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Ejin Banner Travel Guide

Ejin Banner Travel Guide

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Ejin Banner (or Ejina, Ejina Banner, Ejina Qi) is in Alxa League in western Inner Mongolia, bordering Gansu Province in the west and southwest, and Mongolia in the north. Banner is like county in other cities. Ejin is the banner with the largest area (114,600 km²) and the least population in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Ejin is a hidden treasure in northwestern China that not many tourists know. But in autumn, especially from late September to middle October, the vast golden populus euphratica forest is like sending an invitation to the world and it becomes the busiest time in Ejina.

Why visit this city:

  • The Most Beautiful Autumn Scenery - Ejin Banner is famous for Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest. Populus euphratica is not commonly seen and the one in Ejina is the most renowned in China. Especially from late September to middle October in autumn, the 260 km² golden forest will lead you to a fairyland.
  • Trace of Ancient History - Heicheng Historic Site, or Heicheng Ruins has a history of over 1000 years. What remains now tells people the past of Xixia Dynasty.
  • Diverse Travel Experiences - Apart from the Populus euphratica forest, Ejin Banner is mainly composed of Gobi, hills, deserts, rivers, lakes and oases to offer you different and typical travel experiences in northwestern China.

Top Attractions in Ejin Banner

What you can not miss is certainly Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest, which is most beautiful in autumn. Apart from that, the ancient sites, vast desert, strange forest, informative museum, rivers and lakes also worth a go. See more about Ejin Banner Attractions >

Ejin Banner Travel Guide
Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest

Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest is the highlight of a trip to Ejin Banner. It shows the most beautiful scene of golden autumn from late September to middle October, which is also the peak season. Apart from the vast forest, you can also appreciate the desert landscape and attend many exciting desert activities. From the First Bridge to the Eight Bridge, you can have a great time enjoying the scenery and taking beautiful pictures.

Ejin Banner Travel Guide
Heicheng Ruins

Heishui City, also known as Heicheng (Black City), was an important frontier fortress in the Xixia Dynasty (1038~1227) and an important post in the Hexi Corridor. The former Heishui City was full of beautiful water plants, rivers and lake. However, it was gradually surrounded by wind and sand, and finally submerged under the endless yellow sand. Till today, only the ruins of Heicheng Historic Site was a solitary city remnant in the sand sea.

Ejin Banner Travel Guide
Strange Forest

Strange Forest is a vast area with numerous dead Populus euphratica. Populus euphratica is a peculiar tree species with strong vitality. Though the trees were dead, their bodies with black trunks and branches in different postures still stand firmly on the Gobi desert. Remember to visit Strange Forest at nightfall and treat your eyes with the unique view of spectacular sunset. Against the background of the setting sun, there is a feeling of tragic and majestic.

Ejin Banner Travel Guide
Ruoshui Populus Euphratica Forest

Ruoshui Populus Euphratica Forest is a recently developed scenic spot, located on both sides of the upper reaches of Ruoshui River. It closely combines the natural beauty of the desert, the river and the Populus euphratica. Besides, it is less-crowded compared with Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest. In the tourist walking area on the west bank of the Ruoshui River, you can find the most beautiful reflection of Populus Euphratica, the largest tree trunk and leaf.

Ejin Banner Travel Guide
Juyan Lake

Juyan Lake is named after Juyan tribe. In ancient times, Juyan Lake was one of the largest lakes in northwestern China. Affected by the weak water replenishment, Juyan Lake’s area changes irregularly. So many people think it is a magical wandering lake. Many birds gather on the lake, waiting for tourists to feed or fly to and fro on the grassland. Juyan Lake is the most beautiful place in Ejin Banner to appreciate the sunrise.

Ejin Banner Travel Guide
Ejina Museum

Ejina Museum is a multifunctional modern museum recording the natural environment, social, cultural and historical changes in Ejina. In spite of its small scale, this museum takes advantage of the scene simulation, sound and light to exhibit Ejina in different aspects. There are 6 conventional exhibition halls including Mysterious Wonders, Juyan Spring and Autumn, Heishui Liulan, Ethnic Customs, Desert Sunrise, and Flying to the Universe.

Ejin Banner Weather and Best Time to Go

Ejin Banner Travel Guide

Ejina Banner has a dry inland climate characterized by little rain, large evaporation, sufficient sunshine, large temperature difference and occasional sandstorm. The average annual temperature is 8.3℃, while the average temperature in January is - 11.6 ℃ and in July is 26.6 ℃. Generally speaking, it is cold from November to March. There may not be very hot days even in summer but the ultraviolet light is strong. The annual precipitation is only 23 mm with a couple of rainy days throughout the year. So you don’t need to worry about the rain, but please mind that there are many windy days and as a part of Ejina is covered by desert, sometimes there will be sandstorm.

Best time to visit: Considering weather and scenery, the best time to visit Ejin Banner is from late September to middle October because you can appreciate the golden Populus euphratica forest, a marvelous scene exclusive to this period.

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Ejin Banner Transportation

Ejin Banner is situated in the westernmost of Inner Mongolia. Dalaihob Town, the official seat of Ejina and the base camp of tourists, is located in eastern Ejina. It is not very convenient to get to Ejina by public transportation. People usually get to nearby cities first and then charter a car to get there.

How to Get to Ejina

Flights to Ejina: There is only one regular flight flying from Xian to Ejina with a stopover in Alxa Left Banner. The whole trip is about 4 hours and Ejinaqi Taolai Airport is 10 km (about 12 minutes' drive) from the center of Dalaihob Town.

Trains to Ejina: There is only one daily train available to take you to Ejina. It runs from Hohhot Railway Station to Eina Railway Station via Baotou, Urad Qianqi and Linhe. The whole journey needs nearly 15 hours.

Get to Ejina by Car: Most travelers choose to get to nearby cities first and then transfer to Ejina by car. Ejina is about 380 km (5.5h by car) from Jiuquan, 400 km (6h by car) from Jiayuguan, 500 km (7h by car) from Zhangye, 800 km (9h by car) from Yinchuan.

How to Get around Ejina

There is no bus running to the scenic attractions such as Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest, Juyan Lake and Heicheng Ruoshui Huyang Scenic Area. The most convenient and frequently-used transfer way is charting a car.

Get to Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest: Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest is only 2.5 km (10 minutes' drive) from the center of Dalaihob town. You can either walk or take a car to the scenic area.

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Where to Stay in Ejina

Ejin Banner Travel Guide

The attractions, train station, airport, and people of Ejin Banner all mostly gather in Dalaihob Town, which makes it the most recommended accommodation area. You can find both 4-star hotels and local-run homestays in Dalaihob, therefore you will have more choices. But what needs to be noted is that the accommodation condition in Ejina is limited, so the star-rated hotels may not be as luxurious as the ones in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, so it is recommended to lower your expectation.

Note: In September and October, the rooms will be quickly booked up in Ejina and the price will increase a lot. So you need to book a hotel as early as possible once you decide the date for an Ejina trip.

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Ejina Maps

For a better understanding of the location of Ejin Banner and how to travel in Ejina, here we provide some Ejina Maps for you, including Ejina Location Map, Ejina Attractions Map and Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest Tourist Map. Check more Ejina Maps >

Ejina Location Map

Ejina Attractions Map

Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest Tourist Map

Top Destinations Traveled with Ejina

Ejina is in western Inner Mongolia and it is usually reached by car. It is near to the cities on the ancient Silk Road such as Dunhuang (Mogao Caves), Jiayuguan and Zhangye, so a road trip with these cities are very popular. If you want to see the wild and rough desert landscape, Badain Jaran Desert which is also in western Inner Mongolia is a good choice.

Other Popular Destinations in China

China is vast and diverse. You can choose your favorite destinations among more than 70 tourist destinations and regions, like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, etc. Following are 4 popular destinations you may be interested in. Check all destinations in China.

Ejina Map

Chinese Name: 额济纳旗

Chinese Pinyin: é jì nà qí

English Name: Ejin Banner, Ejina, Ejina Qi

Population: 32,000

Language: Mandarin & Mongol

Tel Code: 0483

Zip Code: 735400

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Logo: Populus Euphratica Forest

Plan Your Ejin Banner Tour

It usually needs 3-4 days for an Ejin Banner trip including the arriving and departing day. Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest is the highlight and must-see in the trip. You can spend a day fully immersing yourself in the dreamland of golden trees and having fun in the desert kingdom. Heicheng Ruoshui Huyang Scenic Area is a combination of nature and history with Heicheng Historic Site, Strange Forest and Ruoshui River. If you want to catch the most brilliant sunrise in Ejina, don’t miss Juyan Lake.

If you have more days, you can extend your Ejina trip to the Badain Jaran Desert with the world's tallest stationary dunes, colorful lake and mysterious echoing sand hills. Besides, many travelers travel Ejina with Dunhuang, Zhangye, Jiayuguan on the ancient Silk Road, which is very suitable for a road trip to discover the landscape and history of northwestern China.

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