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Ya'an Travel

Ya'an Travel Guide

Ya’an, once the capital of Xikang Province, is located in the west of Sichuan Base. Being a hot tourist resort, it is praised as Historical & Cultural City, Charming City in China as well as Ecological Demonstration Zone. Most people come here to enjoy the panda or tea culture because Ya’an is the cradle of both panda and tea.

Why visit Ya'an:

  • Giant Panda. Ya’an is called the Hometown of Pandas in that the first panda in the world was found in Ya’an. Bifengxia, situated in North Yan’an within 19 km, is a paradise of pandas integrating feeding, breeding, researching, protecting and educating. In Bifengxia Panda Base, you could have a sight of pandas engaging in various activities, such as climbing trees, eating bamboos, sleeping or frolicking with each other.
  • Tea Culture. Coming Ya’an and exploring the culture of tea is really commendable, because Mount Mengding is the cradle of tea-culture. Visiting Ya’an will benefit you a better understanding of tea by learning the origin, development and evolution of tea. What’s more, you must be fascinated by the wonderful performance of tea-making skills.
  • Corridor for Different Nationalities. As a transition area between Sichuan Basin and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Ya’an is a place for promotion of the cultural fusion of diverse nationalities. It is also the trailhead of Ancient Tea-horse Route from which the tea was sent to Tibet. Ya’an made great contribution to deepening the relationship between central government and different minorities like Tibetan, Yi and Qiang in all fields such as politics, economics, education and culture. gateway cities to Tibet, no matter transfer by flight or by train.
  • Three Wonders. Ya’an is also famous for its three wonders, namely Ya Rain, Ya Fish and Ya Lady (Ya means elegant). It always rains lightly in Ya’an, so Ya’an got its nickname the “The Rain City” and “Xishu Loutian” which literally means “the leaking sky of west Sichuan”. Ya Fish with tasty soup and tender meat, enchanting and gentle Ya Lady in addition to Ya Rain endows a cultural characteristic to Ya’an.

Top Attractions

Ya'an is endowed with numerous scenic attractions, including lofty mountains, corridor bridges, ancient towns and culture of tea and minorities. Of course, you won’t miss Giant Pandas. Check the top attractions listed below and get to know deeply about them.



Bifengxia attracts visitors with giant pandas. Viewing pandas at all stages must be an enjoyable experience and participating in Giant Panda Volunteer Programs ensures you have an intimate contact with pandas. Now the program has a temporary closure and notice will be given as it reopens. The natural landscape is really amazing.

Shangli Ancient Town

Shangli Ancient Town

Being a key point on the Ancient Tea-horse Route and South Silk Road in history, Shangli ancient town is reputed as Famed Historical & Cultural Town. It features stone-paved streets flanked with different styles of courtyards and residential houses in layout of the character “井”. Surrounded mountains and streams make it more charming.

Mount Mengding

Mount Mengding

Mount Mengding, 15 km away from Ya’an city, is the birthplace of tea civilization in China and the cradle of tea culture. Mengshan tea reached to all corners of the world through the Ancient Tea-horse Route and the South Silk Road. Plucking tea in Mount Mengding and experiencing process of making tea must highlight you trip to China.

Niubei Mountain

Niubei Mountain

Niubei Mountain is regarded as the Largest Viewing Deck in China for you can view multitudinous famed snowy mountains like Mount Emei, Mount Gongga and some others. It is also hailed as Perfect Spot for Photograph on account of its captivating six wonders: cloudy sea, sunset, sunrise, far-view of mountains, Buddhist light and starry sky.

Weather & When to Go

Ya'an Weather

Ya’an bears a subtropical monsoon climate and average temperature ranges from 14.1℃~17.9 ℃. Because of this special and geography and climate, there are four distinctive seasons, abundant rain and poor sunshine but no chilly winter or hot summer.

Ya’an owns a variety of tourist resources and all seasons are available to Ya’an. However, rain gears are a necessity and it’s important to protect your equipment from water and damp in Ya’an. In the rainy summer, you should watch out for the flash flood and landslide.>>see details about Ya'an climate, weather & season to go


Ya'an Travel

How to transfer to Ya’an:

Ya’an is just 120 km away from Chengdu, so it’s advisable for tourists to choose Chengdu as a transfer station. Transportation to Chengdu is rather convenient and enough buses are available from Chengdu Xinnanmen Station and Chengdu Shiyangchang Station to Ya’an at cost of about 50 RMB within one and half an hour.

Inner Transportation: Main traffic media in Ya’an contains public buses, taxis and electro-tricycles. Taking a taxi is very cheap in Yan and cost you only a starting price of 3 RMB and 1.7 RMB per kilometer then. There are many bus to different attractions in Tourists’ Station. >>See more details at How to Get to & around Ya'an.


Ya'an Hotels

As a tourist city, Ya’an is equipped with sufficient great hotels and small inns. Good hotels with best service and best locations are 4-star Hongzhu Hotel, Moon Star Hotel, 3-star Yudu Hotel, Bifengxia Wenfeng Villa Farmerhouse and Ya'an Ibis Hotel.

Most hotels are conveniently located in or nearby the city central area. You can easily transfer to the surrounding tourist sites easily. >>See more details at Hotels in Ya'an.

Ya'an Maps

Top help you learn better about Ya’an's location, attractions, etc, we have collected following tourist maps which are latest, downloadable and printable. >>See more details at Ya'an Maps.

Ya'an Attractions Map

Ya'an Attraction Map

Bifengxia Panda Base Tour Map

Bifengxia Panda Base Tour Map

Mount Mengding Scenic Map

Mount Mengding Scenic Map

Other Destinations in Sichuan

Besides Chengdu, there are some other destinations in Sichuan well worth your visit. Transfer to the following destinations and explore the World Heritage Sites – Leshan Giant Buddha & Mount Emei, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng. Discover now!

Ya'an Map

Chinese Name: 雅安

Chinese Pinyin: Yǎān

English IPA: /'ja'æn:/

Population: 1.53 million

Language: Mandarin & Sichuan Dialect

Tel Code: 0835

Zip Code: 625000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Logo: Green Leaf and Panda

Plan your Ya'an Tour

At least 2 days are needed to explore Ya’an and surrounding. Most highlights of Ya’an including Bifengxia, Mount Mengding and Shangli Ancient Town are not far from the downtown and they can be done in 2 days.

From Ya’an, you can extend your trip to west Sichuan like such as the King of Mountains in Sichuan-Mt. Gongga, the Queen of Mountains in Sichuan – Mount Siguniang, the Real Shangri-La - Daocheng Yading, Dege Sutra-Printing House, Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, Sertar etc.

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