How to Go from Shenzhen to Guangzhou: Train, Bus, Flight & Car 2024

Shenzhen and Guangzhou are two busy cities in southern China. With the two regions being close together, many people move daily between the two for both business and tourist travel. Besides, the two cities are also popular gateway options to the appealing metropolis Hong Kong, which is also within a short distance with the two, making the traffic between Shenzhen and Guangzhou increasingly complicated.

At present, there are multiple ways of traveling from Shenzhen to Guangzhou which mainly include the train (bullet trains and normal trains), bus and private car. Below is an ultimate guide about how far and how to travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, which has collected all the information about the distance, travel time and the details about above transports you are looking for. Check the details and select the best way you are interested to better plan your Shenzhen Guangzhou Tour!

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Distance & Travel Time

The driving distance from Shenzhen to Guangzhou is about 137 km. By far out preferred way to travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou is using the high speed trains (0.5-1.5 hrs). Some people also choose the normal trains (1.5-2.5 hrs) and bus (1.5-4 hrs). For the travelers who are on business travel, they may also hire private cars (0.5-1.5 hrs). Due to the close distance between the two cities, there is no direct flight for you to choose.

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Transportation Map

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Transportation Map

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Train

Duration: 0.5-2.5 hours

Every day, there are about 85 high speed trains (G-trains and C-trains) and about 13 normal trains (K-trains and T-trains) running from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. The G-trains are the speediest, which can take you from Shenzhen to Guangzhou in only 0.5-1.5 hour. The traveling hours of T-trains and K-trains are about 1.5-2.5 hours, and the C-trains are about 1-2 hours. Aside from the duration, the departure and arrival railway stations of trains in different type are different too. The trains may depart from Futian Railway Station (福田站), Shenzhen North Railway Station (深圳北站), Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳站) or Shenzhen West Railway Station (深圳西站) and arrive at Guangzhou South Railway Station (广州南站), Guangzhou Railway Station (广州站) or Guangzhou East Railway Station (广州东站). You can check Shenzhen to Guangzhou Train Schedules, Tickets and Stations for more Real-time information.

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Click to Enlarge Guangzhou Shenzhen High Speed Train Route Map
Guangzhou Shenzhen High Speed Train Shenzhen to Guangzhou High Speed Train

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Private Car

Getting from Shenzhen to Guangzhou by private car must be the most convenient way for the travel, especially when you are luckily traveling with an experienced local driver. The private cars are also the best recommended choice for the people on business travel, because you can get to your hotel or business destination directly.

We China Discovery also provides direct private car service from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. If you are looking for such a service, please feel free to contact us for help.

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Shenzhen Window to the World Shenzhen Window to the World

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Bus

Duration: about 1.5-4 hours

Shenzhen and Guangzhou are also well-connected with frequent buses. There are 30 departure bus stations in Shenzhen and 60 arrival stations in Guangzhou that will be used for the travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, and the duration of the bus journey is about 1.5 hours. The ticket price of the buses is almost the same as a second class seat of bullet trains (about CNY 70). Therefore, you are more advised to take the high speed trains, especially the G-trains, if you prefer a more convenient experience in a shorter time. However, due to there are so many departure and arrival bus stations for you to choose, you may find a closer bus station other than a railway station if you go with buses.

Shenzhen Bus Station One of the Bus Stations in Shenzhen - Shenzhen Bus Station (深圳汽车站)

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Flight

Duration: at least 6 hours

Due to there are so many other convenient ways to travel between the two close cities - Shenzhen and Guangzhou. There is no direct flight service available between them. If you want to travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou by flight, you need to transfer at Jieyang (揭阳) or Liuzhou (柳州). However, you are not really suggested to do so.

Shenzhen Baoan Airport Shenzhen Baoan Airport (深圳宝安机场)

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Every day from 6:00 to 17:30, you can catch direct buses to Guangzhou Airport (CAN) from Yinhu Coach Station (银湖汽车站) in Luohu Distinct, which make a departure every 1 hour. Aside from the direct buses, you can also take a train or a coach to Guangzhou City first, and then transfer to an airport line, a bus, a subway or a taxi to the airport. No matter you are going to take the direct buses or make a transfer at Guangzhou downtown area, you are highly suggested to leave yourself for enough time to catch your flight.

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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Travel Shenzhen and Guangzhou with China Discovery

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