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Langzhong city, located in northeastern Sichuan basin, about 260km away from Chengdu, was once called “Baoning” and is a key military position in the past 2,300 years or more. According to the history, Langzhong is an important segment of the culture of the “Three Kingdom”, because the senior general Zhang Fei, the sworn brother of the King Liu Bei of Shu Kingdom, has garrisoned Langzhong for seven years and was buried here after death. Also, Langzhong has been the cultural, political, economic and military center of Northern Sichuan during many dynasties and governed as the provincial capital of Sichuan for tens of years in Ming and Qing dynasties.

The precious well-preserved Langzhong Ancient City was designed with the theory of the “unity of heaven and man” and is one of the "Four Ancient Cities in China" as well as the "National AAAA Scenic Spot". Since Langzhong Ancient City keeps the primitive features and enjoys multiple places of interests, like Zhang Fei Temple, Sichuan Examination House and so on, it is one of the best places to experience the culture and history of Sichuan province and China. With mountains and water embracing, this historic city of 4.59 square kilometers wide has gained the reputation of “Langzhong Fairland” and the “Rare Treasure under Heaven”.

Why Visit this City:

  • One of the “Four Well-preserved ancient cities”. Langzhong Ancient City with a long history of 2,300 years is one of the four famous ancient cities in China. Typical well-preserved building groups make this place a geomantic ancient site.
  • Rich Culture of the “Three Kingdoms”. Langzhong is a key part of the “Three Kingdoms” tour. Zhang Fei who led his armies to defeat the enemy after garrisoning here for 7 years was worshipped after died. You can visit Zhang Fei Temple to appreciate him and experience the rich culture of that period.
  • The Only intact Examination House in China. This Examination House is built in Qing dynasty and is so far the only one whole ancient Provincial Examination House in China. Visiting square quadrangle dwellings, you can know more about the ancient imperial test for the emperor to select talents.
  • Distinctive folk culture of northern Sichuan. Subtle folk culture of northern part of Sichuan province is another shining point in Langzhong. You could enjoy a show of the Langzhong Lantern Drama for over 1,200 years and the Northern Sichuan Shadow Puppetry for more than 2,000 years to discover the cultural evolution of this area.

Top Attractions

Established for thousands of years, Langzhong Ancient City enjoys a serious of attractions. But if you have limited time, you should never miss the Zhang Fei Temple, Examination House and Museum of Geomancy. Check them below for detailed information.

Temple of Marquis Huan

Temple of Marquis Huan

Also called Zhang Fei Temple, This memorial place was built over 1,700 years ago and is on the western streets of Langzhong Ancient City. Since the respected general Zhang Fei in the “Three Kingdoms” period was buried here after death, this place is the best place to experience the culture of that period.

Examination House

Examination House

Examination House in Langzhong is the most complete one compared the other two in China. With documents and quadrangle courtyard, the Examination House presents the scene of the imperial test for selecting officials in Qing dynasty and shows the history of this testing system for hundreds of years.

Museum of Geomancy

Museum of Geomancy

Situated on the Dadong Street of Langzhong Ancient City, the Museum of Geomancy is built in 2004 and divided into 5 parts. Choosing YI-angury as the major point this museum explains the mysterious geomancy in China and is the only one tourist spot themed with architectural geomantic omens.

Zhongtian Tower

Zhongtian Tower

Zhongtian Tower is the geomantic coordinate of Langzhong Ancient City and was first built in Tang dynasty with 3 floors in 25 meters high. Standing on this grand and exquisitely constructed building, you can enjoy the spectacular view and amazing arrangement of the whole ancient city with 99 streets.

Featured Activities

Langzhong Ancient City for more than two thousand years is rich in folk culture with the maintaining traditional local activities and the later introduced new elements. Local snacks here are the “must-experience” part for every tourist to Langzhong. Skim the following words to see the featured activities in this city.

Langzhong Lantern Drama

Langzhong Lantern Drama

Also called the Farmer Drama, this local art has long been popular in northern Sichuan since 1,200 years ago. With red lanterns hanging high and drums beat boisterously, the folk artists perform this show in diverse forms of comedy during festivals to show the local characteristic of the country.

Northern Sichuan Shadow Puppetry

Northern Sichuan Shadow Puppetry

This artistic activity is a symbol of Sichuan. After the mix of Cangxi Lantern Drama and the shadow puppetry originated about 2,000 years ago in Shaanxi area, the Northern Sichuan Shadow Puppetry formed its features of fine carving, exquisite performance, graceful singing, and funny play.

Local snacks

Local snacks

There are many well-known snacks in Langzhong. Baoning Vinegar invented about 1100 years ago is the essence of Sichuan Cuisine. Zhangfei Beef famous since Qing dynasty has gained food reputation. Moreover, Baoning Suppressive Wine and Sugar Steamed Bread, etc. are also worth to try.

Weather & When to Go

Langzhong Weather

Langzhong Ancient City belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate area. Having a moderate climate, its annually average temperature is 17℃, with the highest of 39℃ and the lowest of 4.6℃ below zero. And it has an average annual precipitation of 1033.9 millimeters.

It is recommended to visit Langzhong Ancient City during spring and the fall for the moderated temperature and comfortable weather.


Langzhong Airport Langzhong Train Langzhong Bus

By Flight

Langzhong city has not yet finished the construction of the first airport till now. The nearest one is the Nanchong Gaoping Airport in Nanchong City, around 110 km from Langzhong. This airport has opened 10 airlines to and from the major domestic cities, namely Beijing (every day), Shanghai, Shenzhen (every day), Guangzhou (every day), Sanya, Xi’an, Lhasa, Hangzhou, and Kunming.

There are also another two large international airports near this city for you choice. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport about 280km away has opened more than 70 international airlines and Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport about 270km away has opened 58 airlines to and from Europe, American, Australia, and Asia…

By High-speed Train

The newly opened Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway links Langzhong to the adjacent cities, such as Chengdu, Guang’an, Guanghan, Chongqing, so visitors can take a train to transfer to nearby destinations without efforts. You can take a bullet train from Chengdu to Langzhong for about 2.5 hours. It needs about 2 hours to take a bullet train and about 3 hours to take a fast train to reach Chongqing.

By Long-distance Bus

You can buy a ticket from Chengbei Bus Station or Beimen Bus Station in Chengdu to get this city for 5 hours. And you can also choose to arrive at from Chongqing by long-distance bus.

Getting Around

Since mature net of expressways has connected Langzhong to Nanchong, Guang’an, Chongqing, Leshan, Emei, etc., it is very convenient to get to other cities from Langzhong Ancient City.


Langzhong Hotels

Langzhong Ancient has a lot of hotels of different standard for you to relax. The typical luxurious Blossom Hill Failand Sichuan of local feature and Jinyuan zhangfei International Hotel both in the ancient city are good choices for high quality service. The Yuntian Xibainian Hotel in the downtown of Langzhong city is also very good. Besides, there are many ancient style courtyard places like Lees Courtyard Langzhong where you can experience the old living room. Multiple comfort hotels can be found here, like the Wealth Hotel near the bus station and the Langzhong Panda Le Grand Large Hotel near the railway station.

Langzhong Ancient City Maps

Here we list some very useful maps about Langzhong Ancient City for your reference. You can feel free to use them when you want to know the attractions, location.

Langzhong Location Map

Location Map of Langzhong in China

Location of Langzhong

Location Map of Langzhong in Sichuan

Tourist Map of Langzhong

Tourist Map of Langzhong

Other Destinations in Sichuan and Chongqing

After the running of the bullet train, it needs a little time to leave Langzhong Ancient City to go to other attractions in Sichuan Province and Chongqing area, such as, the Leshan Giant Buddha, Ciqikou Ancient Town, etc. You will feel time limited to discover all the beauty of these destinations. Discovery now!

Langzhong Map

Chinese Name:阆中

Chinese Pinyin:làng zhōnɡ

English IPA:/' lɑŋ' drɔŋ/

Population:881.9 thousand

Language: Mandarin & Sichuan Dialect

Tel Code:0817

Zip Code:647400

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan your Langzhong Ancient City Tour

Spend 1-2 days to discover the classical beauty of this ancient city. Besides the most famous Temple of Marquis Huan and Examination House, you can also go to Museum of Geomancy and Zhongtian Tower, etc. and enjoy the traditional local folk activities to know more about the life of Langzhong Ancient City.

If you have enough time, it is recommended to go to the nearby city of Langzhong, like Guangyuan, Ya’an, Chongqing, and so on, to appreciate the beauty of Sichuan province.

You can feel free to contact our professional travel consultants to customize your own itineraries which would perfectly suit your likes and requirements.

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