Daocheng Yading Travel

Daocheng Yading Travel Guide

Located in southwestern Sichuan where the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains joint together, Daocheng Yading is about 860 km away from Chengdu. It is reputed as the Soul of Shangri-la and the Last Shangri-la for its distinctive landform and primitive natural landscape. Many international friends came to this mysterious land for expedition and photograph. They found Daocheng Yading was really amazingly pastoral and referred Daocheng Yading as the Last Pure Land in Our Blue Planet. In 2003, it was listed in MAB Reserve by UNESCO.

Why Visit Daocheng Yading:

  • Picturesque Natural Landscape.Daocheng Yading is most featured in its natural scenery which makes it worthy of its nick name - the Paradise for Photographers. In addition to three sacred mountains filled with snow perennially, the wildly stretched meadows, the colorful forests and the bright blue lakes create a Garden of Eden far away from tumult and the outside world. In autumn, Daocheng Yading will become a painting which takes on fascinating red, orange and yellow hues in autumn, making the season most popular. Visiting Daocheng Yading means a giant feast of vision.
  • Religion & Culture. In Daocheng Yading, There are numerous monasteries like Gonggar Langjiling Monastery, Bangpu Monastery and Xiongdeng Monastery, all of which have a long history of several hundred years. Religion sects here are also various, among which Ning-ma sect and Kagyu sect are most famous. Most monasteries are settled in tranquil place and people seldom come. You can view the ancient building, exquisite statues of Buddhists and elegant murals. Listening to the chant of monks is helpful to purify our blundering soul. During Festivals, the local family will worship the Buddhists and present butter lamp and other food to pray.

Top Attractions

Chonggusi Monastery

Chonggusi Monaster

Chongusi Monastery, with an altitude of 3,880 meters, stands at the foot of Mount Xiannairi. Chonggusi Monastery is like a gate to paradise, because from here you can glut your eyes on three sacred mountains, a meadow full of beautiful flowers and precipitous Yading Gorge. It also likes a guardian to safeguard the sacred Shambhala.

Luorong Pasture

Luorong Pasture

Luorong Pasture (4,150m) is an alpine pasture surrounded by three sacred snow mountains. Gongga River flows through the pasture, leaving a charming harmonious picture of moving tickled streams combined with still wooden house, blue sky and green grassland. The nature and creature also integrated with each other harmoniously.

Milk Lake

Milk Lake

Known as “the first town on the Great Yangtze River”, Lizhuang Ancient Town is a small town with historical sediment and cultural influences. It witnessed the old history and reflects the traditional culture of the Han nationality. Compared with other ancient towns, Lizhuang has more atmosphere of humanism and less commercial element.

Five-color Lake

Five-color Lake

Five-color Lake (4600m) is located in the upward side of Milk Lake. The lake resembles a circle with five colors when the sun shines down so it gets such a name. The local people regard Five-color Lake as a magical lake to inverse the history and predict the future. It enjoys an equal popularity with Yamdrok Lake in Buddhist classics.

Pearl Lake

Pearl Lake

Walking for half an hour from Chonggusi Monastery, you will meet Pearl Lake which is a dazzling emerald under the snow-capped mountains. No one can imagine its beauty until the first sight. Viewing an inverted reflection of clear and boundless sky, silent forests and snow peaks, you may wonder that whether you enter into a fairy land.

Haizi Mountain

Haizi Mountain

With an area of 3,287 square meters and an average altitude of 4,500 meters, Haizi Mountain is the largest ancient glacial vestiges. There are 1145 lakes scattered in Haizi Mountain which look like blinking stars. Haizi Mountain is also a natural stone sculpture park and jagged rocks of grotesque shapes can be seen everywhere.

Red Grassland

Red Grassland

Red Grassland is located in Sangdui Town, 28 km away from Daocheng County. Looking afar to the Red Grassland, it is a burning world. Against the white or green poplar, this grass land appears to be more intoxicating and flamboyant with a closer sight. After taking some pretty photos, it will be a great pleasure to walk along the lake.

Featured Acctivities

Hiking in Daocheng Yading


Hiking always allows you to enjoy the deeper and more fascination landscape and there is no exception in Daocheng Yading which is an ideal environment for having an enjoyable and sightseeing hiking. Getting closer touch with nature and immersing yourself into off-the-beaten-track landscape must be a lifetime valuable experience.

Daocheng Yading


With its spectacular and breathtaking landscape, Daocheng Yading becomes a favorite of many artist and photographers. After all, photograph is the best way to keep the breathtaking scenery as a forever memory by the way of art. Bring the camera and record the unforgettable trip because you will start missing this place as you just leave.

Weather & When to Go

Daocheng Yading Weather

Daocheng Yading bears an Alpine Climate of monsoon types with a longer winter, shorter summer and great day-night temperature difference. The best time to visit Daocheng Yading is April, May, September and October. From April to May, the flowers of sorts are in their full bloom and the sacred mountains are more splendid and bright. From September to October, Daocheng Yading is a multicolored sea.


Daocheng Airport Riding Horse in Daocheng Yading

Fight to Daocheng Yading

Daocheng Yading is located 860 km east Chengdu. At present, Daocheng has flights from/to Chengdu, Xi’an and Chongqing. It takes about 1 hour from Chengdu to Daocheng Yading, 1 hour and 50 minutes from Xi’an to Daocheng and 1 hour and 10 minutes from Chongqing to Daocheng.

Long-distance Bus to Daocheng Yading

There is not train running to Daocheng yet. Travelers can take long-distance buses to Daocheng instead. There is only one daily bus from Chengdu to Daocheng, taking about 8 hours in the first day and 14 hours in the second day with a one-night stop in Kangding.

Transfer within Daocheng Yading

Daocheng Yading Scenic Spot is about 75 km from Daocheng County and you need to rent a car which may cost you 50 RMB. Some roads in the scenic area are not good and riding horse might be a good idea from Luorong Pasture to Milk Lake which can save you two hours. Many visitors choose to take an electrombile from Chonggusi Monastery to Luorong Pasture.


Daocheng Yading Hotels

There are many hostels and many family hotels with well condition in Daocheng County where you can have a good rest and which are top advisable. Several Tibetan dwelling and wooden house in Yading can also accommodate tourists, but the condition is relatively poor and hot water is not supplied. With the awareness of Daocheng Yading increasing and more tourists coming, there will be more big hotels.


Tickets: 150 RMB for admission and 120 RMB for sightseeing vehicle are needed.

Altitude Sickness: Because of the high altitude, some people easily get a high altitude sickness. Drinking enough water and taking enough replenishment is important, but never be crapulent.

Clothing: It is necessary to take enough warm clothes and water-repellent shoes in spring, autumn and winter because of the low temperature.

UV Protection: The ultraviolet ray is rather strong, so sunglasses, sun scream and rain gears are helpful to protect you from sunburn in summer.

Daocheng Yading Maps

Top help you learn better about Ya’an's location, attractions, etc, we have collected following tourist maps which are latest, downloadable and printable.

Daocheng Yading Sichuan Map

Daocheng Yading Sichuan Map

Chengdu to Daocheng Yading Transportation Map

Chengdu to Daocheng Yading Transportation Map

Chengdu to Daocheng Yading Distance Map

Chengdu to Daocheng Yading Distance Map

Daocheng Yading Tourist Map

Daocheng Yading Tourist Map

Daocheng Yading Guide Map

Daocheng Yading Travel Guide Map

Daocheng Yading Location Map

Daocheng Yading Tourist Map

Daocheng Yading Location Map

Daocheng Yading Scenic Area Map

Daocheng Yading Airport Location Map

Daocheng Yading Airport Location Map

Other Destinations in Sichuan

Besides Daocheng Yading, there are some other destinations in Sichuan well worth your visit. Transfer to the following destinations and explore Sichuan cultural sites, natural sites and local life- Leshan Giant Buddha, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Mount Siguniang and Chengdu City. Discover now!

Daocheng Yading Map

Chinese Name: 稻城亚丁

Chinese Pinyin: dàochéng yàdīng

English IPA: / 'daʊ 'tʃʌŋ: ja'dɪn/

Population: 0.3 million

Language: Mandarin & Sichuan Dialect & Tibetan

Tel Code: 0836

Zip Code: 626000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan your Daocheng Yading Tour

At least 3 days are needed to explore Daocheng Yading and surrounding. The highlights of Daocheng Yading include three sacred mountains (Mount Xiannairi, Mount Yangmaiyong and Mount Xianuoduoji), beautiful lakes (Milk Lake, Five-Color Lake and Pearl Lake), Haizi Mountain, Red Grassland, Banghe Area and so on.

From Daocheng Yading, you can extend your trip to other attractions in western Sichuan and Yunnan- the most colorful and majestic region in China.

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