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Linfen Travel Guide

Linfen (Hukou Waterfall) Travel Guide

Linfen, located in the south of Shanxi, is 270 km from the “Capital City” - Taiyuan. As for the limited transportation, it is better to get to Linfen from Taiyuan or after your Pingyao trip.

Linfen is the capital of Yao, the first emperor in Chinese history according to the written records. It was also the capital of Jin Kingdom in the Warring State Period. Therefore, Linfen is regarded as one of the earliest birthplace of Chinese culture. There are some natural and historical sites such as Hukou Waterfall, Yao Temple, Guangsheng Temple that attract visitors from far away.

Why visit this city:

  • Hukou Waterfall - At Hukou, located right on the border between Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, the 300-meter-wide Yellow River suddenly narrows and is forced violently through a 20-meter-wide gorge before falling turbulently into a stone pond 30 meters below prior to continuing its voyage towards the sea. Over 1000 cubic meters of water per second rush frothily through this narrow opening in the rock, somewhat resembling water being poured from a giant teapot.
  • Cultural Relics - Linfen has a long history and splendid culture. There are many cultural relics, such as Yao Temple, Guangsheng Temple, Zhu’s Family Compound, etc.

Top Attractions in Linfen

In the border between Shanxi and Shaanxi is the famous Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River, the largest yellow waterfall in the world. It is magnificent natural wonder, a must-visit site in Linfen. Besides, there are also beautiful ancient temples for visiting...

Hukou Waterfall
Hukou Waterfall

It is the only yellow waterfall in the world. Besides, it is the second largest waterfall in China and the largest on the legendary Yellow River.

Yao Temple
Yao Temple

Yao Temple was built to honor the Emperor Yao, and the main buildings include the Five Phoenix Palace and the Guanyun Hall.

Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree
Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree

Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree is a giant tree in Shanxi province, a sacred land for root seeking and ancestor worshipping.

Guangsheng Temple
Guangsheng Temple

Built in 147 AD which consists of an upper temple and a lower temple, the buildings in this complex contain many exquisite sculptures.

Best Time to Visit Linfen

Linfen Weather Hukou Waterfall

Linfen, located in the southwest Shanxi Province, belonging to the temperate continental climate, with four distinct seasons and the same period of rain and heat. The main characteristics of the city's climate are cold and dry winter with few snowfalls; dry and windy in spring and continuous rain in autumn; hot and heavy rain in summer and alternate drought and rain in summer. The annual average sunshine hours are 1748.4-2512.6 hours; the annual average temperature is 9.0-12.9 ℃; the precipitation is 420.1-550.6 mm, and the frost-free period is 127-280 days. The average precipitation of the whole city is 756.0 mm. The annual distribution characteristics are as follows: early in the morning and then waterlogging, more snow in winter, and more continuous rain in autumn.

Many tourists head for Linfen to see Hukou Waterfall, and it appears very differently with different volumes of water from the upper reaches and temperature in each season, and the best times to see the waterfall in Linfen is from April to May and from September to November.

Check More Details about Hukou Weather & Seasons.

Get to & Around Linfen

Linfen Airport Linfen West Railway Station

Get to Linfen

With over 18,000 km highway, one airport, and 3 railway stations, Linfen is easy to reach by car, air, and high-speed train. Its airport operates mainly domestic flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chongqing, Shenzhen, etc. Linfen West Railway Station is the high-speed train station, serving trains to Taiyuan, Datong, Pingyao, Xian, etc.

Get to Hukou Waterfall Shanxi

Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area Shanxi is located in Hukou Town, Jixian County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province (临汾市吉县壶口镇). It is about 130km away from Linfen City (about 2.5 hrs' drive), 280km away from Pingyao Ancient City, and 380km away from Taiyuan. Getting to Hukou Waterfall, you are advised to reach Linfen first. It is very convenient to take a high-speed train to Linfen from Pingyao (about 1 hour), Taiyuan (about 1.5 hours), and Datong (about 4.5 hours) after your travel experience there and then drive about 2.5 hours or take a long-distance bus to Hukou Waterfall.

Check More Details about How to Get to Hukou Waterfall.

Linfen Accommodation

Linfen Hotels Linfen Hotels

As a small city in Shanxi, Linfen may not have the same standard deluxe hotels in Beijing and Xian, but you can still find several cozy five-star hotels, and many people come here for the waterfall. If you visit Hukou Waterfall in Linfen, you are able to accommodate near the scenic area or Jixian county. But the hotels are usually basic. If you want better accommodation, you can choose to accommodate in Linfen city.

Recommended Hotel in Linfen City: Jindu Garden Grand Hotel ★★★★★ (Location: 1 Yingbin Ave, Yaodu District, Linfen, Shanxi Province 山西临汾市尧都区迎宾路1号); SMIR International Hotel ★★★ (Location: 40 Gulou East Street, Linfen, Shanxi Province 山西临汾市鼓楼东大街40号)

Recommended Hotel Near Hukou Waterfall: Hukou Waterfall Hotel ★★★ (Location: No.1 scenic street, Hukou Town, Linfen, Shanxi Province 山西临汾壶口镇景区街1号, about 3km from Hukou Waterfall Scenic site.)

Check the detailed Hukou Waterfall Hotels.

Linfen Maps - Hukou Waterfall Maps

Linfen is located in the southwest part of Shanxi Province, known for the Hukou Waterfall. For understanding intuitively about its location and Hukou Waterfall, here are Hukou Waterfall Location Map, Linfen High-speed Rail Map, and Hukou Waterfall Shanxi Transportation Map for you. With more nearby attractions, check more Hukou Waterfall Maps.

Hukou Waterfall Location Map

Get to Hukou Waterfall Shanxi

Linfen High-speed Rail Map

Other Destinations Near Linfen

With a convenient high-speed train transfer, you can explore more beyond Hukou Waterfall from Linfen city to Pingyao to view more about Shanxi history; or go north to Datong and view the grottoes arts. For Beijing-Xian tourists, Pingyao and Datong connect these two great historical and cultural cities for you to have a better perspective of China.

Linfen Map

Chinese Name: 临汾

Chinese Pinyin: lín fén

English IPA: /lɪnfen/

Population: 4,316,612

Language: Mandarin & Shanxi Dialect

Tel Code: 0357

Zip Code: 041000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan Your Linfen Tour

Generally, travelers come for Linfen mainly for visiting Hukou Waterfall and a half day is enough to have a good time in Hukou Waterfall Scenic area. But it's not enough to travel Hukou Waterfall only without visiting nearby top attractions in Shanxi province or Shaanxi province.

If you travel in Shanxi province, it is strongly recommended to take a cultural savory in Datong (Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Temple…), Pingyao (Pingyao Ancient City, Wang Family Courtyard…), Mount Wutai, etc. Usually, it takes 6 ~ 8 days to have a Shanxi highlights tour, and you can also head to Shaanxi after your Linfen trip, getting to the ancient capital, Xian.

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