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Kunming Travel

Kunming Travel Guide

Located at the center of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, featured in mountainous landscape and karst landscape, Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province. Reputed as Spring City, each season in Kunming seems like spring. There is always a radiant and enchanting spring scene in Kunming – warm sunshine, azure and transparent sky, and fresh flowers spreading all over. The beauty of Kunming is not strong, but light, just like a cup of green tea. People who love Kunming will find surprises in every corner. Climb on Western Hill and enjoy the panoramic view of Dian Lake. Visit Stone Forest and feel the most magical karst landscape in the world. Hike in the Dongchuan Red Land, the God’s Magic Palette and the paradise for photographers. Except all these natural attractions, the charms of Kunming also lie in the multi-ethnic culture, and tourists can experience all kinds of ethnic festivals in this magic city.

Why Visit this City:

  • Spring City – The weather in Kunming is always like spring, and the city is always covered with fresh flowers and green trees. Walking on the street and brushing pass with the carefree locals, you will be affected by this city’s freshness and leisure.
  • Stunning Natural Scenery – The natural scenery of Kunming is gorgeous, like the magnificent Dian Lake, tranquil Western Hill, magical Stone Forest, and colorful Dongchuan Red Land, etc.
  • Colorful Ethnic Culture – Kunming is multi-ethnic city, and there are 26 ethnic minorities in Kunming, including Yi, Hui, Bai, Miao, Hani, Zhuang, Dai, etc. Delicious ethnic food, colorful costumes, unique architecture and special ethnic culture are all fascinating.

Top Attractions

Kunming is a city of eternal spring, a city of awe-inspiring attractions, and a city of multi-ethnic cultures. There are so many things to see and feel in Kunming. Almost the essences of Kunming are located in Xishan District, including Dian Lake, Western Hill, Yunnan Ethnic Villages. Stone Forest is only 78km from the city center. Dongchuan District is most famous for its natural sceneries, like Dongchuan Red Land and Jiaozi Snow Moutain. See more attractions in Kunming, please see Kunming Attractions>>

Stone Forest
Stone Forest

Formed 270 million years ago, Stone Forest is the oldest karst landform in China. The whole scenic spot is made of stone forest, karst caves, waterfalls, underground rivers, etc.

Western Hill
Western Hill

It’s a forest park sitting next to the beautiful Dian Lake, and historical sites spread among the green forest. This is a great place for relaxing and hiking.

Dongchuan Red Land
Dongchuan Red Land

Reputed as the God’s Palette, rich in dreamy colors, Dongchuan Red Land is less than a scenic spot, but more a paradise for photographer…

Bird and Flower Market Kunming
Bird and Flower Market

Kunming Birds and Flowers Markets sell various flowers, birds, fishes, etc. It is a good place to both treat the eyes and feel the daily life of Kunming people

Green Lake Kunming
Green Lake Kunming

As the jade of Kunming, Green Lake has very fancy sceneries. Diverse summer lotus flowers and black-headed gulls in winter are really worth appreciating.

Weather & When to Go

Kunming Weather

Kunming is featured in subtropical monsoon climate of low latitude plateau, with an average temperature of 16.5℃, and average rainfall of 1450 millimeters. Kunming has a moderate climate and no intense heat in summer and severe cold in winter. The year temperature difference ranks the lowest in China, thus, it’s been called the Spring City in China.
The best time to visit Kunming is from March to October. Most flowers in Kunming will blossom during this time, and most Yunnan ethnic festivals are in this time, too. The temperature difference between summer and winter is not very large. So even in summer, once it rains, it’s a little bit cold, thus, tourists need to bring a coat even in summer.
For those who want to watch black-headed gull or appreciate the snow scenery of Jiaozi Snow Mountain, then November to next March is the best time to visit.

For more information, please check Kunming Weather>>


Kunming Changshui International Airport Kunming Railway Station

Getting to Kunming

By flight: Kunming Changshui International Airport is the gateway airport facing to Southeast Asia, South Asia and connecting Europe and Asia. There are over 100 airlines to major cities in China and foreign cities, like Singapore, Paris, Seoul, Osaka, Bangkok, etc.
By train: Kunming Railway Station has trains to Dali, Lijiang and Stone Forest every days, and it also has trains to Major cities in China, like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hainan, Nanjing, Shenzhen, etc.

Getting Around

To get around in Kunming, travelers can take public bus, taxi, subway and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) to transfer. If travelers want to visit Dongchuan Red Land or Stone Forest, it’s suggested to charter a private car for this is more convenient.
If you book Kunming tour with China Discovery, we will provide private car with private driver and tour guide for you.

For more information, please see Kunming Transportation>>


Kunming Hotels

There are lots of choices for hotels in Kunming, from international luxury hotels to youth hostels. Tourists can also find Crowne Plaza and InterContinental in here. It’s suggested to choose accommodation near from the railway station, bus station or airport, because these places have more convenient transportation to attractions in Kunming or other places in Yunnan. The price for hotels in Kunming is normally lower than other cities, and you can get a really nice room with only ¥300.

For more information, please check Kunming Accommodation>>

Useful Kunming Maps

To help you to know more about Kunming attractions, we have selected some useful Kunming maps for you. Please feel free to use them. For more maps of Kunming, please see Kunming Maps>>

Kunming China Map

Kunming China Map

Kunming & Surrounding Distance Map

Kunming & Surrounding Distance Map

Kunming Attraction Map

Kunming Attraction Map

Other Hot Destinations in Yunnan

Besides Kunming, there are some other hot destinations in Yunnan, like Dali, Shangri-la, Lijiang, Yuanyang and Jianshui, etc. Check the travel guide of each destination and discover now!

Other Popular Destinations in China

China is vast and diverse. You can choose your favorite destination among more than 70 tourist destination and regions. Following are 4 popular destinations you may get interested in. Check all destinations in China

Kunming Map

Chinese Name: 昆明

Chinese Pinyin: Kǖn Míng

English IPA: /'kun'miŋ/

Population: 7.263 million

Language: Mandarin & Kunming Dialect

Tel Code: 08716

Zip Code: 650000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan your Kunming Tour

3 or 4 days will be enough for Kunming. For the highlights near the city center, you’ll need only 3 days to visit them, including Stone Forest, Minority Village of Sani People, Western Hill, Dragon Gate and Flowers and Birds Market. If you want to visit Dongchuan Red Land, then you will need 4 days for your Kunming Tour.

After visiting Kunming, tourists can also visit other highlights in near Kunming, like Jianshui Ancient Town and Yuanyang Rice Terraces. Other highlights in Yunnan, like Lijiang, Shangri-La and Dali are also good choices.

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