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Mount Siguniang-Mount Siguniang Travel

Mount Siguniang Travel Guide

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Mount Siguniang, or called Siguniangshan or Four Sisters Mountain, is located in Xiaojin County, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China, about 205km west away from Sichuan’s capital city Chengdu. After the discovery of this sacred mountain in 1980s, Mount Siguniang shined visitors’ eyes for its steep peaks, breathtaking natural scenery, and abundant species that are similar to those in the “Alps” in Europe, as a result of which, it awarded the “Oriental Alps”, “A Sacred Mountain in the East”, “China’s National Scenic Area”, “China’s National GEO-Park”, and “World Natural Heritage of Habitat of Giant Panda in Sichuan”.

This amazing inborn land is encompassed by more than 52 snow-capped peaks over 5,000 meters, valleys, meadows, and alpine lakes and forest, including its most-famed four mountains - Dafeng (Eldest Sister Peak), Erfeng (the Second Sister Peak), Sanfeng (the Third Sister Peak), Yaomeifeng (the Fourth Sister Peak) and three valleys - Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. Yaomeifeng, which literally means “the youngest sister of the four peaks”, is also known as the “Queen of Sichuan Mountains” because she is the second highest mountain in the whole Sichuan region! Yaomeifeng has also been listed as one of the “Top 10 Famous Climbing Mountains in China” since 1982.

(Notice: If you want a mountain climbing experience in Mount Siguniang, put your eyes on the summit of Dafeng or Erfeng. The climbing requires your registration at Mount Siguniang Outdoor Activities Management Center and the companion by a licensed trekking guide. Erfeng and Yaomeifeng are too dangerous for even professional trekkers, especially Yaomeifeng.)

Why Visit Mount Siguniang (Siguniangshan)

  • Inborn Valleys without Man-made Processing: Those three inborn valleys among the four sacred mountains offer you the most authentic and beautiful natural view with lakes, streams, forests…
  • Photography Paradise: The amazing alpine surroundings in the purest sense are heaven to create unbeatable photos, the peaks wearing golden sunset glow, the lakes with art-like mountain reflections, and the varicolored forest with lazy cows…
  • 50+ Great Mountains to be conquered: Mount Siguniang is such a trekking and photography paradise, with 50+ great snow-capped mountains over 5,000m to be conquered, like the world-renowned Dafeng. Every mountain climber will find his expected trekking experience there.
  • Only 2 Hours from Wolong Panda Base: Up-close chances to have a date with or even feed adorable pandas at Wolong Panda Base.

Top Mount Siguniang Attractions

Most tourists come to Mount Siguniang to admire its four sacred mountains (Dafeng, Erfeng, Sanfeng and Yaomeifeng) and three natural valleys (Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley) and do trekking there. View brief introductions of these attractions or click their names below for detailed information.

Mount Siguniang-Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang

Most famous for Yaomei Peak which is the highest and fairest among the four peaks and has rich natural resources, Mount Siguniang possesses lush forests, colorful flowers spreading the whole field, pure white snow mountains, adorable giant pandas, typical ethnic culture of Tibetan and Qiang people, etc.

Mount Siguniang-Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiao Valley is located at the northwest of Rilong Town, covering an area of 216.6 square kilometers. Since it has splendid scenery in autumn as well as amazing sea of flowers and tourists can see its different views at various locations, this valley becomes the most appealing spot in Mount Siguniang.

Mount Siguniang-Changping Valley

Changping Valley

Also situated at the northwest of Rilong Town, Changping Valley is 29 km long. Numerous visitors and cameramen come to this treasure place to appreciate its splendid sightseeing of wide spread of grass field, blossoms as well as red cobblestones and ethnic custom of Jiarong Tibetan people.

Mount Siguniang-Haizi Valley

Haizi Valley

Haizi Valley is at the east of Rilong Town and named so for its multiple “Haizi” (lakes). This valley is broad and smooth with original meadows and ancient Quaternary fishes. The more than ten “Haizi” of alpine lakes are very gorgeous and clear like crystals so that you can see the lakebeds.

Featured Mount Siguniang Activities

Trekking is the most popular choice to tour Mount Siguniang. Trekking in the valleys or forests of the mountains gives you a feel of being hugged by REAL spectacular and wild nature. And for professional trekkers, climbing up to the summit of Dafeng or Erfeng is a great way to challenge yourself!

Besides, since Mount Siguniang is endowed with Tibetan and Qiang ethnic cultures, you can enjoy the featured local activities and special food in your trip there.


Hiking is the best way to see the elegant south Europe sightseeing of Mount Siguniang. Along the way you can see the fascinating view of the super high snow peaks, azure sky, glittering and translucent lakes, bright-colored flowers, vigorous animals, dense forests, and so on.

Chaoshanhui in Mount Siguniang

A fairy legend says that the four girls transformed into peaks on lunar May 4th, so people here gather together that day every year to worship the goddess of mountain for a better harvest the next year. During the festival, they will dress up in religious costumes, have a feast all together and dance enjoyably.

Tibetan Guozhuang Dance

Guozhuang is a kind of circle dance with Tibetan traits. This typical art with strong power and graceful postures expresses the purity, industriousness, brave and kind of Tibetan people. It’s the best time to enjoy this great performance at night, when a ring of people stand around a bonfire and dance in joy.

Local food

Mountain Siguniang has a series of tasteful local food. The Tibetan Hotpot with yak meat, wild mushrooms and other precious materials is very worth to try. Moreover, well-chosen dried yak meat is crisp and palatable. Yak butter, roast whole lamb, etc. are also good choices to know the food culture here.

Weather & When to Go

Mount Siguniang-Weather

The weather in Mount Siguniang Scenic Area is complex. It varies from valleys to mountains and even different height of mountain vertically. The summits of the mountains there are usually covered by permanent heavy snow, with a slight difference in different seasons. And in the meadow, forests and the valley, the weather is warmer than the summits but colder than the Siguniangshan Town (Rilong Town).

The hottest season in Mount Siguniang comes in summer, with an average temperature of about 19°C in the day and about 11°C at night. While in the coldest winter, the average temperature is usually below 2°C at the valley areas.

Best Time to Mount Siguniang

The best time to visit Mount Siguniang (Siguniangshan) is in October and November, when the skies tend to be clear in autumn and the surroundings is dressed by varicolored autumn leaves. July and August are also pleasant and beautiful months to do trekking in Mount Siguniang, because you will be welcomed with mountains and valleys of alpine flourishing flowers.

>> Learn more about Weather & Best Season to Go at Mount Siguniang


Mount Siguniang- transportation

Mount Siguniang is located in the west side of Sichuan Province, about 205km from Sichuan’s capital Chengdu. At present, the scenic area cannot be reached by high-speed rail routes or air routes, because there is no airport or train station in this mountainous area. Tourists usually get to Mount Siguniang from Chengdu by private car of 4-5 hours or distance coach of 7-8 hours.

By Private Car

Go to Mount Siguniang Scenic Area by private car is the most popular and convenient way. You can go from your hotel in anywhere of Chengdu City to the tourist entrance gate directly, without hassles of looking for the right coach station and also the right coach. We China Discovery also offer professional private car service. If you travel with us, your local experienced driver or guide will take you from your hotel in Chengdu to hotel or tourist sites in Mount Siguniang directly with our comfortable licensed private vehicle in a speedy and safe way. Please feel free to tell us if you need such a service!

By Coach

Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子车站) offer about 2-3 daily coaches to Xiaojin County. If you prefer to travel by coach, you can catch those Chengdu - Xiaojin County coaches and get off at Siguniangshan Town (or known as Rilong Town) in the middle way. Siguniangshan Town is about 2km to Changping Village, 2km to Haizi Valley and 6.6km to Shuangqiao Valley.

>> Learn more about how to get from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang


Since there is no hotel or hostel inside the Mount Siguniang Scenic Area and the camping facilities there are not really well, tourists usually stay at Siguniangshan Town (Rilong Town 日隆镇) near Mount Siguniang, where you can find the best hotels in this area. Most of the hotels there are in 2-star to 4-star with reasonable prices. There are also some budget inns for you to choose.

The hotels in Siguniangshan Town are not as good as in big cities like Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, etc. However, they all can meet your basic needs like hot water. Most of the hotels there have decent rooms with air-conditioner and proper shower facility and even western toilet. However, there are also a large group of hotels with squat toilet only.

>> Learn more about where to stay at Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang Maps

Want more clear info of Mount Siguniang on Maps? Here we’ve put together a list of useful English maps for you, including Mount Siguniangshan Sichuan Map, Mount Siguniangshan Tourist Map, etc. You can also check all latest 2024 Mount Siguniang Maps >> to know more.

Mount Siguniang Vicinity Attractions Map

Mount Siguniang Vicinity Attractions Map

Mount Siguniang Tourist Map

Mount Siguniang Tourist Map

Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Drive Map

Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Drive Route Map

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Chinese Name:四姑娘山

Chinese Pinyin:sì gū niáng shān

English IPA:/'si:'gʊ:njʌŋ'ʃɑn/

Literally:Mountain of Four Girls


Language: Mandarin, Sichuan Dialect, Tibetan & Qiang Language

Tel Code:0837

Zip Code:624204

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan your Mount Siguniang Tour

Mount Siguniang is a large scenic area with many natural treasures to explore! The best way to visit Mount Siguniang is by trekking and the trekking options there are endless! The itinerary arrangement and time needed of a Mount Siguniang Tour vary a lot for visitor with different interests and physical fitness. Most tourists prefer a 2~3 days’ nature discovery tour in one or two picturesque valleys. And for experienced trekkers who are looking for more trekking experience, you can have a try of the 3-day camping trekking from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley. Some professional trekkers also love to have a 3-day-around camping trekking to conquer one or two summits of the four sacred mountains.

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