Top 20 Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

What to see and do in Hong Kong? A LOT!

Hong Kong, one of the world’s most dynamic cities, offers unique experiences to visitors such as Victoria Peak, bustling shopping areas, dynamic street markets, peaceful fishing villages, star ferry, tramways, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, etc.

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Besides, many more featured activities with lots of fun are waiting for you…Just come to find what your own Hong Kong is!

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions Map

Hong Kong Skyline Hong Kong Skyline

No. 1: Hong Kong Skyline

Type: Sight & Landmarks

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

As the landmark of Hong Kong and enjoying one of the highest numbers of skyscrpers in the world, Hong Kong Skyline never fails to show its beauty of Most Beautiful Skyline in the World. City brimmed with seduction, romantic Victoria Harbor with rock nightlife and viaduct bridges winding into deep urban jungle, the skyline just resembles a colorful painting unfolding in Hong Kong. Wherever you stay, you have only to look around to enjoy the line where the heaven meets with this vertical city, really massive, iconic or just plain beautiful. As a result, it attracted countless visitors from home and abroad. The Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui and Star Ferry are regarded as the perfect viewpoints to enjoy Hong Kong Skyline, and you can get a lifetime long memory.

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Lantau Island Lantau Island

No. 2: Lantau Island

Type: Islands, Nature & Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 1day

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong and it features long winding coastline, harbor and bay as well as mountain and stream. In short, natural landscape and historical sites in this tranquil island are both abundant to satisfy your eyes. With so many attractions to visit, you can get an enjoyable journey and escape from the noise of the urban crowds.

Lots of attractions include Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Buddha, Tai O, Tsing Ma Bridge, Wisdom Path etc. like pearl scattered in Lantau Island.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Lantau Island:

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Victoria Peak Victoria Peak

No. 3: Victoria Peak

Type: Trams, Observation Decks/ Towers

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

If there is only one thing you can do in Hong Kong, go to Victoria Peak. It is Hong Kong Island’s highest point and a landmark of the Hong Kong skyline. In the daytime, your eyes stretch across sparking skyscrapers and Victoria Harbor all the way to the green hills of the New Territories. While, the neon lights of Hong Kong’s giant skyscrapers are most majestic at night. The Sky Terrace (charge) and Peak Galleria Terrace (free) are the best places to view the Harbor.

The fun way to get to the Peak is by Peak Tram, the city's oldest mode of public transport since 1888. The entire ride (1.4 km) at an almost vertical angle takes 8 minutes and brings you from the tower Terminus Station in Central to the Peak.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Victoria Peak:

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Repulse Bay Repulse Bay

No. 4: Repulse Bay

Type: Beaches, Bodies of Water

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Repulse Bay, located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, is the most spectacular bay in the region. The crescent-shaped white sand beach stretches along with clear azure blue water gently lapping the seashore. It will offer you a more upscale beach resort experience in Hong Kong.

Apart from swimming and sunbathing, there are some restaurants and barbeque sites at the back of the beach, very relaxing.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Repulse Bay:

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Stanley Market Stanley Market

No. 5: Stanley Market

Type: Flea/ Street Markets

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Next to the Repulse Bay, Stanley Market is one of the most worth-visiting Hong Kong Street Markets. It is a huge hit with locals, expats and tourists for good reason: its enormous selection of brand-name clothing items and accessories, jewelry, home furnishings, souvenirs, ornaments and oriental knick-knacks are sold at reasonable prices in a picturesque warren of lanes. It covers the style from both West and East. For many shopping hunters, it’s a great place to pick up some special souvenirs.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Stanley Market:

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Aberdeen Fishing Village Aberdeen Fishing Village

No. 6: Aberdeen Fishing Village

Type: Neighborhoods

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

The picturesque Aberdeen Fishing Village is not far from the hustle and bustle of the heart of Hong Kong, but seems like light-years away from it all, at first look. Here, you could see rows upon rows of the old-fashioned junks and sampans, some house boats where the fishermen and their families still live…you can get a sense for what things were like long ago and how modern life is catching up the old traditions, which stubbornly co-exist with contemporary amenities.

A sampan ride through the harbor is a great way to see Aberdeen in action. The rides are around 25-30 minutes long and they zip you from the docks in the Aberdeen Promenade for a closer look to the floating village. If you have enough time, don’t miss visiting the seafood markets floating restaurants…

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Wong Tai Sin Temple Wong Tai Sin Temple

No. 7: Wong Tai Sin Temple

Type: Religious Sites, Historic Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

Wong Tai Sin Temple is Hong Kong’s most famous Taoist temple, famed for the many prayers answered “What you request is what you get”. It is a very colorful temple and exemplifies the architecture of a traditional Chinese style with guarding lions at the entrance, the pagoda style roofs, incense urns, plenty of lanterns and beautifully decorated pillars.

According to the legend, Wong Tai Sin Temple was a humble shepherd who was taught by an immortal when he was 15 to make a herbal potion which could cure all illness and help you stay healthy. Now, it becomes a popular place of worship for those with health or business problems or for those seeking to have their fortunes told.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Wong Tai Sin Temple:

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Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Disneyland

No. 8: Hong Kong Disneyland

Type: Disney, Amusement/ Theme Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: half day

Hong Kong Disneyland is the first theme park located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. As the newest Disneyland in the world, it is a must-see for the special attractions and the inimitable sense of Chinese culture. Walking into it, you’ll feel you are in a wonderland. Accompanied by Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends, you’ll start a fantastic and magical journey. The seven themed areas: Main Street, U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land, will show you more.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland:

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Ocean Park Ocean Park

No. 9: Ocean Park

Type: Amusement/ Theme Parks, Aquariums

Recommended Length of Visit: half day

Opened in 1997, Ocean Park is a marine-life theme park featuring animal exhibits, thrill rides and shows. Ocean Park is, together with Hong Kong Disneyland, one of the two large theme parks in Hong Kong.

It is divided into two main attractions areas: the Waterfront and the Summit, which can be further divided into eight different attraction zones: Amazing Asian Animals, Aqua City, Whisker Harbor, Marine World, Polar Adventure, Adventure Land, Thrill Mountain and the Rainforest. It is the paradise for both young and older children.

Avenue of the Stars Avenue of the Stars

No. 10: Avenue of the Stars

Type: Scenic/ Historic Walking Areas, Landmarks/ Points of Interest

Recommended Length of Visit: 0.5-1 hour

The Avenue of Stars pays tribute to the names that make Hong Kong the “Hollywood of the East”, giving visitors a panoramic view of the city’s most iconic sight: its glorious skyline, dramatically set against the Peak.

With commemorative plaques, celebrity handprints, descriptive milestones, movie memorabilia, a life-size statue of Kungfu action hero Bruce Lee, the Avenue of Stars fittingly sets the glamour of Hong Kong’s film industry against the captivating dazzle of Victoria Harbor. It is a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing, just sit outside and relax, grab a bit, people watch, enjoy the sweeping views.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Avenue of the Stars:

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Nan Lian Garden Nan Lian Garden

No. 11: Nan Lian Garden

Type: Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Used to be a hidden gem, the Nan Lian Garden is now regularly considered a top ten attraction in Hong Kong and is often called the most beautiful spot in all of Hong Kong.

This traditional garden features four major elements: hillocks and rocks, water features, timber structures and ornamental trees. The garden was created to provide a serene and peaceful place to escape the bus city just outside the walls. Visitors commented on TripAdvisor “the most peaceful place in Hong Kong” “Best landscaped garden in Hong Kong” “Paradise of Peace & Tranquility” etc. You could also visit the Chi Lin Nunnery near this garden which will also give you a good impression.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Nan Lian Garden:

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Kowloon Walled City Park Kowloon Walled City Park

No. 12: Kowloon Walled City Park

Type: Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hours

Kowloon Walled City Park, also Jiulongzhaicheng Park, sits on the very site of the former Kowloon Walled City. This attractive park was the site of a Chinese garrison in the 19th Century. In 1987, the Hong Kong government announced plans to demolish the Walled City and later it became a park.

The park's design is modelled on Jiangnan gardens of the early Qing Dynasty. It is divided into eight landscape features, with the fully restored yamen as its centerpiece. The park's paths and pavilions are named after streets and buildings in the Walled City. Artefacts from the Walled City, such as five inscribed stones and three old wells, are also on display in the park. In a word, it is good to take a walk here.

Golden Bauhinia Square Golden Bauhinia Square

No. 13: Golden Bauhinia Square

Type: Landmarks/ Points of Interest

Recommended Length of Visit: 0.5-1 hour

Named after the giant statue of a golden bauhinia blakeana, the Golden Bauhinia Square is an open area in North Wan Chai. The sculpture is deemed an important symbol for the Hong Kong people after the handover.

There are three types of ceremony: Daily Flag Raising Ceremony (Daily, every day except 1st of each month), Enhanced Flag Raising Ceremony (on the 1st of every month, except July and October) and the Special Flag Raising Ceremony (1 July and 1 October). Visitors could come and see the flag raising ceremony. It is also advisable to go here at night since the Golden Bauhinia Square gives a great view of Victoria Harbor especially when you want to watch the Symphony of Lights.

Po Lin Monastery Po Lin Monastery

No. 14: Po Lin Monastery with Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)

Type: Religious Sites, Monuments/ Statues

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Located on Lantau Island, Po Lin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery founded by three monks visiting from Jiangsu Province. This monastery features the Big Buddha (Tiantan), which is the second largest, seated, outdoor bronze Buddha in the world.

The Big Buddha was erected in 1993 and draws pilgrims from all over Asia. Climbing the 268 steps for a closer look at this remarkable statue, and to enjoy the sweeping mountain and sea views that can be seen from its base. You can also enlighten your appetite in the vegetarian restaurant.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Po Lin Monastery with Tian Tan Buddha:

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Lamma Island

No. 15: Lamma Island

Type: Islands, Nature & Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 2~3 Hours

Lamma Island is located at the Outlying Islands District of Hong Kong. It is located in the south of Hong Kong Island and has the shape of the Chinese character - “ya”, thus has been called “Nan Ya Dao” by Chinese people. This island is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Lamma Island has a free-spirited, multicultural vibe and is home to hipsters and creative types. Indie boutiques, craft stores and mellow cafes line Yung Shue Wan Main Street. There are no bus or car on the island, but you can take a bike on it. You will see the WWII-era Kamikaze Caves and have a beautiful coastal views. The island is regarded as the most ancient cultural site of South China, and an ancient fishing village. You could also find that locals’ lifestyle has been influenced by both western and eastern culture. Here you could have a temporary peace from the bustle of Hong Kong city.

Hong Kong Museum of History

No. 16: Hong Kong Museum of History

Type: Museum

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Established in 1975, Hong Kong Museum of History was formerly the Art Museum of Hong Kong. Covering an area of 17,500 square meters, the museum is a comprehensive big modern building. Its exterior and color is totally harmony with the Museum of Science beside it. Hong Kong Museum of History has 5 branches of museum, such as Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong Museum of Costal Defense, etc. In this museum, you could learn about the 6,000 years' history of Hong Kong. With the introduction of the natural environment, locals life, and Hong Kong’s modern development, you could also have a vivid understanding about this coastal city. In addition, there are always different shows of Hong Kong or world historical relics which could also be a good chance to learn about the world.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Hong Kong Museum of History:

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Victoria Harbour

No. 17: Victoria Harbour

Type: Harbour

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour separating Hong Kong Island in the south from the Kowloon Peninsula to the north. The harbour's deep, sheltered waters and strategic location on the South China Sea were instrumental in Hong Kong's establishment as a British colony and its subsequent development as a trading centre. As it has excellent natural conditions, Hong Kong has thus reputed as “Oriental Pearl”. Long famous for its stunning panoramic views, the harbour is a major attraction of Hong Kong. A myriad of lights twinkles at night from the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, making Hong Kong, together with Hakodate in Japan and Naples in Italy, included in the 'three best night scenes of the world'.

Recommended Tour to Enjoy Victoria Harbour:

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Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

No. 18: Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

Type: Skyscraper, Observation Deck

Recommended Length of Visit: About 1 Hour

Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is in the 100th floor of International Commerce Centre (ICC), the tallest building in Hong Kong. At 393 metres above sea level, it is the only indoor observation deck in Hong Kong offering 360-degree views of the famous Victoria Harbour. It would be amazing to have a bird’s eye view of the whole city in the night. In addition, you could experience the fastest double-deck elevator in Hong Kong to reach 100 F in 1 minute. As the ICC is located at the center of the city and connects to transportation hub, you could easily go to any other attractions from there. Furthermore, you could choose to dine in this Hong Kong’s tallest landmark.

Tai O Fishing Village

No. 19: Tai O Fishing Village

Type: Neighborhoods

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Tai O (Chinese: 大澳) is a fishing town, partly located on an island of the same name, on the western side of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. The village's name means large inlet, referring to outlet for the waterways (Tai O Creek and Tai O River) merges as it moves through Tai O. The lifelong residents of Tai O, known as the Tanka people, keep busy fishing and tending to work around the village, and according to a 2013 article on CCN, "tourists have been flocking to Tai O to glimpse this part of Hong Kong's rapidly disappearing past." Like most small fishing towns near Hong Kong, Tai O operates at a much slower pace, which offers tourists a chance to escape the neon lights and towering buildings of the city.

Man Mo Temple

No. 20: Man Mo Temple

Type: Religious Sites, Temple

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

The Man Mo Temple, a place where locals and visitors alike gather to worship the god of literature (Man Tai) and the God of war (Mo Tai). It is poised halfway up Victoria Peak on Hollywood Road. Built in 1847 during the Qing dynasty by wealthy Chinese merchants, it was one of the most revered Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. On any given day, you will find locals here praying at the altar, along with foreign visitors who come to experience the peace and solitude of this Hong Kong temple. It is a tranquil place which is felt all the more keenly as it contrasts so much with the bustling downtown area of Central, which is just a few minutes’ walk away from Man Mo Temple.

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