Inspiring Xian Travel Stories

As a famous Chinese ancient capital for 13 dynasties and location of the World Heritage site - Terracotta Warriors, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. China Discovery has tailor-made multifarious Xian tours for different travelers, including Chinese history and culture buffs and foodies. After fully knowing their travel ideas, we offered well-designed tour packages to show them the best essence of Xian, took them to visit the life-like Terracotta Army buried for guarding the first Qin Emperor, to enjoy a relaxing walking or riding on Xian Ancient City Wall, to view dazzling night view of Bell & Drum Towers, to sample diverse local food in Muslim Quarter, to explore splendid Tang and Han Dynasties’ relics, to feel the ethnic fusion culture, to watch wonderful ancient dance shows, etc. The following Xian travel experiences are shared by our real customers to inspire you to better plan your trip to Xian!

Our Customers’ Favorite Xian Tour Packages 2023

The exact length and places to visit of your Xian tour totally depends on you. That means you can flexibly make a short day trip or have a 2-day classic tour, 3 to 4-day in-depth discovery in Xian. It normally takes half a day to visit the Terracotta Warriors, at least 1 day for Ancient City Wall and other major spots. After your Xian tour, you’re highly advised to take a side trip to Mount Hua, view fantastic mountain landscape, sunset and sunrise scenes. Later, you can conveniently travel from Xian to Beijing, Shanghai, Luoyang, Chengdu, Lanzhou and other places to go on your China adventure tour. China Discovery is always ready to help you create great holiday in Xian and other parts of China!