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Dengfeng Travel Guide

Dengfeng Travel Guide

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Dengfeng is located at the middle west of Henan Province, and it's a county-level city of Zhengzhou City. Situated in the south of Mount Song, with Zhengzhou City center on its east and Luoyang City on its west, Dengfeng is famous as City of Cultural Relics and City of Martial Arts. With its long history, it enjoys exceptional advantages in tourism resources. There are many historical and cultural relics in Dengfeng: the world famous Shaolin Temple, Zhongyue Temple of Taoism, Songyang Academy – the hold land for Confucianism, the earliest astronomical observatory, the oldest Buddhism brick pagoda, the largest pagoda forest in China, etc. Besides these, Mount Song is stunning with its natural scenery. Magnificent cliffs, clear waterfalls and green forests can also be seen here. This is a place to feast both your eyes and heart.

Why visit Leshan:

  • Fulfill Shaolin Kungfu Dream – One of the greatest feature of China is Chinese Kungfu, while Shaolin Kungfu is one shining pearl in all Chinese Kungfu. Dengfeng is the birthplace for Shaolin Kungfu, and it's the dream place for Kung Fu fans.
  • Chinese Cultural Center - Dengfeng was once the political, economic and cultural center of ancient China. Various Chinese cultures had joined together in this city. Hence, lots of temples and other historical sites were left in this fascinating city.
  • Breathtaking Natural Scenery - The natural scenery in Mount Song is gorgeous and stunning. The precipitous cliff of Sanhuang Village is the wonderful work of nature mother.

Top Attractions

Dengfeng is rich in cultural and historical sites, and the natural scenery here is also stunning. Famous attractions are Shaolin Temple, Mount Song, Songyang Academy, Fawang Temple, Zhongyue Temple, etc.

See more information about attractions in Dengfeng, please see Dengfeng Attractions>>

Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple is the home to Shaolin Kungfu, which were performed in numerous Chinese movies, and it's also the birthplace for Chinese Zen Buddhism.

Mount Song
Mount Song

Mount Song is a sacred Taoism mountain, and it contains 72 peaks, and numerous historical and cultural relics are in the mountain, including Shaolin Temple, Songyang Academy, Sanhuang Village, etc.

Mount Song

Songyang Academy

Songyang Academy is the holy land of Confucianism and the school learning place. Back against the Shaoshi Mountain, it shares great views and quietness.

Zhongyue Temple

Zhongyue Temple keeps its most complete ancient building complex. The well-preserved temple architecture and structure make this temple imposing brilliant. Highlights are wood engraving and historical stone tablets.

Astronomical Observatory

Located in the south of Zhongyue Temple, Astronomical Observatory is the oldest extant and better-preserved observatory in China and one of the oldest astronomy buildings in the world.

Fawang Temple

Fawang Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in China, built in 71 AD with over 400 years of history earlier than Shaolin Temple.

Experience Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Culture

Dengfeng Travel Guide

Dengfeng is the home to Shaolin Temple which is the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu (the Martial Arts). Till today, the temple still keeps its tradition of practicing Shaolin Kung Fu by the warrior monks. Without any doubt, Shaolin Temple is the best place to experience Chinese Kung Fu culture.

For normal tourists who are interested in Kung Fu culture, you can go to enjoy a magnificent Kung Fu which are usually performed by Shaolin monks and professional actors. Currently, there are two places to watch Kung Fu Show in Dengfeng, one is inside the Shaolin Temple scenic area in a small martial arts hall and it’s free for its visItors, and another one is on a large scale and only scheduled to perform at night with over 600 Kung Fu performers. Learn more about Shaolin Kung Fu Show >>

For Kung Fu fans who want to learn some real Shaolin Kung Fu, Nearby Shaolin Temple, there are many local martial arts schools provide Kung Fu training for people from home and abroad. You can stay for days, weeks, months, even years here to practice Kungfu if you want to. Learn more about Shaolin Kung Fu Training >>

Weather & When to Go

Dengfeng Travel Guide

The climate of Dengfeng is temperate continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, annual average temperature of 14.2℃, annual average frost-free period of 238 days. Sharp differences in temperature, and the extreme temperature is 40.5℃ and -15.1℃. Dengfeng is rather dry, and the annual average rainfall is 614mm, and most of them happen during June to October.

The best season to visit Dengfeng is spring and autumn. Spring is warm, and various flowers will blossom during this time. While in autumn, the mountain is dressed with red leaves, and the weather in this time is cool and comfortable. Summer is not hot in Dengfeng, especially in the mountain. Summer is also the rain season, so it's a great time to see waterfalls in the mountain, like Luya Waterfall.

Learn more about Dengfeng Weather >>


Dengfeng is a county-level city of Zhengzhou, and it has no airport nor railway station, so for foreign tourists, you can take flight to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, then transfer to Dengfeng. Zhengzhou Airport has flights to major cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghia, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc. It also operates international flights to Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, etc. Tourists can also take trains to Zhengzhou and Luoyang first, then transfer to Dengfeng.

In Dengfeng, tourists can take bus to most of the attractions, and it's not very far from the city center. Taxi is also a good choice, since the taxi fee is rather cheap comparing with other tourism cities.

For more information, please see Dengfeng Transportation>>


It's very convenient to find accommodations in Dengfeng. There are many starred hotels in Dengfeng, even at the foot of Mount Song. With reasonable price and good facility, the environment of the hotels are satisfying. There are also many featured hotels and hostels in Mount Song and around Shaolin Temple. It may be more expensive than accommodation in the city center, however, it has better environment. Imagine this, live on the mountain, and you can hear nothing but cicadas chirping and birds singing. The air is fresher, and you can really relax in such serene environment.

For more information, please see Dengfeng Hotels>>

Useful Dengfeng Maps

To help you have a better understanding of Dengfeng, here we have collected some useful Dengfeng maps for you. Please feel free to use them. For more maps of Dengfeng, please see Dengfeng Maps>>

Shaolin Location Map

Shaolin Location Map

Shaolin Tourist Map

Shaolin Tourist Map

Shaolin Temple Accommodation Map

Shaolin Temple Accommodation Map

Other Destinations near Dengfeng

Besides Dengfeng, there are many other wonderful destinations near Dengfeng, like Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Pingyao, Xian, etc. Check all destinations in China>>

Chinese Name: 登封

Chinese Pinyin: dēng fēng

Population: 0.65 million

Language: Southwest Mandarin

Tel Code: 0371

Zip Code: 452400

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan Your Dengfeng Tour

Generally, two days will be enough to visit the highlights of Dengfeng, including Shaolin Temple, Sanhuang Village, Songyang Academy, Zhongyue Temple, Junji Peak, Luya Waterfall, etc. If you have only one day for Dengfeng tour, then it's suggested to visit the highlights in Shaoshi Mountain, including Shaolin Temple, Pagoda Forest and Sanhuang Village.

Tourists can connect Dengfeng tour with Luoyang tour and Zhengzhou tour, because the three cities are very close. In Luoyang and Zhengzhou, there are also many gorgeous attractions, like Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Henan Museum, Yellow River Scenic Area, Erqi Memorial Tower, etc. and normally, to the three cities will need 5 ~ 6 days to visit.

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