Zibo - Capital of the State of Qi

In the middle of Shandong Province, with 110 km (1.30 hour car-driving) from Jinan city, Zibo was the capital of the state of Qi, the first power kingdom in the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-481BC). With over 800 years of history, Zibo left large number of cultural relics, known as the "underground museum."

Now as the third largest city in Shandong, Zibo is not only the cultural land of Qi, but also the birthplace of Cuju, a game regarded as the origin of football and the major pottery and porcelain production city.

Zibo City Map

Top Things to Do in Zibo

1: The History Museum of Qi Kingdom

Having an area of 2,600 square meters, the history museum of Qi is an ancient castle shaped building with all the blue bricks covered. Reconstruct from the ancient state of Qi cultural relics, it contains 15 exhibition halls and over 300 pieces of rare cultural relics and a lot of document literature, based on the history of Qi kingdom. All these relics show the culture of Qi and tell stories about how this kingdom was formed, developed and conquered.

History Museum of Qi Kingdom

Epitome of Ancient Qi's life

2: Funerary Horses Museum

About 13 km from Zibo downtown, Funerary Horses Museum is actually a cemetery for Lords of Qi in Spring and Autumn Period. So far, more than 20 tombs were founded and a massive horse funerary was discovered near the No.5 tomb, about 215 meters long, containing over 600 horses around 3 sides of this cemetery. These horses lie on one side with head up, like they were running in the battle, quite spectacular and impressive.

It was said that the Lord Jing of Qi who was a horse lover made this large scale luxury of horse funerary, which reflected the prosperity of Qi in some degree.

Funerary Horses Museum

Sacrificed Horses Shape

3: Zhoucun Village

Zhoucun Village in the west of Zibo, known as the “No.1 Village in Shandong” was a prosperously commercial center for handicrafts, like silk in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Now these historical shops and silk streets are kept in good condition.

Zhoucun Village

Enjoy quiet times in Zhoucun Village

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