Other Recommended Weekend Trips from Shenzhen

Weekends never end, so does the weekend trips from Shenzhen. There are always teeming places to go, ancient sites to see, quiet town to explore, beautiful mountain to hike, delicious food to try. All of them locate around Shenzhen. We have designed some valuable trips for you. All tailored for that perfect weekend getaway!

Wuyuan Autumn Sceneries
2 Days Wuyuan Autumn Visual Feast Tour

Jingdezhen / Wuyuan

Wuyuan, located in the north of Jiangxi Province, is known as "the most beautiful village in China". It draws pleasing seasonal scenery and unique local culture. When spring comes, Huangling in Wuyuan, known as one of the "four major flower seas in China", will welcome a large number of tourists and photography enthusiasts to witness the vast seas of rape flowers. While in autumn days, Wuyuan turns to a world of colors. Locals dry their crops, such as corn and hot pepper, on the roofs, which create a spectacular experience for visitors. Wuyuan is one of the best preserved places of Huizhou ancient architecture in China, known as "Ancient Architecture Museum". The Hui style buildings with white walls and black tiles also add a sense of antique flavor to Wuyuan.

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Delicious Cantonese Cuisine - Char Siu (BBQ Pork)
3 Days Guangzhou Food Tour


“Eating in Guangzhou!” This 3 days Guangzhou tour is particularly made for foodies to savor most of top must-eat gourmets, such as Dim Sum (Cantonese morning tea pastries), Cantonese Char Siu, sweet soups, and so forth on the most well-known food streets and top best old restaurants. Furthermore, as a food and culinary culture discovery, this tour will take you to see the local popular market to see the real food materials and figure out why and how Cantonese people keep health with high talent. Furthermore, our local guide will take you to see the must-see Yuexiu Park, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Huacheng Square, Xiguan Ancient House, and more to learn the interesting history of this city and its prominent success as a world top metropolis in classic and leisure pace!

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Zhuhai Pearl Lady
Zhuhai Day Tour


Zhuhai is a newly built city with a lot of modern attractions. Blessed by an abundance of blue water and a long shoreline with beautiful sand beaches, it has become one of the best coastal cities in China.

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