour packages, they had created many wonderful memories during their trips. To help more people who love Suzhou scenery and culture, they kindly shared their inspiring Suzhou travel stories with us. Some of them traveled as family, some as couple, some as students. Get inspired now!

Our Customers’ Favorite Suzhou Tour Packages 2024

Normally, travellers will need 2 ~ 3 days to explore the classic gardens and water towns in Suzhou. For those who have limited time, it’s possible to see the essence of Suzhou in one day, including the Humble Administrator’s Garden, Grand Canal, Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory. If you want to explore the water town and garden in one travel, you can take site trips to China's top water towns: Zhouzhuang or Tongli. It’s suggested to choose one or two gardens and one water town into the itinerary to make sure you see the highlights of Suzhou. Remember, the Suzhou tour can be customized for YOU! Feel free to inquiry us now!